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Submitted by EliteGameKnight 870d ago | opinion piece

Is Call Of Duty 4 The Best Call Of Duty?

Since Call of Duty’s premiere in 2003, it has always been a promising series, with each instalment selling more units than the last. The biggest gap in sales occurred between Call of Duty 3 and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Call of Duty 4 sold over 100% more copies than it’s Call of Duty 3 counterpart. This is when many say the series took off into the giant that it has become today, and will remain for the coming years. Call of Duty 4 is still, to this day, hailed as the best Call of Duty ever, but does it deserve that reputation? (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

Lior  +   870d ago
Yes, back in the day so much fun playing with friends on search and destroy
ArchangelMike  +   870d ago
COD4 was definatly the high point for the series. Black ops came close as well though.
papashango  +   870d ago
MW2 would have been fun if it didn't try to shove matchmaking down our throats on the pc side. That's actually when I turned on the series.

Cod4 Promod was a very well done. I played a few seasons when it ran through CAL. It never took off in the competitive scene after when they announced it being a yearly series. There's just too much time you need to invest if you're serious about playing competitively.
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0ut1awed  +   869d ago
COD4 was by far the best. World at War was alright but the zombies addition at the time was sweet.

MW2 came out and was pretty awesome for the first month or two until I tired of it. I gave black ops 1 the same chance with the same results although I did very much enjoy zombies and all the dlc that came out for it. Even then I could only handle 1 to 2 rounds of zombies in a sitting before getting bored.

After that I have cringed at the thought of funneling any more money into that franchise.
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ilikestuff  +   869d ago
agreed cod4 was by far the best, i wouldnt say black ops came close but it came as close as they could
Cam977  +   870d ago
I spent hours on that game, online in public matches and in private matches. I remember in a private match somebody was a sniper and had to sneak around to kill the other players without being killed. That was a fun, tense time. Aaah, what happened to the series?
Oh yeah, it got milked raw.
Jaunty  +   870d ago
Darth Gamer  +   869d ago
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The Meerkat  +   870d ago
The maps are what really separates the games.
As the COD series went on I felt that the lines of sight kept getting shorter. To the extent that the sniper rifles are view by many as a close combat weapon. (If you haz MAD SkiLZzZ)

MW1 had the best maps. IMO
awesomeperson  +   869d ago
The maps certainly helped, but I just loved the simplicity of COD4.

Like I remember when the old-school map packs came out for MW2, with Crash (iirc) and the like. They just didn't feel the same in the later games. I suppose that had to do with the new guns, perks, and killstreaks, but the latter in the series never held the same charm for me.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   870d ago
Yes cod 4 was the best, I think it came down to simplicity while being fresh and new.

I still go back and play cod4 over any new cod now a days
rustyspoon80  +   870d ago
Yup, best of the series so far. If only for the fact that it was probably the last time the series truly innovated and did something new.
Going from WW2 to Modern day changed the entire first person industry.
WAW/Blops1 were great games but didn't revolutionise as much.
I didn't find MW2/3 as good.
Baka-akaB  +   869d ago
Not only that , it's also the only one worth playing this gen
cyberninja  +   869d ago
Yes it is!!!
Dannehkins  +   869d ago
Definitely . The maps were brilliant and well thought out and the big for me was that it was simple. Now we have a gazillion kill streaks and emblems flying all over the place. I think it's got too cluttered and needs stripping back.
310dodo  +   869d ago
My little brothers youtube the COD 4 multiplayer glory days, and they never played it.
I even find myself youtubing those old maps.

COD 4 = Masterpiece (things were so simple and "pure")

Activision release COD4 multiplayer only on PS4/X1
id buy that so fast
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up2snuff  +   869d ago
That would be an emphatic YES!IMO COD has gotten worse, not better. Now they have so many cheap items to hold the hands of garbage players it's sickening. Tac-Inserts, Target Finders, Thermal sights, Black Hats, Deathstreaks, Noobtubes/RPG's/Smaw/Javel in,MMS, MW3 Support Setup- etc. etc. etc.
InTheLab  +   869d ago
It's best because few people knew of the little tricks to ruin the MP. For example, you rarely bumped into a quick scoper. Now, there's at least 2 in every match.

