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Submitted by K4rm4t00burn 873d ago | news

PS4′s digital library lets you play your games anywhere & on anyone’s console

Sony has spoken about accessing your PS4 games on any machine, and how PlayStation 4′s ability to ‘play as you download’ makes, “a digital [game] library a practical option in the real world”. (Next-Gen, PS4)

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nrvalleytime  +   874d ago | Well said
Very cool feature. This is huge incentive for people to buy digital copies as well - have friends you trust, and potentially share games instantly by sharing accounts. I'm sure there's counter-measures in place against it, but it's an awesome possibility.
US8F  +   874d ago | Well said
Wait isn't that like the digital sharing with friends that was on Xbox one but it got canceled because it requires always online? Funny how Sony is able to do it without always online.

Again my console of choice, let Microsoft's fanboys eat their deception up.

Digital library on the go, no drm? Sony!
Nitrowolf2  +   874d ago
yes, it's pratically the same, and that whole "10 people share plan" was possible on the PS3 except with 5 (now 2) people.
dedicatedtogamers  +   873d ago | Well said
WOW. This is a megaton.

So basically Sony is including the "play your library anywhere" in the PS4 but without the DRM and online requirement? Hahaha! Hilarious.

Hey, XBox fans! You were complaining that Microsoft removed this feature? Well, Sony has you covered.
Lunarassassin  +   873d ago
There's a difference though. Microsoft were going to forcevalways online. But sony are still giving you an option on whether you are online, at all, or not.
Cmk0121  +   873d ago
you have to be online to access said library! so yes to do this you will need to be ALWAYS ONLINE haha. and the system wasn't always on it was once every 24 hours. i didnt agree with the policies but get them right if your going to bash them. its like netflix, to access it you need to be online. and you cant have your friends access your library so again no its not the same, you can only access your games by signing feature and great incentive to buy digital...not the same
Keregan  +   873d ago
You'll probably have to connect the PS4 to have access to your digital library which is more or less the same thing than with the Xbox.
logan_izer10  +   873d ago | Well said
NO! People need to get this through their heads. Their game sharing with 10 people was ridiculous. It allowed a purchaser of a game to share a 45-60 minute demo of the game. That's all!
andrewsqual  +   873d ago
A lot of people are going to realise this when Sony ACTUALLY announce these kind of features because so far they haven't got around to it yet. It wasn't really a priority. They focused on EVERYTHING that we want to hear first.
patsrule316  +   873d ago
I don't understand what you guys are talking about at all (assuming you are talking about the family share plan). This is nothing like the family share plan. The share plan would have let other people in their accounts use your games. So they would be logged in as themselves.

What they are talking about in this article is logging in as you and downloading and playing the game on a different system. In order for that to work like the family share, you would have to give the other people you want to share with your password, and hope that they don't abuse it. The family share plan was much safer, as they never logged in as you.

Aside from that, the new and exciting thing about this isn't being able to download and play a game on a different system, its the being able to play instantly. On my Xbox 360 (and I am sure it works the same way already on the PS3, and it also works this way on XB1 even after the DRM changes) you can already download a game you own on a different system if you are logged in as you. I do it all the time. But if you have to wait an hour before you can play it is frustrating. Being able to play instantly on a new machine is the cool part.
darthv72  +   873d ago
there is a difference
between playing your games on another system and sharing them with others. This is no different than what we have now on the ps3 and 360.

if i sign in to a friends ps4 or xb1 as myself...would i not be able to download a game from my collection and play it on that other system????

I do this right now with ps3 games and 360 games. When i sign out, that game becomes more of a demo for the other person who signs in as themselves. But if i sign in and my friend signs in we can both play the full game.

so the games are tied to your ID not the system as it relates to accessing them via another persons system.

When you dl a game to YOUR system, there is a license that is placed on that system and you can play online or offline. When you dl a game from YOUR library to a friends system, that license is temporary and only active so long as you are signed in.

As for the game sharing thing....i see it like the timed trials that ps+ offers but because the idea was scrapped we dont know any more details of how it works. A timed trial on PS+ is exactly that. you dl the whole game and play it for 60 minutes. I never tried it myself because it is my understanding that after the time is up the game becomes invalid and you need to dl it again if you want to play.

i was under the impression that you play for 60 minutes then you need to wait a certain amount of time before you could pick up where you left off. Essentially playing the entire game in 60 minute intervals. Is that about right? (anyone who uses timed trials please let me know)

So the xb1 game shares could have been like that but now that its gone we will never know. OR...MS could bring it back seeing as they "flipped a switch" to make the DRM thing go away.
Fat Bastard  +   873d ago
xbOx SuXxxxxx lOLOlol ha idk
dantesparda  +   873d ago
A ha ha, Sony lets you do now what MS fanboys thought was going to be such a great feature on the X1 through its DRM (the game sharing). Except on Playstation 4, you can start playing shortly after starting the download, and on X1 you would have had to wait til "x" number of gigabytes (probably at least in the teens) have downloaded. Yet I hear no praise from MS fans about this and you don't need some draconian DRM to do it.

And I highly doubt the MS 10 game family sharing would have worked the way MS fanboys thought it would have worked. You's honestly think that greedy a$$ MS would let 10 friends share/spilt the game? You's are delusional! This MS we are talking about. And beside MS could still do it now if they wanted to, but the truth is, they don't want to, cuz I guarantee you, it wasn't what people thought it was
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creatchee  +   873d ago

"So basically Sony is including the "play your library anywhere" in the PS4 but without the DRM and online requirement? Hahaha! Hilarious."

The reason behind the DRM was that the discs are full installs. So you could install your on-disc game onto your One (as opposed to downloading it) and then immediately access it from any other console. Admittedly, Microsoft's protection methods weren't optimal for all users, but the fact that you could do this via disc or digital download was pretty cool.

This looks to be for digitally downloaded games only, which is still cool. However, I've seen soooo many people on here complaining about how important discs are for sharing and maintaining a collection and used games and everything else that was said by so many people just a short while ago that I don't think it will catch on. Plus it requires an internet connection, which many people have said that they do not want to be required. At least with the people who were saying those things. Repeatedly. Every day. In every thread.

But choice is good.
malokevi  +   873d ago
lol. Suddenly, now that Sonys doing it, digital downloads/digital sharing is a great thing!!!

Never mind that MS had a better plan. Never mind that MS already has these exact features in place. Never mind that I have heard these very features badmouthed endlessly by the Sony Attack Force.

If you buy digital, you can access your games from any Xbox One. Physical media sucks, and you all know it.

Now go back to your ignant little lives.
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dlocsta  +   873d ago
No it is nothing like the Xbox system. I you fanboys will ACTUALLY read and UNDERSTAND what it is saying, the article say you must DOWNLOAD the game at your friends house and you will be able to play "the first level" immediately. The Xbox system required zero download and you played what ever level you wanted.
3-4-5  +   873d ago
@CMK - your wrong. You can access your games via online but might be able to download them to console and play them offline.

