Is Call Of Duty 4 The Best Call Of Duty?

Since Call of Duty’s premiere in 2003, it has always been a promising series, with each instalment selling more units than the last. The biggest gap in sales occurred between Call of Duty 3 and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Call of Duty 4 sold over 100% more copies than it’s Call of Duty 3 counterpart. This is when many say the series took off into the giant that it has become today, and will remain for the coming years. Call of Duty 4 is still, to this day, hailed as the best Call of Duty ever, but does it deserve that reputation?

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Lior1782d ago

Yes, back in the day so much fun playing with friends on search and destroy

ArchangelMike1782d ago

COD4 was definatly the high point for the series. Black ops came close as well though.

papashango1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

MW2 would have been fun if it didn't try to shove matchmaking down our throats on the pc side. That's actually when I turned on the series.

Cod4 Promod was a very well done. I played a few seasons when it ran through CAL. It never took off in the competitive scene after when they announced it being a yearly series. There's just too much time you need to invest if you're serious about playing competitively.

0ut1awed1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

COD4 was by far the best. World at War was alright but the zombies addition at the time was sweet.

MW2 came out and was pretty awesome for the first month or two until I tired of it. I gave black ops 1 the same chance with the same results although I did very much enjoy zombies and all the dlc that came out for it. Even then I could only handle 1 to 2 rounds of zombies in a sitting before getting bored.

After that I have cringed at the thought of funneling any more money into that franchise.

ilikestuff1781d ago

agreed cod4 was by far the best, i wouldnt say black ops came close but it came as close as they could

Cam9771781d ago

I spent hours on that game, online in public matches and in private matches. I remember in a private match somebody was a sniper and had to sneak around to kill the other players without being killed. That was a fun, tense time. Aaah, what happened to the series?
Oh yeah, it got milked raw.

1781d ago
The Meerkat1781d ago

The maps are what really separates the games.
As the COD series went on I felt that the lines of sight kept getting shorter. To the extent that the sniper rifles are view by many as a close combat weapon. (If you haz MAD SkiLZzZ)

MW1 had the best maps. IMO

awesomeperson1781d ago

The maps certainly helped, but I just loved the simplicity of COD4.

Like I remember when the old-school map packs came out for MW2, with Crash (iirc) and the like. They just didn't feel the same in the later games. I suppose that had to do with the new guns, perks, and killstreaks, but the latter in the series never held the same charm for me.

xReDeMpTiOnx1781d ago

Yes cod 4 was the best, I think it came down to simplicity while being fresh and new.

I still go back and play cod4 over any new cod now a days

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