There were no idiots running around with pistols doing more damage than submachine guns. No dual wielding. No non-stop automated death machines racking up kills. I mean, you actually HAD to aim at the attack chopper with an RPG to hit it :/

The MP was just clean and free of the nonsense that's prevalent now.
ShadowL9  +   869d ago
ACESupERIC  +   869d ago
I preferred mw2 over mw1 just because it (imo) took what the first one did and expanded on it. Nukes and commando pro aside, I had more fun with it. Mw1 is a close second for me and blops1 a tight third. All the others I don't really enjoy too much. Lag compensation and other players are my biggest problems with where the series is headed. Ghosts will be the first one since mw1 I will try before I buy. Lag comp and 12 yr old assholes is something I won't deal with any more.
TukkerIntensity  +   869d ago
I would vote COD 2.
HeyYouGuyz  +   869d ago
Everything post CoD 4 has just been an expansion pack you waste $60 on. Same graphics, same physics, same gameplay, just new maps. You can put makeup on a pig......
solidworm  +   869d ago
Yes, not only is it the best COD it is in truth the only good COD.
Bathyj  +   869d ago
nope. call of duty 2 was.

all you people saying that 4 was are saying that because of the multiplayer but back when I loved call of duty the game was about the awesome campaign and multiplayer was just an afterthought and I wish it had stayed like that. now it's just about levelling up and perks and killstreaks and DLC and other stuff I don't care about.

this is all just my opinion of course.
Master-H  +   869d ago
yes COD4 is in my opinion the best cod overall , campaign and multiplayer , also it was so fresh at the time .
my opinions :

cod1 - awesome start to the series , had 3 cool different sides in the war in it's campaign mode, the russian part was my favorite , specially that tank factory mission.

cod2 - the second best cod of all time , the single player mode was just incredible , the tank missions in the desert were a highlight, unfortunately i never played the multiplayer part.

cod3 - i believe it's the worst in the whole series , 3arch just got it's lame-on with this one, i remember playing it on ps2 and it was so boring i didnt even finish it.

cod4 mw - the best one, campaign was crazy, the nuke mission, the sniper mission ,it was pure awesomeness.
and the multi player is the best i played this generation , fantastic maps , and very balanced weapons , simple 3 preset killstreaks with no BS.

cod waw - it looked like a WWII cod4 but the story mode wasn't as good , but still decent. the multiplayer was fun while it lasted , cool maps, specially the large ones , and the best part was the tanks in the multiplayer , but for some reason i get more lag in it than in cod4 , i think it's 3arch's faulty programming.
the nazi zombie mode was fun as hell though.

cod mw2 : the campaign was ok , definitely a step down from cod4 though , the spec ops mode was cool and i liked it better than the campaign imo, the multiplayer was good but definitely had problems , over powered kill streaks , buffed explosive weapons , perks that didn't make sense (like the commando one) , and death streaks (seriously??), the maps werent as good as cod4 as well and were kinda boring except for a couple ones , it was just unbalanced overall but still a lil fun.
Master-H  +   869d ago
cod bo : felt different from all the previous ones for some reason, i think it was 30 fps instead of 60, and the gun shooting was kinda stiffer , the story mode was well done and was better than mw2 imo , zombies were cool again but i liked waw zombies a lil better for some reason. the multiplayer feels weird at first but when you get used to it it's fun , my biggest problem with it is the lag and lag compensation bs , 3arch programming skills strike again , the maps were mostly great , with some standouts like firing range and summit and maybe nuketown, so overall a good game that felt a lil fresh because of it's 1960s set up .

cod mw3 : my most hated cod and i think the second worst after cod3, probably because the heads of IW were fired and they had sledgehammer or whatever help with the development , it felt like an inferior version of mw2 , the campaign was generic as hell and short but still ok to play, the spec ops mode i think was the best part of the whole game for me, the multiplayer is bad, the worst maps i've seen yet that all looked like each other, just gray abandoned cities over and over, mostly the same weapons as mw2 with a lil extra. killstreaks still complicated and death streaks back again . the multiplayer was just a bad experience, even when you win the match with a good score you felt like you had enough of the game .

cod bo2 : over all a lil better than mw3 but still has problems, the campaign mode is the worst i played in the whole series , that level you were running with a machete taking all kinda bullets without dying says it all, and a joke AI in the strike mission has you doing everything by yourself . the zombie mode is cool with the addition of tranzit, but the lava pisses me off. the multiplayer could be fun at times and frustrating the other , the majority of the maps are not that good, but still there are some cool ones like Higjacked and Yemen and standoff, the weapons are a lil unbalanced , just try using a fal with select fire , and the quick scoping can be annoying at times, also a lot of gadgets that encourages camping like shocks charges betty's and the target finder and the doom shield, the pick ten system is cool and allows for freedom with the classes , lag compensation is still a problem but a lil less than in bo1 imo, the most annoying thing is that walls are so thin, someone shot me through a door and a wall yesterday(2 surfaces ) with a normal ak. so overall a good game but still falls short.

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