Did you think of that?

Probably not.
wishingW3L  +   873d ago
@dlocsta, can you give a link of that magic trick you're talking about? Having full instant access to a game without a streaming service like Gaikai or remote play it's impossible.
cell989  +   873d ago
I see way too many noobs in this thread, you guys act like the Microsoft 10 people sharing plan was an amazing idea, when PS3 had done it with 5 members since launch day, you dont need to be online, you only need to be able to download the content into your PS3 HDD once its there you can access it of line at all times, you can still do that today with 2 PS3 (they brought down the number, pressure from publishers for sure) again this is nothing new xbox people, stop acting like MS was doing you a favor, when you cant share for Sh*# on your current xbox
JunioRS101  +   873d ago
Xbox fans may not even open this article.

They don't want the wrath.
fr0sty  +   873d ago
I can already access my digital library from any PS3 in the world, I just have to deactivate the game from one friend's PS3 before I can install it on another. The only difference here, Sony lets you play as you install on PS4, so it'll make it much more practical. And to the fools trying to say "You have to be always online!". No. You don't. You only have to be online while the game is downloading. After it installs, it's yours to take offline if you choose. PSN already operates this way. Microsoft has just tricked all their fanboys into thinking their DRM enabled something new, when all they did was slap a new catch phrase on it and try to rebrand it as something that PSN already lets you do.

Sony is simply adding play as you download to a feature already on PS3. One Xbox One (in some cases successfully) attempted to fool people into thinking was worth all that DRM bullcrap. I bet all those people signing petitions for MS to adopt their old policy again feel dumb now.
JoySticksFTW  +   873d ago
C'mon stop it, Sony

You're just trolling MS now at this point

Have you no mercy?
abzdine  +   873d ago
huge news indeed!
how can one not fall in love with this console?
justastranger10  +   873d ago
I don't see what's special. I can do that with Xbox 360 today.
AyeUMadBro  +   873d ago
It seems like everyone just read the headline and started peeing their pants.

This is possible on PS3 already.

This has nothing to do with game sharing nor does it have to do with the Xbone's former game sharing feature.
biRdy  +   873d ago
This comment will probably get mauled by the fanboys but please hear me out. This is not the same as the canceled family sharing that was on Xbox One. Family sharing aloud other xbox live accounts to play your digital games. All this allows you to do is play your digital games on any consoles as long as you log in to your account.
The point of this announcement is just to show off the play as you download feature of the PS4.
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FanboyCrusher  +   873d ago
The bare-bones features on the X1 and the PS4 were different. This is simply moving your account, re-downloading the game, most likely the license, and it'll only work with an internet connection due to the license of the digital title. That's just how it is today, in fact I can do it with my 360. Difference i with the PS4 I can play as it downloads which is pretty cool.
badkolo  +   873d ago
if they allow this then yeah i agree, now it has what x1 doesnt. im happy.
Good_news_every1   873d ago | Spam
Groo  +   873d ago
the sharing on Xbox one allowed your friends to download a time trial demo.. your friends could download and play the title for an hour, thats it... wth is the point of sharing anything if its just a demo, download it yourself
RedHawkX  +   873d ago
yep this is awesome at this point everyone should be getting a ps4 next gen. there is no reason not to.
MikeMyers  +   873d ago
"WOW. This is a megaton."

What is, the ability to sign into your own account at a friends house and play your games that are stored in the cloud? It's already being done.

"So basically Sony is including the "play your library anywhere" in the PS4 but without the DRM and online requirement? Hahaha! Hilarious.

Hey, XBox fans! You were complaining that Microsoft removed this feature? Well, Sony has you covered."

It's not what was proposed on the Xbox One. The Xbox One was going to allow you to install disc based games, not just games you bought on the store, and access them from anywhere on any Xbox One. It was also going to allow up to 10 family members to share your library. What this means on the PS4 is you sign-in and you have access to your digital bought games on any PS4. What it doesn't mean is disc based games or others to share your library while you aren't signed in.

Yet this person gets a well said? Amazing.
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XtraTrstrL  +   873d ago
@Nitrowolf2 - Well, the 10 people share plan on Xbox One I don't think allowed you all to play simultaneously like the 5(now 2) sharing on PS3. I wonder if the PS4 will have the 2 console sharing like PS3, where you can basically choose a friend to share all your games and DLC with, and you can play it together on each of your gamertags at the same time.
4Sh0w  +   873d ago
"WOW. This is a megaton."

"So basically Sony is including the "play your library anywhere" in the PS4 but without the DRM and online requirement? Hahaha! Hilarious."

dedicated what the hell are you talking about, I can't believe so many people who follow gaming news are this misinformed. The only thing new here is they let you play while downloading, something the X1 does also. The family sharing was going to allow you to INSTALL DISC BASED GAMES OR DOWNLOAD DIGITAL GAMES AND SHARE BOTH WITH UP 10 FRIENDS, ANYWHERE, AT ANYTIME(if you or another in the group were not playing it) ON DIFFERENT CONSOLES WITHOUT THEM USING YOUR PERSONAL LOGIN/ID ACCOUNT= that's why you needed the 24hr check/drm. So this is very different from what X1 was offering and plus 360 already does this but you have to login in and it can only be used with your personal ID/gamertag account. WOW and now once sony is talking about a feature that's already available like playing digital downloaded games on any console you guys are singing to the high heavens about how great it is, it sounds hypocritical since a lot of the same people were saying physical games are better than digital.

Also it wasn't a glorified demo system
"Microsoft employees made it clear that a player could have ANYONE in their shared games library list, family or friend, and they would be able to play any game they want with the only “restriction” being that only 1 person out of the 10 could have access at a time."
#1.1.32 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(6) | Report
Shadonic  +   873d ago
Simple logic, MS doesn't have it.
miyamoto  +   873d ago
NO region lock on top of all these is a major plus specially for Japanese games
fr0sty  +   873d ago
Those saying this is not what was proposed on XB1 have it wrong, somewhat. You can use another account to play games you download on PSN. Any account you want, in addition to your own. You have 2 licenses at any given time with every copy of your games. You take one, and you can give a friend the other. You two can play against each other in most games. However, you must deactivate friend #1's copy before you can let friend #2 download it. They do have to sign in under your account initially to access your download list, but that's it. From then on they can use whatever account they want to play the software.

XB1 wanted to have the same one friend at a time policy, but they simplified it a little to enable 9 other friends to be on a "waiting list" to play that game. They couldn't play the game at the same time (not even on the same day) as the first friend, but could afterwards.

