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Battlefield 4 Could Come to Wii U After All

We’d still call it unlikely at this point, but suddenly EA has admitted it is possible that Battlefield 4 could be released on Wii U. (Battlefield 4, Wii U)

Hard to tell
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PopRocks359  +   470d ago
If it's on 360/PS3 then sure it could. It's not a hardware issue, it's about whether Nintendo/EA want to pony up for it.
ChickeyCantor  +   470d ago
lilbroRx  +   469d ago
No, not Nintendo/EA. Nintendo is not, nor have they ever been, the issue here. EA being upset with them is their own affair and Nintendo has no ownership or claim on the I.P.

This is entirely dependent on whether EA wants the game on the console or not. This is an issue with EA alone.
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RGDubz  +   470d ago
Of course it can but why would it? Only Nintendo's first party titles make money.. If it does release on the Wii-U it will end up like ZombiU, a complete failure.. I see no reason for EA to support it when there's only 10 sad adults playing the WiiU and 3.1 million little Japanese girls who just want to play another new version of Mario & Pokemon on their WiiU.
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jukins  +   470d ago
exactly. the fanboys/girls keep trying to say that when the 1st party games come the wii u will sell more and entice 3rd party developers. Imo they've already gave it a try it failed and with the next gen systems coming 3rd party devs know, as long as the product is good, they know they can succeed with microsoft and sony. It's over for the wii u unless as said you want to play only mario zelda and pokemon for the 1000000th time.
mcstorm  +   470d ago | Well said
Why do people on here treat Nintendo as making the same game over and over and like no one else dose the same. How many bf games has there been? How about cod or halo motor storm, need for speed GT and more.

Each company uses there big names in each gen and a lot more than once to.

Yes Nintendo do have lots of gamea with Mario in it but the big ones like super smash bros, Mario kart only get 1 each gen.

As a gamer ide love to see the 3rd partys support the Wiiu more and im sure if they did the Wiiu owners would buy more of there games on the Wiiu but giving the console half assed ports is not going to sell well at all it never has done and never will do.
jukins  +   470d ago
mcstorm yes cod halo and the such have alot of sequels but those at earliest started 1 or two gens ago. mario zelda metroid are all over 20 years old. Since the arcade and the original nes, besides pokemeon which came a little later nintendo just hasnt created new franchises. thats why nintendo gets treated like that because its true.

Sony in particular has never relied on a group of franchises to sell a system each generation its been a different set of exclusives that seperates sony from the crowd.
PigPen  +   470d ago
If this game is coming to your console of choice, why would you care if it comes to the Wii U. That seems more like desperation to over shadow Nintendo. Like the need to fight for Sony survival. I'm always amazed at what you Sony fanboys come up with. Microsoft fanboys (for the most part) rarely get into these type of discussions. It's no secret that Sony has been on a decline. A game like Remember Me bomb and everthing is well. Bayonetta was left on the back burners from Sega cause of sells from the other consoles. A gimped game bomb on Nintendo consoles, yall say Nintendo fanboys don't by them. You have no idea what we want or will buy. We will support a game that's worth the support. Don't talk crazy cause of your favorite company financial situation.
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Jay70sgamer  +   470d ago
@jukins so you are telling me if xbox or sony had a huge character(s)that can draw millions of fans and game sells ...you are telling me they would not continuous make them ...the argument is lame I can see if people stopped requesting or want these games they sell in the tens of millions why would you stop making them if people are still buying them and yes nintendo uses the same characters because they been around longer than xbox or playstaion and people still enjoy them yes nintendo can bring out new IP's but you always release games that attract your fan base do you think xbox one would not bring out a new call of duty when that is one of there top selling franchises ..or Sony with Forza etc because the fan base wants them games and as far as nintendo Mcstorm is right you only get one mario kart ,smash bros ,and usually one mario 3d once or twice the most each generation so how is that milking it ... As due to unpopular belief wouldn't you call wii sports, wii fit ,etc new IP's ...Maybe not a shooter or etc but them games are new IP's and sold millions ....yes I want some new things but that will come after the first IP's are out remember we are only 8 months into the wii u console it will be on the market at least another 5 or 6 years
DA_SHREDDER  +   470d ago
I dont know about you? but playign BF4 while im poopin sounds like a fantastic time
Majin-vegeta  +   470d ago
PS4/PS VITA remote play duahh.
TheEvilWithin  +   470d ago
You know how many games I have gotten to 100% while sitting on the bowl??? lol something like 7 games!!! I love my Wii U!

Battlefield 4 on the Wii U would be a day 1 buy for me.
Dj7FairyTail  +   470d ago
uh no
ONLY QUALITY GAMES on Nintendo System makes money. Games that were built on Wii U from Ground UP.
RGDubz  +   470d ago
@ mcstorm

First of all Nintendo completely relies on those same games generation after generation.

Second of all did you jump lump in Motorstorm with CoD, Halo & Nintendo games?? So you're saying Motorstorm 1 is just like Motorstorm Apocalypse & Motorstorm RC now?

You sit here and say if Nintendo had better 3rd party support 3rd party games would sell better, then explain why the 3rd party games that are on the WiiU are doing terrible? Is it because other 3rd party developers are not supporting WiiU with their games? Does that really make sense to you?

