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Can You Smoke Pot in Grand Theft Auto V?

In the gameplay trailer yesterday for Grand Theft Auto V, one of the three protagonists, Franklin, leaves a Medical Marajuana dispensary. As he’s leaving, he smells a vial in his hand and says “Damn!” Which begs the question: Can you smoke pot in Grand Theft Auto V? (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

Hellsvacancy  +   818d ago
I thought I was one of the only ones that noticed this

Its a nice touch, I very much approve of it
inveni0  +   818d ago
Would be awesome if this DID eventually come to PS4, so that I could play on my Vita from the same location in the real world as where my character is in the game world, so that my character and I would be smoking pot together.

Couldn't ever do that before.
Pisque  +   818d ago
How can you approve such behavior???

Are you telling kids that marijuana doesn't kill millions each year??




MrDead  +   818d ago
Hits from the bong with Satan....... That sounds more like Heaven.
PeteDoherty  +   817d ago
I hope you're being sarcastic. Majiruana in the right amounts and consequences can battle such things as Cancer, Anxiety, Back pains and many other things. It's time to grow up and accept facts about drugs.
redmon89  +   817d ago
weed has never killed anyone....ever...wtf are you talking about? you shouldn't speak it makes you look stupid.
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jeeves86  +   817d ago
Wow, look at all the people that don't get it. Must be the font.
AntoineDcoolette  +   818d ago
I did have to watch the trailer a few times yesterday before noticing that Franklin actually sniffs a medicine bottle. Lol
dredgewalker  +   818d ago
It's a realistic addition but I doubt it's gonna happen cause they'll now blame videogames for spreading the use of illegal substances. Anyway I prefer the real thing than doing it virtually :)
Snookies12  +   818d ago
Hey, you can do it in Saints Row, don't see why they wouldn't add it here. Hope it has some interesting effects if you can lol. Also, I hope you can carry alcohol with you in this one. Drink on the go... I loved getting drunk in GTA IV, I'd love to do that anywhere in the world on V.
Nicholasgliss  +   818d ago
Beat me to it!lol
RavageX  +   818d ago
No...you USED to be able to do it in Saint's Row. Couldn't do any of that in The Third. Couldn't drink, or eat.
RioKing  +   818d ago
Couldnt do ALOT of things SR3, disappointing...
Nicholasgliss  +   818d ago
It's been done in the first Saint Row back in 2007! No big deal here except Australians might suffer a ban on the game or get a censored version because of this.
RioKing  +   818d ago
This game will be banned there for sure
Rusty515  +   818d ago
Flower power for dayyyyzzz man...
Thirty3Three  +   818d ago
Weed... ugh.
Snookies12  +   817d ago
What's wrong with weed? It actually does a lot of good. Someone I know who suffers from severe pain from Lyme disease often smokes it, and it helps his aches and pains a LOT. He couldn't even go out and experience life for nearly 15 years because of the pain and because there was no treatment around for it. Yet that helped him a great deal. It gets a bad rap just because it's illegal in some places, yet there is no reason for it to BE illegal. Alcohol is much worse, and causes many more deaths than weed ever will. (This coming from someone who does in fact drink alcohol at times.)
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jeeves86  +   817d ago
Some people just don't dig weed. Everybody knows someone who suffers from some debilitating illness whose life was completely turned around once they started smoking and if it helps them, that's great.

Other people like to live their lives without it. No big deal.
asiatico  +   818d ago
Driving stoned listening to some tunes in gta V sounds good.. You can drink in gta4 this is a nice touch
RioKing  +   818d ago
If you can get high in GTAV I doubt you'll be able to drive "under the influence" of it, just like with alcohol in GTAIV.
DeadManMcCarthy  +   818d ago
I hope not, because that'll mean that it's highly likely to be banned or toned down for Australia.
Prcko  +   818d ago
why the hell would i live there?
by don mattrick
SeraphimBlade  +   818d ago
You're thinking of Adam Orth, I believe.

Mattrick would say "We have a Grand Theft Auto for countries that ban games where the player can use drugs, it's called 'Grand Theft Auto IV.'"
rezzah  +   818d ago
Think they'll ever tone down the murder? Lol
DeadManMcCarthy  +   817d ago
Australia has already banned two games recently because of drugs.
RGDubz  +   818d ago
This game really does "borrow" a lot from Saints Row 1 & 2.
Hellsvacancy  +   818d ago
I dont think its copying when its a reoccurring theme through out life

If Saints Row had a horse that transformed into a rocket and flew to Mars and GTAV had it in it then yeah, that would be copying
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RGDubz  +   818d ago
Yeah, because Saints Row 1 & 2 have horses that turned into rockets.. <sarcasm> seems you were too busy fan boying GTA to even try Saints Row.