That minor difference is not worth all the DRM garbage they tried shoving down our throats. It was a poorly thought out system that overprotected itself. They could have used Sony's policy and tacked the 9 friend waiting list onto it, and it would have worked just fine.
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coopman300  +   873d ago
You can do this same thing on xb1 even after policy reversal, and obviously being digital games you would have to be online to have access to them on someone elses console.
4Sh0w  +   873d ago
frosty it was a lot different some people are just conveniently overlooking the obvious difference

“You can visit your friends house you can log into your account and play any game from your digital library"

It says right here that you have to log into your account, I can already do that to play games I downloaded digitally. Did you even read what you wrote I don't know if that's true but activating and deactivating is ridiculous workaround stuff to share a game and I don't want to give ANYBODY my account info. Again this was completely different from the X1 sharing, which would have allowed you to just easily share among 10 friends who are in your group as long as someone was not already playing the same game.
TheFanboySlayer  +   873d ago
Wow I am a ps4 guy but this is getting outta hand....we can already do this on ps3...this is not some brand new feature to counter-act the family sharing plan as that is completely different. You are logged into your OWN account on your OWN xbox but you share your library with multiple people on their OWN account on their OWN xbox one. I think there is gonna be a limit as to how many ps4s you can log into most likely...idk for sure. They'll definitely detail it later I suppose.
marcelliuss1  +   873d ago this is not the same feature Microsoft had in place for the X1. See what was said is that "YOU" can access your "DIGITAL" games library from anyone's console. See the key word there is "YOU" not your friends. With the X1 Microsoft was going to let you do the same thing. The difference is they were going to let you nominate up to ten people to access "YOUR" games form anywhere in the world on "THEIR" system and account at "ANYTIME". While they are playing your game you would still have access and play the "SAME" game at the "SAME" time. The only restriction was only you and one other friend could play at a time. So like I said it is not the same and Microsoft plan for that feature is better.
kreate  +   873d ago

"When you dl a game to YOUR system, there is a license that is placed on that system and you can play online or offline. When you dl a game from YOUR library to a friends system, that license is temporary and only active so long as you are signed in."

U don't need to be signed in. The system just needs a 1 time activation. No password/signing in required.

Doesn't matter whose console the license is activated on, a console is just a console.

Unless I'm misunderstanding u, if that's the case my bad.
ATWILL  +   873d ago
Actually this is incorrect. Like many posted below, this is a feature that is available today on both systems. This never had anything to do with DRM. However, what I think you're thinking about has to deal with physical disks. Ex: you buy a disk from Gamestop, but it in X1 and a copy of the game is automatically added to your digital library. You wouldn't need the disk anymore and any game you had on disk can be accessed from anywhere just like a straight digital purchase. Very different from what this article is about.
kupomogli  +   873d ago

"Well, Sony has you covered."

Reminds me of Don Mattrick's quote. Here's an edited version for this occassion.

There's a console you can play your digital library on any console anywhere you're at. It's called the PS3. Oh yeah, and the PS4.
DARK WITNESS  +   873d ago

We need DRM because we cannot sharez da digital gamez without it !!!! :/

Yet again, sony puts them in their place!
fermcr  +   873d ago
PS3 and PS4's digital content (games or DLC) have DRM, being online or offline.

Such ignorance !!!
#1.1.44 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
andibandit  +   873d ago

no it wasn't, the share plan would let you share a game with your friend on the other side of the planet. You can of course still accomplish this with PS4, provided you are willing to hand out your username/password
Virus201  +   873d ago
No. The feature that required always online was the "10 people sharing library" that Xbox One was going to have. You can still play your digital games on another persons Xbox One with your account.
nukeitall  +   873d ago
So much mis-information, which highlights MS poor job of informing the sheeps, ermmm I mean customers.

a) *NEW* always online was needed to enable trade-in, selling and gifting your game as it is with physical copies. How else is MS going to know and remove the game from your library?

If that wasn't implemented, then you could gift/trade/seel away the game and keep playing it on your offline console

b) *NEW* MS allowed you to instantaneously share your game with 10 other people regardless of what console they are on THEIR PROFILE, not the owners.

c) *OLD* Sony allows you to access your game on any console by signing in to YOUR account only. It hasn't been clarified if this extends to second person yet.

MS allows this exact same scenario right now on all your games pre-Xbox One on your existing Xbox 360.

d) *NEW* the practically instant access and play while downloading in the background is on Xbox One and PS4

So this isn't new. What was new, was the trading, selling, sharing and gifting your game away was new and it is only possible if they have a check for it ever now and then, so 24-hour is actually reasonable.

So again, THIS ISN'T new!

The new is digital copies of games function almost identical to physical copies, allowing resale, trade, gifting and sharing. Right now, digital provides none of that!
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dlocsta  +   873d ago
There is no magic involved. Instead of hating on a system try listen to what they are saying. The reason it is possible is because once you bought the game and loaded it to your console the ENTIRE game was also saved in the cloud. You would not be playing the game from your console rather the version in the cloud. Next try listening to the press conference instead of trying to make snide remarks.
AntoineDcoolette  +   873d ago
Rofl I swear Sony just tossed this feature in all of a sudden just to spit in MS's face after removing the almost exact same feature.

talk about rubbing salt and vinegar into the wound.
Nitrowolf2  +   874d ago
I don't mean to bring the Xbox One, but this just shows that removal of the share feature has nothing to do with required online check-ins. Just surprises me that there's a petition to bring back that Xbox One, when everything they promised is still very possible without those check-ins.
Cmk0121  +   873d ago
to play these games you will have to be online. so i dont think this debunks the online thing, the 24 hour check in was stupid but these are different things.
Tony-A  +   873d ago
I'm not certain, as is anyone else here, about how Sony's version of this feature works, but from what I read, there is a possibility of not having to be "always online" for this feature.

The way they described it didn't have a theme of "streaming". They simply mentioned that the digital library will be accessible to your friends upon signing in as you.

This makes it closer to that of the gamesharing feature on PS3 than it does to the XBO. For instance, the XBO would require you to be online at all times while playing a friend's game, whereas the PS3 required the internet connection so that you can access and download the content from your friend's Store (obviously), but once it is fully downloaded and installed, you would've been able to shut your internet off completely and still play the game.

As far as I know, the PS4 looks to do just that, only easier and faster, whereas the XBO wanted to have that feature but, somewhere along the line, Microsoft decided to remove it along with the "always online" feature and claim that both would be necessary to function.
LoveOfTheGame  +   873d ago
MS promised this with physical discs and digital downloads. This feature, minus the play as it downloads, is already available on both current gen consoles.

The Xbox one does this same thing as digital downloads don't need internet requirement because they are validated when you first buy them.

All the people trying to badmouth Xbox One's ability to do this need to learn what facts are. The original implementation would make physical and digital buys act like this, but now you can only do digital, as how it has been on the current gen consoles and through steam the past 8 yrs.
Blankolf  +   873d ago
@Cmk0121 I am not sure if you're being sarcastic or just plain dumb.