Seems to me you're just grasping a straws trying to defend Nintendo in any possible way.
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dcj0524  +   469d ago
All the 3rd party games on wii u have A.)No support or B.)Shitty Shitty port. I don't even have a wii u. Its just obvious that they're not putting any effort in the games. And when they do they just drop it like its HIV blood.
herbs  +   469d ago
Zombie U is not a completely fair example, just because this one O.K. medium budget exclusive didnt sell we'll people assume nothing 3rd party will sell well aswell. I'm not saying BF4 will sell amazingly on Wii U but it could prob break even and possibly sway new gamers to the system which could then make the platform more viable for all developers and thus the gaming world is more healthy and happy. All major 3rd party developers should want multiple avenues of revenue the more the better its an investment in future investments.
Prob to complex for a lot of N4Gers to understand lol.
Trago1337  +   470d ago
Once Nintendo drive the install base, then sure. I'm pretty sure EA are waiting for more wii u's to be out there to justify a port, it's probably gonna be a late port unfortunately.
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starfox79  +   470d ago
If it did it would sell at least a million units worldwide,i'd buy it,i like BO2 so why not.
PigPen  +   470d ago
This article is very misleading. Me personally, I'm looking at Call Of Duty: Ghosts.
starfox79  +   470d ago
I'm looking at Ghosts but i would buy BF4 as well.
LonDonE  +   470d ago
even though i game on and own all platforms, and have a wii u, and have pre ordered my PS4 with BF4, i would so buy BF4 again on wii u, just to see how the wii u can cope with a true next gen title, with awesome graphics! also i want to see how the online infrastructure on wii u will run when playing a intensive game like BF4! i was so peed off when crysis 3, dead space 3, and bioshock infinite didn't come to wii u, even though i own said games now on PS3, i would have bought them all on wii u if given the choice!

My wii u cries out to me everyday, just so i play her! seriously i love the damn thing, but not having proper good games to play on it has been infuriating! i will always buy third party games on wii u instead of my ps3 if given the choice! shame the devs were to lazy!
shibster88  +   470d ago
Bf4 on the wii u I actually pist my self.
Dear dice please stop ea dont tarnish your game by bring it to the wii u for the love of god.
Tei777  +   470d ago
no one cares.
Sgt_Slaughter  +   470d ago
The reason ZombiU failed was the fact that it plain sucked! Everyone saw the reviews, they were all over the place! No one would buy a game that is that questionable on a new system.

Anyway, ZombiU's success, or lack thereof, should not or will not determine if 3rd party games like Battlefield 4 come to the Wii U, or if they will sell well.

EA already backed themselves into a corner when they showed it on the 360/PS3, which means it can absolutely come to the Wii U and run extremely well.

They just flat out lied to everyone to try and get back at Nintendo for not using the shitty service known as Origin.
shibster88  +   470d ago
Bf4 and nintendo them two words should never be together just damn right sick
bjmartynhak  +   470d ago
IMO, WiiU is in such a different world in the console competition that it seems weird to thing about BF4 on it. I mean, if you want to play BF and similars, why did you buy a Wii?
0pie  +   469d ago
Who will buy bf4 on wii-u knowing that the online is very weak ?
fatstarr  +   469d ago
the wiiu is capable of running all the games out today. if devs werent lazy it would be there.
its all about the cash$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$
exfatal  +   469d ago
I wouldn't buy it even if it did come to Wii U. Wouldn't buy it at all E.A can go f*** itself

Still though for the shooter fans on Wii U i do hope E.A smartens up and releases it and supports it on the Wii U as well.
BATRA  +   469d ago
who are you today ea make your mind yes or no
imXify  +   469d ago
I would it if there's wiimote support !
pedroyamato  +   469d ago
EA is the most stupid, big bullshit game company on the market. They play with their franchise releases and change their minds more than a women on PMT.

I would like to play BF4 on my wii u, but I dont need it if they dont want to release. Lot of good on the autumn and winter window.
nzbleach  +   469d ago
It would be great because i never played any games on the PS3 and 360 since i skipped both consoles only to jump onto the Wii U so any ports would be good for me to catch up on.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   469d ago
Sorry but-

EA, Crytek, Unreal, and whomever else-

-Have done a lot of damage to the WiiU with all of their initial statements about the WiiU not being able to handle their respective products.

Turns-out all of them were either really high, really ignorant of WiiU, or really truth impaired.

Now that they are detoxed, more knowledgeable, or more truthful; the WiiU still will have a bad reputation.
RFornillos4  +   469d ago
should be noted though that CryTek did mention that Crysis 3 worked on Wii U and was almost ported if not for EA stopping them.

also, Unreal Engine 3 is known to running on the Wii U, with some support for Unreal 4. so in the end, it's really all EA.
pedroyamato  +   469d ago

Cheap, dirty, low, thats how we can define the way EA manages its business. We pay me? I say your system is cool! Used games OK? No online restriction? No paid DLC for every game? I will destroy your reputation even if 90% the things I say are totally bullshit.

Most pathetic game developer on the market
ylwzx3  +   469d ago
I really don't think it will sell on the Wii U. Just my opinon though.
Shnazzyone  +   469d ago
I'll buy it.
RFornillos4  +   469d ago
the reality is that, it's not about whether the Wii U is powerful enough to handle it or not, coz if it runs on PS3/360, it sure as hell can run on the Wii U; it's really all about the money.
thomasmiller  +   469d ago
well well, LOOK'S LIKE EA IS finally realizing that the X BOX ONE is in deep trouble, and they are trying to save their sorry butts after all,,,Yeah EA you guys want money, and with the PS4 AND THE WII U being the ONLY TWO next gen excuse me SUCCESSFUL , next gen systems for consumers.. they will want the nintendo's fan's money as well..

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