Could League Of Legends Help Sony Or Microsoft To “Win” Next-Gen?

The next-gen battle continues to dominate the gaming headlines across the internet but there’s one area that’s been left in the dark, the massively popular MOBA genre. The MOBA genre is the MMORPG game of today. No longer is the endless slaying of Orcs and Elves the norm in MMO gaming, instead it has become the breeding ground for one of the most competitive eras in video-game history. Some of the most popular games on the planet today proudly hold the banner for the MOBA genre and the increase in popularity shows no sign of slowing.

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dedicatedtogamers1782d ago

Snatching up PC ports years after they already get popular isn't going to do the trick *cough*worldoftanks*cough*plan etside2*cough*

LoL works on PC for reasons that consoles cannot duplicate.

Wizziokid1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

First, Planetside 2 isn't even a year old yet.

LoL could work on console however I don't think it will win anything, sure people might get interested but the die hard LoL players aren't going to swap from PC to console. If anything it will help the dev more than the console adding more exposure to the game and adding an audience which might not have been able to play previously.

World of Tanks? never really seen anything on it so I'm not going to comment.

CaptainCamper1782d ago

PlanetSide 2 will explode on consoles, cannot understand why anyone would debate that.

You've got a valid point as LoL is aging but the popularity continues to increase and what's to say the competitive market couldn't expand to consoles?

Plus there's other MOBA games, such as SMITE, that would port to consoles far easier.

NovusTerminus1782d ago

World of Tanks was fun, but in truth before the beta ended it just became World of Artilery.

PopRocks3591782d ago

If Planetside 2 is popular on PCs already and has been out for a while, I don't see how being on consoles will reinvigorate it or gain said consoles any traction.

That's like saying the 360 and PS3 were mega-hits because the Orange Box was ported to them. To that I say, "Ha...! And, uh, no, they weren't!"

Serg1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

First of all, Planetside 2 came out this year. Second, it's made by Sony. And Third, hardly any console gamer has a gaming rig that can run Planetside 2 decently.

My current PC can handle most new full price titles on the highest setting, but Planetside 2 runs at 15 FPS in battles, if I'm lucky. I built this PC in 2007 and upgraded the GFX card in 2010. Obviously it's old, but it's still way faster than most of my friends PC's, who are primarily console gamers. They use their PC's to browse the web or to create documents and spreadsheats.

Not to mention that, I made the switch to Linux a year ago and deleted my Windows 7 partition a few months ago, because I wasn't using it. So I can't even play those PC titles, because the OS of my choosing doesn't support them.

adorie1781d ago

Video game competitive landscape is growing and Sony or MSFT would be smart to pick LoL up for more diversity as well as to solidify their names in this area of gaming, as Quake, UT, Socom, Halo and CoD before it.

LoL has a huge international following

HammadTheBeast1781d ago

I'd say potentially.

LoL is a game which has reached a near perfect noob-hardcore balance, even casuals try it, while hardcore players love it. Not to mention it has a MASSIVE player base, and I'd love to play LoL on a 32" LED screen at perfect settings my computer wouldn't handle.

With Dualshock 4's touch pad it might be a possibility. I doubt it though, just because of how skill shots are implemented.

Hydralysk1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

That's the big thing. League of Legends whole balance is based around the amount of control you have with a mouse/keyboard.

It isn't that LoL wouldn't appeal to console players that's the issue, it's the fact that in order to make the game work with a controller you'd pretty much need to redesign or at least rebalance the entire game.

Mounce1780d ago

I see in one area, you make a dedicated blog and act serious. Dedicatedtogamers

And then I see you here, and you're acting like a snobby PC Elitist? You know it's easily possible, and I'm 98% sure the PS4 has native Mouse and keyboard support - so you'd have to tell me how a console that has that, cannot duplicate what a PC can do outside of those devices alone :/....Controller and M&K are the only things separating the difference now -_- That and exclusives that don't go on PC.

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DrRobotnik1781d ago

Don't know if it will help, but it certainly wouldn't hurt.

thehitman1781d ago

Only way LoL on consoles would do anything if it was cross-platform and the only console that could pull that off is playstation so if it does happen it could be big will it happen most likely not.

MeatAbstract1781d ago

Winning? No one 'wins' and no one should.

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