You have to be online but you can pick your game and carry it to your friend as well, freedom of choice is the thing that differenciates from Xbox1.
kupomogli  +   873d ago

It might be different for the PS4, but you don't know. With the PS3 you can play the game offline. You can have one account activated on any two PS3s and use any account to play that game as long as the account is on the PS3, you don't have to be logged in. So I could play, Dead Space 3 on my PS3 on my account while my friend is at his house on his account while my account is activated on his PS3 and we can both play online.
kayoss  +   873d ago
Im not sure but I think once you log in to your account on any PS4 you can play it while you download it. But if you decided to allow the game to complete the download before playing then you might not need online connection because the game will be on the hard drive. Not sure i might be wrong.
GribbleGrunger  +   874d ago
Wait! I thought this was Gaikai related but it's not. I have to say it: Your move MS.
nick309  +   874d ago
Ms dosent like sharing, ms dosent want consumers to save money, ms dosent care about games or its consumers... Look at windows 8/:
TheTwelve  +   873d ago
"Your move MS". Lol. Sony is determining Microsoft policy this gen. =)
RedHawkX  +   873d ago
Ms is crap ps4 is the way to go next gen and even xbox fanboys know this.
Blachek  +   873d ago
The sharing feature most people are attacking was restricted to physical copies of games that, connected to DRM, would be uploaded to the cloud and shared.

Digital copies on XB1 will have the same access as Digital copies on PS4. Licenses are tied to accounts, not consoles. Move account to friends PS4 or XB1, download the copy to said device and play. This article is troll bait and isn't anything tremendously unique to either console.
negative  +   873d ago
Wow. It amazes me how many people still do not understand the idea behind the online check ins and DRM.

In order for the gaming industry to strive (and recover for that matter) companies need to MAKE MONEY. Yea you love all the free shit you're getting from Sony (lol) but in the end that will come back and bite you when Sony no longer has the resources to continue in the gaming world.

GOD FORBID someone out there understand that in order for console gaming to survive it has to progress and the companies/developers have to MAKE MONEY!!! IT'S A BUSINESS YOU CLOWNS!
jp_footy2  +   873d ago
Well said, but take down a notch the offensiveness part.
#1.4.1 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(17) | Report
KumquatGOATBEEF  +   873d ago
So to make money you eliminate entire markets that do not have reliable internet and alienate most of the world? Makes sense...
milohighclub  +   873d ago
And without preowned games, stores will shut down not only killing a large part of the industry but also removing the chance of impulse buys and free advertising these companies provide on a daily basis to all developers. Massive loss of a sales across the board for the sake of a couple of quid when they make millions anyway
#1.4.3 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(22) | Disagree(4) | Report
Majin-vegeta   873d ago | Personal attack | show
TheTwelve  +   873d ago
When a company puts making money above customer service, they no longer make money. This is the oldest equation of business, and one that Microsoft has forgotten. Sony has not.

Sharius   873d ago | Bad language | show
HammadTheBeast  +   873d ago

You want to make money, do it proper.

I'll rob a bank soon, I HAVE TO MAKE MONEY. IT'S MY BUSINESS.
cell989  +   873d ago
so to make more money than they already are, its ok to restrict your own purchases right. YOu no longer own Sh#* you only have permission to use it right? thats the best argument you can come up with, rich ass companies need more money? we the consumer need to always get the shi%^y end of the stick? never mind the fact that I paid $60.00 to own a game right, its best if I pay $60.00 on a digital DL that I will only have permission to use, so as long as I have an internet connection. Nevermind the fact that with digital DL the publisher is already saving money on manufacturing actual discs and shipping costs, yet still selling the game at full price right?
BlackTar187  +   873d ago

Lol hahahah
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   873d ago
Wow. It amazes me how many people still do not understand the idea behind the online check ins and DRM.

In order for the gaming industry to strive (and recover for that matter) companies need to MAKE MONEY. Yea you love all the free shit you're getting from Sony (lol) but in the end that will come back and bite you when Sony no longer has the resources to continue in the gaming world.

GOD FORBID someone out there understand that in order for console gaming to survive it has to progress and the companies/developers have to MAKE MONEY!!! IT'S A BUSINESS YOU CLOWNS!
What a load of BS if these measures were there PEOPLE WOULD BOYCOT THE CONSOLE... where your PROFITS THEN? think before you write a load of rubbish.
#1.4.10 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(6) | Report
Groo  +   873d ago
Its called dlc... they've been doing it for years now
iceman06  +   873d ago
I believe that most of us are old enough to understand that companies need money. However, the DRM and checi ins wasn't going to save the industry by providing this wonderful stimulus of cash. It was really a new way to cash in for MS and IT'S chosen publishers and sellers. Devs would be screwed because they are contracted by publishers and the contract states a percentage of sales (plus possible incentives for over performing in sales or review scores.) It would have created a closed and controlled environment for games distribution and resale. The issue with closed economies is simple. They are not directly effected by competition. MS would have complete control over pricing which would, in effect, be monopolizing used games on the console. So, we would have to trust that MS would be benevolent in it's pricing. You said it...companies need money to thrive. Why would ANY company give up that kind of incentive to stay in the black?
grimmweisse  +   873d ago
Right so having a constructive voice regarding useless and backwards policies on a next-gen system makes someone a clown. Worst statement of the day! I don't we think people need a voice like yours to "how you think" online check-ins and DRM works.

Yes companies need to make money, but screwing over your loyal fan base is not the way to do it, hence the massive backlash MS received. Online check-ins and 24hr checks are never needed. It treats the consumer with contempt and mistrust, even if I always has a constant internet connection, why do I need some restrictive policy when even up to this point it was never needed?

DRM has never worked, Ubisoft backtracked when they done it for a few pc titles, Diablo's always online DRM cause havoc for a long time, Sim City's DRM was nothing more of a smoke screen to control the game, rather than what they said was to handle intense server-side computations.

If you think DRM implementation is to just get as much money out of consumers, then you are very naive. It's all about control. Want to borrow your game to your best friend, no, your friend needs to buy it! Maybe some DRM policies MS tried to introduce sounded lenient, but once consumers get used to that leniency, what's stopping them or any other company who does the same implementing even more restrictive and controlling policies. It is not healthy for gaming to strive.

Please inform the time and date Sony won't have the resources to continue in the gaming world? You know nothing about business, stop looking at the company as a whole, it's the playstation arm you div! Their other business divisions are completely separate from each other. Such a stupid and short sighted comment, your green fanboy colours are shining bright today!

BTW PSN+ is awesome ;)
#1.4.13 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report
coopman300  +   873d ago
I agree but they could have just made it to where used game retailers have to pay a percentage to developers for like the first 6 months the game is out. I'd much rather have developers make money from a game than gamestop.
DARK WITNESS  +   873d ago
Massive fail of the day....

making money is not that hard. where their is demand for something, meet that demand with supply.