You GTA fan boys are pathetic, even when GTA copies others you stay in denial, even thought GTA is a clone itself to begin with.

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Name Last Name  +   818d ago
^ wtf
RioKing  +   818d ago
Someone's butthurt by the awesomeness that is the new gameplay trailer.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   818d ago
You misunderstood what he was trying to say.

You act as if, if it weren't for Saints Row, Rockstar would have never came up with the thought of allowing players to smoke pot in the game.
fr0sty  +   818d ago
Drug use has been a part of the GTA games since long before saint's row had ever even been heard of. Tommy was popping pills back on the PS2.
ZBlacktt  +   818d ago
It's legal here in WA State. So not a big deal anymore.
RGDubz  +   818d ago
If you really wanna call that "legal".. Go to the store and buy it, yeah didn't think so.

We had the same law for years here but at least we refer to what it really is, decriminalized not legalised.
TheUndertaker85  +   818d ago
There's a big difference in Colorado and Washington laws and what else is around. You should do your homework.
ZBlacktt  +   818d ago
Like the guy said above. It's not a big deal around here. Trust me, I was doing it back when I was in high school some 25 years ago.....So it means nothing to me now.
RGDubz  +   818d ago
@ TheUndertaker85

Who said anything about Colorado? Not to mention it will likely be sold in stores there before it will in Washington.. I believe it is you who needs to do the research.

@ ZBlacktt

Never said it was a big deal, never was here either.. But to say legalised is really an incorrect term, when it's really currently decriminalised at best.

It's not really important just pointing out the huge difference between the two.

@ Outside_OfThe_Box

And you act like they didn't "borrow" for Saints Row when the entire concept of GTA itself is "borrowed" from an NES game, don't start acting like a GTA fan boy & think whatever Rockstar does is original.
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RioKing  +   818d ago
^dude you're an idiot.

"If you really wanna call that "legal".. Go to the store and buy it, yeah didn't think so."

Here in the great state (it sucks) of Pennsylvania, alcohol is 100% legal. You cannot, however, walk into a store and just buy it. You want beer, have to go to a bar for 6packs or beer-distributor for cases. Want liquor? PA Wine & Spirits stores only.

Long story short, stop being ignorant and acting like you know more than anyone about everything on here. In WA & CO, it's LEGAL.

Edit: Here ya go http://commons.wikimedia.or...
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PersonMan  +   818d ago
I honestly can't remember the last time I heard about pot. I guess it's just not a big thing around here anymore. Come to think of it, hardly anyone smokes cigarettes anymore.
Arturo84  +   818d ago
Really smoking pot is big news??? Seriously people aside from that one instance when you might show it of to someone and have a quick chuckle who cares
matrixman92  +   818d ago
I actually think this is where you will respawn instead of a hospital
Bercilak  +   818d ago
No. It's a video game.
dudeOplenty  +   818d ago
Oh, hell yeah. I know when I smoke real pot, one of the first thoughts that enters my mind is, "Man, I wish I could smoke virtual weed in a game."
Foxgod  +   818d ago
hope not, pot sucks, and that comes from someone who was born in Amsterdam and lives 15 minutes away from it.

Winners dont do drugs.
Anyone who touched an arcade in the 80ies and 90ies knows what i mean :)
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fr0sty  +   818d ago
Pot may suck to you, but it is great to millions of others, and it shouldn't matter to you whether or not you can walk into a medical shop and get high in a game, as long as it is completely optional (as the drug use in all GTA games up until now has been).

If you don't like pot, spend your time in the game beating cops and killing prostitutes.
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Foxgod  +   817d ago
Yup, its wrong to kill people, but that doesnt mean you can do everything thats wrong, like promoting drugs.

Its a lot easier for peopl to copycat narcotic usage, then copycat killing.

Its proven that showing violence to a normal human doesnt lead to violence, however promoting consumptions does promote normal humans to use it, it happens every day in adds.
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fr0sty  +   817d ago
Nobody is promoting the consumption. It's an option for those who choose to do it in the game. You don't have "eat the pill for slow mo super powers!" ads thrown in your face in Vice City. It's just an optional power up.

Not only that, but there is nothing wrong with promoting it's use. It's the only crime committed in the game that has no victim, and it isn't even a crime in all states/countries (including the one the game is set in, where he legally purchases medical marijuana in the video). Just because you take issue with it does not make it wrong. If it bothers you that much, do not buy the game. Otherwise, this game is meant for adults who are fully capable of making their own decisions, not impressionable children. It should not have to be censored just because of one person who thinks using drugs is worse than robbing and killing people in a video game.
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310dodo  +   818d ago

because 90% of the time I am smoking bud while playing games.

Love saints row 2 because my character and me could both toke at the same time!!

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