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Arai1778d ago

No footprint in the sand or wet clothes from the water?
The game looks great, but I like those small details and were kinda expecting them.

nick3091778d ago

And he kept stepping on crabs. Nothing happened lol.

Wizziokid1778d ago

Oh just wait, those crabs are plotting something...something big!

Arai1778d ago

Yeah haha, by no means am I downplaying the game because it really does look amazing.
The view distance as he was sitting at the edge is breathtaking and the jungle level they demo'd at E3 was equally amazing.

But it's those small little details that make the experience a lasting one.

ZBlacktt1778d ago

The Big Crab boss from the first Zelda will be coming soon!

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Pisque1778d ago Show
Thefreeman0121778d ago

maybe the game still needs some final polishing, maybe thats the final model of the game. who knows. it does look good tho

Endless_XX1778d ago

That view of the map instantly reminded me of Far Cry 3. The game is definitly looking good.

CrossingEden1778d ago

fun fact:the far cry 3 team actually worked on this game
so they may be the reason for the simplified hud

Wizziokid1778d ago

This game looks brilliant, never really bothered with the other AC games but I might have to pick this one up

Destrania1778d ago

... There's too many games... I don't have time for all these magnificent experiences!

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The story is too old to be commented.