If their is no demand, chances are you will not make money trying to meet that supply.

If you try and create demand for something that is not needed, it can swing either pay. In this case the games industry is trying to create demand for something that is not needed.

worse still, not only is it not needed, but so far it's only proven to be more trouble then any sort of value it can deliver to consumers... and you want us to support that ?/

ClosedUnknownz  +   873d ago
Woops wrong spot x_x
#1.4.16 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
onyoursistersback  +   873d ago
This is the info I was waiting for no need to take my ps4/hard drive to Mexico to play games with my family/friends!! :)
ColdFeet  +   873d ago
This is still a killer feature that was hailed as the second coming on the Xbox One before it got cancelled, Even if it requires you to be online. Which I doubt because gamesharing on ps3 doesn't require you to be online. Another reason to buy a ps4 over xbox one.
Godz Kastro  +   873d ago

Yup Playstation has us covered now if only Sony shows me something interesting to play on the ps4 ill get on board. Right now second son might be the only reason for me and I dont buy systems for one game alone.

I enjoyed my xbox the gen and I will try not top be a fan boy but x1 is my number one choice for sure. If ps4 puts out good games that "IM" interested in then I will get one too.
BlackTar187  +   873d ago
that's fair
Good_news_every1   873d ago | Spam
JamieL  +   872d ago
@ Good_news_every1
The same exact thing could be said about the XBone and WiiU. I agree with you, but I have a feeling you would say the same thing about the XB1, and how there are no games on the MS console that interest you. If you're not that way, about 96% of this community is. Hell even if you talk about wanting all system so you don't miss any games, on this site you'll get bashed. Unless you praise Sony as the end all, be all, on this site you have NO chance. I've never seen anything so one sided in my life.
#1.7.3 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
Godlovesgamers  +   873d ago
It would truly be a very cool feature if the digital copies of retail games didn't cost the same.

Think about it as an investment; you spend $60 on physical copy of a game that you can turn around and sell for money to recoup some of the money you initially spent on it if you ever choose to.

Or you spend $60.00 on a digital version of the game without a resell benefit nor a discount of the purchase of the game even though buying it digitally bypasses physical creation and distribution of the game.

With digital copies of games that are the same price of their retail counterparts, you end up spending more and getting less from a financial/investment/reality perspective.
showtimefolks  +   873d ago
o basically Sony is including the "play your library anywhere" in the PS4 but without the DRM and online requirement

it seems like every week a new col feature is revealed for ps4, i mean what else do you want sony? i pre ordered the damn thing, stop teasing us it makes the wait that much harder
JamieL  +   872d ago
Nope, you should read closer. This is absolutely NOTHING like what MS was going to implement. This is no different than what we can do right now on the PS3 and 360. The ONLY thing that’s different, at all, is you can play while it's downloading. I know you HATE MS, but it’s so funny to me how you’re so passionate and outspoken against MS and your hate of them, when you don’t even have a clear view of what you’re hating on.
RM-TatoTiburon  +   873d ago
People actually play their consoles these days? this feauture is available on ps3 and xbox 360 years ago.

The only diference is now we can play a games while it downloading background

The DRM stuff in xbox one was for the family sharing and others things.

Like on ps3 and xbox 360 we can play our games in any console with our profile on ps4 and xbox one..

how is this news?
#1.10 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Good_news_every1   873d ago | Spam
Blachek  +   873d ago
I was under the impression that the sharing required an hourly internet connection to verify when accessed on a console that the copy/license wasn't natively held. I never saw anything stating otherwise, and I was following it closely.

Can you link me to a release stating that it only gave access to a trial version? I am not saying you are wrong, but I haven't seen anything on it... and since MS backtracked it isn't necessarily relevant but a lot of people seem to think that and I haven't seen anything to back it up.
tordavis  +   873d ago
How is this even news? This is how the PS3/360 work now. Let's say your PS4 dies and you buy a new one. How else are you going to play the games you purchased online? Oo
Mustang300C2012  +   873d ago
The people here have some serious reading problems. For all the people that are saying this is megaton news clearly don't understand that all they announced was the ability to access your account on any PS4 like Steam does for any computer. Sure Sony may allow the same policy that they do sharing on 2 accounts but basically it is nothing new. I don't get how the hell this is news myself or how this is even being compared to the 360 or the One when they both do the same thing. The One was going to allow you to share disc + digital downloads with 10 others. Sony is saying log in to any PS4 with your login. It doesn't mean you can be logged in on multiple systems. But this is N4G so why the shock.
Bobby Kotex  +   873d ago
This isn't designed to share accounts, and you'd be an idiot to ever do so.
M$ just got owned again :(
Mustang300C2012  +   873d ago
sigh. The One and the 360 always do this. I mean seriously people come on.
TimeSkipLuffy  +   873d ago
it sounds that way... but maybe games are now totally tied to the account. Therfore you might need to login and play with your account on a different console. For trophy hunter that would have a disadvantage. Even when you have multiple accounts on one PS4.

For anyone who doesn't care about trophies it would be great to just play a game with another account.
Kryptix  +   873d ago
If Sony currently is allowing 2 people to share content, even free Playstation Plus games on PS3 then I think this feature will allow two PS4s to access one library at one time. It might not be as much as 10 people, even 5, (still don't know yet) but 2 being the max can still be something good. It would allow you and a best friend to enjoy the newest DLC by just one of you buying it. This will improve digital downloads by a large margin. And you know developers benefit a lot from digital downloads and that will improve profits for better games/sequels.
scott12spear   873d ago | Spam
ChrisW  +   873d ago
So... What happens when the PS4 security gets hacked?
fermcr  +   873d ago
What's the big deal with this news ? Couldn't this be done already with the past/present generation (PS3 and X360) ? Didn't Sony have kind of a like a simpler "2 people share plan" (DRM) with the PS3? Microsoft's "10 people share plan" was better then this, only downside, was the always online crap.

As for me, I'm going to avoid at all cost purchasing anything digital from any console (unless it's something i really want and can't get it on the PC). I've already wasted a lot money in digital games for the X360/PS3 that can't be played next gen. SO NO THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
#1.18 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
DonFreezer  +   873d ago
Can you please all ps drones shut your freaking mouth.The exact same features were to be tooted by Microsoft you would cry to your deaths about them being shit and forcing them you down your throut and all this drm cry we've been hearing from people who wouldn't even get an Xbox One in the first place.
stubbed_out  +   873d ago
I think a lot of you are missing the point here; since when have we not been able to access our own online games library on our own account on any PS3 device? This is akin buying a game on your Steam account, downloading it on one PC, then downloading it on another PC...ON THE SAME ACCOUNT!

This article is mainly about 'play as you download' and I quote “you can visit your friends house you can log into your account and play any game from your digital library...".

