Can You Smoke Pot in Grand Theft Auto V?

In the gameplay trailer yesterday for Grand Theft Auto V, one of the three protagonists, Franklin, leaves a Medical Marajuana dispensary. As he’s leaving, he smells a vial in his hand and says “Damn!” Which begs the question: Can you smoke pot in Grand Theft Auto V?

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Hellsvacancy1782d ago

I thought I was one of the only ones that noticed this

Its a nice touch, I very much approve of it

inveni01782d ago

Would be awesome if this DID eventually come to PS4, so that I could play on my Vita from the same location in the real world as where my character is in the game world, so that my character and I would be smoking pot together.

Couldn't ever do that before.

Pisque1782d ago

How can you approve such behavior???

Are you telling kids that marijuana doesn't kill millions each year??





MrDead1782d ago

Hits from the bong with Satan....... That sounds more like Heaven.

PeteDoherty1782d ago

I hope you're being sarcastic. Majiruana in the right amounts and consequences can battle such things as Cancer, Anxiety, Back pains and many other things. It's time to grow up and accept facts about drugs.

redmon891782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

weed has never killed are you talking about? you shouldn't speak it makes you look stupid.

jeeves861781d ago

Wow, look at all the people that don't get it. Must be the font.

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AntoineDcoolette1782d ago

I did have to watch the trailer a few times yesterday before noticing that Franklin actually sniffs a medicine bottle. Lol

dredgewalker1782d ago

It's a realistic addition but I doubt it's gonna happen cause they'll now blame videogames for spreading the use of illegal substances. Anyway I prefer the real thing than doing it virtually :)

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Snookies121782d ago

Hey, you can do it in Saints Row, don't see why they wouldn't add it here. Hope it has some interesting effects if you can lol. Also, I hope you can carry alcohol with you in this one. Drink on the go... I loved getting drunk in GTA IV, I'd love to do that anywhere in the world on V.

RavageX1782d ago USED to be able to do it in Saint's Row. Couldn't do any of that in The Third. Couldn't drink, or eat.

RioKing1782d ago

Couldnt do ALOT of things SR3, disappointing...

Nicholasgliss1782d ago

It's been done in the first Saint Row back in 2007! No big deal here except Australians might suffer a ban on the game or get a censored version because of this.

RioKing1782d ago

This game will be banned there for sure

Rusty5151782d ago

Flower power for dayyyyzzz man...

Snookies121782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

What's wrong with weed? It actually does a lot of good. Someone I know who suffers from severe pain from Lyme disease often smokes it, and it helps his aches and pains a LOT. He couldn't even go out and experience life for nearly 15 years because of the pain and because there was no treatment around for it. Yet that helped him a great deal. It gets a bad rap just because it's illegal in some places, yet there is no reason for it to BE illegal. Alcohol is much worse, and causes many more deaths than weed ever will. (This coming from someone who does in fact drink alcohol at times.)

jeeves861781d ago

Some people just don't dig weed. Everybody knows someone who suffers from some debilitating illness whose life was completely turned around once they started smoking and if it helps them, that's great.

Other people like to live their lives without it. No big deal.

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