This play quickly is a good feature in itself but is not the same as Microsoft's proposal to allow you to play the game simultaneously on different accounts (whether it be for 60mins or a whole lifetime I really don't care, there's always a catch).

So guys, c'mon, calm down a little, this was news back when the quick play feature was announced in the original PS4 press conference.
#1.20 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
die_fiend  +   873d ago
They spell it disk instead of disc meaning this is fake
gameonbro   873d ago | Spam
TAURUS-555  +   873d ago
brilliant, amazing thanks sony ¡¡¡¡
Kaneda  +   873d ago
This is going to be just like Pay to play online next next gen. When everyone is sharing and not a lot of buying. Sony will introduce DRM. I wonder what $ony fans would say?
iamnsuperman  +   874d ago
It is practical. It avoids damaged, theft and lost of disk. It means you can carry a ridiculous large library anywhere as long as you know your login details and much much more..........

However, the current digital distribution structure is crap. Too expensive. If prices were competitive I would only buy digital releases.
#2 (Edited 874d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
nick309  +   874d ago
Digital is best at launch as it takes time for prices to drop there.
Godlovesgamers  +   873d ago
It also means your entire game library could be compromised if sony servers were ever hacked again and record of your purchase and activation of product were deleted.

Damage has never been a real issue with bluray discs, theft can affect you digitally as well (had my PS3 stolen and a hard time deactivating it), and loss of disc? Really? Loss of disc is an issue? LOL.
BlackTar187  +   873d ago
If someone was able to erase all of sony records would it also wipe my bank history to prove i own those?

No. With DD you always runt he risk of if the said company has their systems hacked that you may be locked out of this material.
Blachek  +   873d ago
Anonymous is known for their sense of humor, and they do so love to protect the consumer. MS & Sony need to make sure they don't piss them off or we may see some creative deactivation's online as well as some great images of monuments sitting in CEO's front yards.
Godlovesgamers  +   872d ago

No, smarty-pants, it wouldn't erase your bank records but you can't see the bigger picture because it's not about just you purchasing things digitally it's millions and millions of people all over the World.

Now think about millions and million of people trying to get through to sony to prove with their bank statements what they own, and then think about how long that would take. It doesn't take a genius to see that it would be a complete disaster in every sense of the word.

So why take unnecessary risks?

Physical copies are the most secure and reliable form of media for gaming.
nick309  +   874d ago
Sony truely cares about it's consumers. Me and a friend share games .. Heck i didnt buy ps3 games because most stuff came to digital& he bought most lol:p
Death  +   873d ago
And this is why Sony is in such great financial shape. Sony lost money on the hardware and you thanked them by playing all of your games without paying for them. Brilliant.
HammadTheBeast  +   873d ago
Actually gaming's always been profitable for Sony, its TV's and other areas where they're lacking .
Death  +   873d ago
Gaming hasn't always been profitable for Sony. They really struggled with the PS3 this gen. You can check their financial statements online. Nintendo is the only manufacturer that has been profitable in the gaming segment. Both Sony and Microsoft have struggled over time. Microsoft has been more profitable than Sony in gaming this generation though.
torchic  +   873d ago
Sony cares about gamers as long as gamers are responsible and don't abuse their generosity.
Wizziokid  +   873d ago
Very good feature, I wonder if they will bring back game sharing?
SJPFTW  +   873d ago
PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 already does this. Just last night i went to my friends house and downloaded my copy of Scott Pilgrim into his PS3.

I guess the fanboys are misunderstanding what the Xbox One share feature was. The share features allows you to share your games with your friends/family without having to go to their machine, log in and download it for them. And it sticks to their account just in case they need to download it again in the future. Essentially meaning that they "own" the game. Steam is coming out with something similar.
Rai  +   873d ago
I've been doing this on my PS3, I was bummed when Sony patched it and now it only works with 2 consoles.
wishingW3L  +   873d ago
well, it works with as many as you want as long as you deactivate the feature on your old console. But you can only have it activated on 2 consoles at the same time.

Like, if you know you'll be playing on a friend's house with your games then you deactivate the feature on your console and then activate it under the new account on your friend's PS3. It only takes a couple of seconds, just don't forget to deactivate from your friend's console because then you wouldn't be able to play your digital games on your PS3.

Funny thing is that most people don't even know this feature even exists on PS3. Some even say that this was a new innovative an revolutionary feature on the XB1 when it has been on PS3 since launch day.
#5.1 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Mustang300C2012  +   873d ago
Using the disc it was. The PS3 and 360 and PS4 are basically the same with DIGITAL copies only. The One was unique with the ability to share purchased disc within your digital library with 10 others in your circle. 1 out of 10 friends had access to the games while you always have access to your own library.
#5.1.1 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
cell989  +   873d ago
it was amazing when it was 5, but still awesome that they allow atleast 2, on xbox you can only have one
EXVirtual  +   873d ago
More beast PS4 news. Definitely looking forward to it. What I'd love to see in the future (not much need for it now with all the first party exclusives) is a lot of Japanese 3rd party exclusives. FULL exclusives. To show the true power of the PS4 and all. Including from SquareSoft. Either way, this is great. Megaton in fact.
#6 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Animal Mutha 76  +   873d ago
Great feature for PS4 - does sound a bit like what MS were offering with the cloud library on XB1.

And also - can't I play my digital content on other xbox 360 consoles already as long as I'm signed in and have the content local on the system?

Whats the difference apart from the play as you dl feature??
#7 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Death  +   873d ago
The difference is this is Sony, so it's instantly a good feature/idea/something only they do.
Animal Mutha 76  +   873d ago
Lol. I thought so.
Blankolf  +   873d ago
You're sarcasm just makes you look more offensive and stupid sir.

Oh and also Xboxfanboy.

@Animal Mutha 76, the difference? Customer treatment, M$ punished their costumers, saying all right DRM's off but no family sharing, now look at PS4 treatment of costumer, I won't spend my laptop's battery over you, things are obvious, only blind do not see, and fanboys do not want to see.
#7.1.2 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(8) | Report
dontbhatin  +   873d ago
The difference is its already possible on the PS3 DERP...err i mean Death.

The way its working for me right now is i hame my system and my friend has his. Hes like my brother so my account is on his system. he can login at anytime (as long as he asks me first) and download any game i have purchased on my account and play it. Including games Ive downloaded through PSPlus.

He DOES NOT need to be logged into my account to play them, only to get the download started. I actually tested out to where we both tried to play split second at the same time and it worked. he was on his account and i was on my account racing each other online.
#7.1.3 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report
BlackTar187  +   873d ago
Death no one ever said the family sharing was a bad idea. You are pretending people said it was stupid no one siad it was stupid they said the reason that made it possible(which was pr BS) was stupid.
Animal Mutha 76  +   873d ago

No need to get grouchy. I wasn't passing comment or opinion on the merits of either companies policies towards DRM and im not advocating either approach, It was a simple question regarding the mechanics of the feature that Sony are going to offer vs what I can do already. I'm interested to know!!

Is it possible to have such discussion without being perceived/labbelled as pro/anti company x?

And I thought Deaths sarcasm was light hearted and funny given the overriding tendencies of bias displayed by posters on this site.
sentury111  +   873d ago
This does seem to be the same thing. I know a bunch of people who share accounts to play what the other person bought.

Why is this an amazing new feature?
Wizziokid  +   873d ago
It's not new they do it with the PS3 however this might be an expansion of that
No_Limit  +   873d ago
It is the same thing as the current Xbox digital download policy.

From the article:
"You can visit your friends house you can log into your account and play any game from your digital library, which is good."

It is the same as any digital purchase games from PSN/XboxLive. Xbox1 will also let you do that. It is nothing new. LOL, as always, N4G made it seems like it is a new feature that only Sony can do.
#7.3 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
sentury111  +   873d ago
It's funny how that works here. Then when you point it out everyone disagrees or ignores the facts.
cell989  +   873d ago
its funny cause many people think this was an innovative xbone feature when in reality PS3 did it since launch day 2006, if anything this was way overdue on the xbox
dontbhatin  +   873d ago
PS3 you dont have to be logged into that users account to play the game. Only to start the download.
BlackTar187  +   873d ago
excpet sentry he has more agress then disagrees. At the time of my post over 2x the agrees. So your point flounders like your post.

and lol at someone disagreeing with dontbehatin for him stating a fact.

me and my buddy play Tlou online together off the same DD copy.
Lord_Santa  +   873d ago
Sounds awesome. So you and your friends could "swap" games by simply logging into each others accounts from your own consoles. Sweet, very very sweet.
WeAreLegion  +   873d ago
Actually, you can do that on the PS3, already. ;)
TheTwelve  +   873d ago
...but on the PS4, you don't have to wait for the game to totally download before playing it, making the "swap" instant.
Blankolf  +   873d ago
Agree with TheTwelve.
WeAreLegion  +   873d ago
Very true! I always forget about that feature. Haha. I can't wait for the PS4!!!
killerips   873d ago | Spam
cleft5  +   873d ago
This is awesome. Of course, isn't this something Microsoft said they could no longer do without there intrusive always online drm? Yet another lie on Microsoft's part.
#10 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
S2Killinit  +   873d ago
Bzone24  +   873d ago
No. I really think you and a ton of other people here are either not comprehending what this is or choosing to not comprehend what this is.

The Xbox 360 does this now except for the playing before download is complete part. The Xbox One will do the same only with the playing while downloading. Playing while downloading has already been confirmed for Xbox One.

This is not the family sharing thing.
fenixm  +   873d ago
Meh xbox one was better. You didn't have to download the game at you friend house, it was already in the cloud ready to play.
#11 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(15) | Report | Reply
WeAreLegion  +   873d ago
I feel like you didn't actually read into that feature. "in the cloud, ready to play" means you can download it onto any console. That's what they were going for. They won't be streaming games. Gaikai will though. ;)
wishingW3L  +   873d ago
lol no. The XB1 has no game streaming services like Sony's Gaikai so you still had to download your stuff in order to play it on a different machine.
#11.2 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
ColdFeet  +   873d ago
Regardless if xbox one cloud service which is dead let you stream , Its a Good thing you can download and play at the same time on the PS4.
#11.3 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Good_news_every1   873d ago | Spam
Cmk0121  +   873d ago
MS is getting their asses happy honestly, so apathetic its embarrassing
SPEAK UP , the Internet is riddled with quality information and updates about ps4 titles,system, how it works, one is all e3 stuff or negative... so many misteps
punisher99  +   873d ago
Just another great feature we will enjoy with the PS4. Some of the other features I will personally enjoy is the ability to download content while your PS4 is in sleep mode. (Hopefully this will work with wi-fi as well.) And the PS4's "background processing" feature. The ability to play a game while its downloading and installing.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   873d ago
Microsoft Trolls, and Apologists, in 3,2,1- never mind, they are already here.
pyramidshead  +   873d ago
brace yourself..
Godmars290  +   873d ago
So its basically the same as what was the family share plan for XB1, only one at a time.

Could mean that its prone to similar potential abuses. You could lend your account to someone to give them access, losing access to your own accounts in the process, or your account could be stolen.
#15 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
AlexanderNevermind  +   873d ago
This is just cold blooded. Take the MS strategy that they gave up on and make it work.........Sony has just dropped the mic and walked off the stage.
Godmars290  +   873d ago
This is Sony idea of a concept which was similar to MS's. That MS's iteration no long exists by their own choice is besides the point.

And again by the sound of things you're not "loaning" out anything, just accessing your own games through someone else's PS4.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   873d ago
This is already possible with Ps3, just instant DL's with Ps4's background processing.
Death  +   873d ago
Digital downloads that can't be traded, resold, or shared. Signing into your friends account and playing on your system isn't sharing, its stealing. If Sony allows two people to play the same game on different systems at the same time, what does that say to their publishing partners? PS fans claim they don't want to lose their "rights", yet they have no issue abusing the rights of the copyright holders. The hate against Microsoft isn't about DRM, it's about the loss of the ability to steal games instead of paying for them.

You simply need to look at the replies by those that simply swap accounts to see why DRM exists.
dontbhatin  +   873d ago
SHUT UP DEATH. Its not like sharing one account to a friend is going to kill the industry. And who knows, maybe its going to be set to where only one system can play it at a time unlike how you can both play the same downloaded game from the same account on 2 systems at once on the PS3.

Dont be upset cause your Xbox One cant do this.
#15.2.1 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(5) | Report
Death  +   873d ago
"It's not like sharing one account to a friend is going to kill the industry."

It's ignorance like this that is killing the industry. It's not like one account. It is thousands of accounts that do it that causes a problem. What you obviously don't realize is it is not one account, it's as many people that feel as entitled as you do.
dontbhatin  +   873d ago
Sounds like you are mad man. You need me to call the waaaambulance?

Seriously though the gaming industry isn't anywhere near dying. If anything its growing more and more each year. Just cause the devs are bitching about losing money on pirated and used games doesn't mean crap. used games and pirating have been happening for a long time now. Nothing is going to stop it unless they take our rights as consumers away from us. If they are gonna pull this DRM crap they better not even think about charging full price for something that isn't 100% mine. If you want to pay for something that isn't actually yours then go right ahead.
bjmartynhak  +   873d ago
I wonder if account sharing is the reason for digital games being more expensive (even more important reason than retail competition)
Sharius  +   873d ago
it's not ONE at time, it's TWO

i think it'll work just like PS#, in your account detail (in official website not in your console) you will have 2 more free slot (not incluse your own console) to add the other console for it, once these 2 slot fill with other console you cant share your game for any other console anymore

these 2 console which you add in your account can freely use anything in your digital library, if you want to share for other console outside these 2 have been active you need to go to website and deactive 1 of them to gain the free slot back
punisher99  +   873d ago
You are right except you cant deactivate a ps3 console via the website, you have to do it on the actual console that was activated.
Oner  +   873d ago
Incorrect. You can go to 2 different websites to deactivate PS3's. Here is the one I use ~ https://account.sonyenterta...
Virus201  +   873d ago
It's not the same as the family share plan for XB1.

The article says: "You can visit your friends house you can log into your account and play any game from your digital library,"

Which means you need to go to your friends house with YOUR account to access the games.

The Xbox One family sharing (even though it gone now) was going to allow you to put 10 people (friends/family) into your circle, and allow them to play your games (shared library) from THEIR account. People began rumors that it would only allow you to play the trail version of the games in the shared library, but Marc Whitten said that was false.
pyramidshead  +   873d ago
Will be interesting to see how the regular 'enthusiasts' try to spin this one into a neg :P
Roper316  +   873d ago
But according to MS this is only possible with DRM and you not actually owning your games.
N8  +   873d ago
Love it. Sony is so getting my money.
ColdFeet  +   873d ago
Ha Sony are making right moves.
#19 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
KionicWarlord222  +   873d ago
This is great news. Gotta give it sony there really making sure they have nothing but good news since E3.
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TheTwelve  +   873d ago
Good news = doing what people want. This shouldn't be groundbreaking, but it is these days.
Mac420  +   873d ago
Some people just read titles, skim the first couple lines an then post retarded comments LoL gotta love N4G
evilhasitsway  +   873d ago
you can share accounts on ps3 right now me and my friend share each others account and we buy digital games and just share them I figure it will work the same on ps4 or very close to the same way.
Loki86  +   873d ago
X1 can still do this with your digital library, so why are people acting like this was their incentive with the X1. The family sharing was the ability to share a library with 10 people simultaneously. I swear fanboys will take anything and run with it nowadays.
evilhasitsway  +   873d ago
with x1 it had to be always connected for it to work man.
Loki86  +   873d ago
No the X1 can no longer share disc copies of games, but you can still login and view your digital library from any console your gamertag is tied to, just like you can on the 360 and PS3.
No_Limit  +   873d ago
No man, you are confusing digital rights with family sharing. Two totally different thing.

If you read the article, which 90% of the people on N4G don't, it is quoted:

"You can visit your friends house you can log into your account and play any game from your digital library, which is good."

-Which is something that is already available for Xbox owners when they purchase digitally DL games, it is stored in the cloud with the userID. I can go to my friend's house and log in to his machine and DL and play my digital library of games and DLCs. Xbox1 will be the same just like what was confirmed by Sony.

The old DRM policy, which allows multiple friend/family members can log in with their own usertags/account, requires DRM such as 24hour internet spot check because it also allow you to share physical copies of retail games as well. Without the mandatory online check, multiple users can play their games from the owner's account if they are to remain offline after download or one physical disc copy can be installed on multiple systems; businesses can't allow that to happen; thus that was MS solution to the old DRM policy.
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punisher99  +   873d ago
"The family sharing was the ability to share a library with 10 people simultaneously. I swear fanboys will take anything and run with it nowadays."

Because xbox fanboys that actually want the strict DRM, act like the share plan is no longer possible on the xbox1.
Loki86  +   873d ago
I'm not saying that, I am saying judging on the comment here and most other places I have looked, they are acting like the X1 can't do this, nevermind that the 360 and PS3 already have this feature. The digital games are all linked to your account regardless.

Also, Whitten stated that you can still use the instant game switch feature of the multi-tasking if you have the digital copy.
#23.2.1 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
evilhasitsway  +   873d ago
sony is really hitting ms with lefts and rights lol watch for the ko upper cut bro.
LoveOfTheGame  +   873d ago
You people do realize that this is exactly what is being done on current consoles(minus play while downloading) and exactly what will be done on Xbox One?

It is a great feature, but don't treat it like it's some new advancement. The changes to Xbox One didn't take this feature away, it only took it away for physical disc copies.
cell989  +   873d ago
Im still amazed how on xbox your account is tied to one xbox while on the PS3 you can share all your content with any 2 PS3s at a time, you can deactivate and activate any PS3 as you like(used to be 5, now its just 2 bummer) and yet people who never owned a PS3 think this is an awesome new "next-gen" feature.... Microsoft hyped the s*&t out of their 10 family members plan, like it was the newest most innovative idea ever, when SOny did it on PS3 since launch 2006 for 5 members, no BS DRM or mandatory online connection either
LackaJaKane  +   873d ago
so why did they take it down to two? gamers were abusing that feature? why were microsoft allowing 10? because they were doing something different that would cut down on the abuse of that feature? maybe?
Mr_Writer85  +   873d ago
Publishers asked then to.

The guy who created Twisted Metal was always moaning about it.
#26.1.1 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
S2Killinit  +   873d ago
So basically its what xbox was offering, minus the stupid DRM. Doesn't that mean that Microsoft was lying when they claimed that the positive side of DRM was the fact that you could access your games on other devices?
Edit: of course this is only for digitally downloaded games? or is it?
#27 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
LackaJaKane  +   873d ago
to everyone thinking that the family share plan was going to be a timed demo
LackaJaKane  +   873d ago
ok so lets break this down.

I posted an article that a Rumor as been confirmed to be false by xbox's VICE PRESIDENT MARK WITTEN along with AARON GREENBERG

you sent me an article about how a "rumor" from a "supposed xbox engineer" stating how the family share plan was a timed demo.... but wait that's not even the funny part. in the title of the article you sent it says

"Update Microsoft Debunks"

and at the end of the article it says

"Spare yourself the tedium of reading any more of the words written here. Just read these Tweets and consider the Pastebin rumor demolished by these two top Xbox execs."

#28.1.1 (Edited 873d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(2) | Report
Blankolf  +   873d ago
I'm shocked, it's almost as if they don't want to give Xbox1 any slight of chance.
FanboyCrusher  +   873d ago
I can do this with my 360, and I wouldn't be surprised if the option to re-download my stuff on another console is allowed with the Xbox One. After all, what happens if your console crashes and they give you a new one? You'd need your content back, so I'm guessing they'll let you download stuff just like you already can with the 360. It's nothing special, minus the fact you can play while it downloads, which is neat.
KontryBoy706  +   873d ago
wow Sony just can't miss a beat! They are doing really well... console isn't even out yet and they have the gamers hearts
FanboyCrusher  +   873d ago
This "feature" has been with every form of digital distribution since it's start, it's nothing special. Without it digital distribution wouldn't be viable at all.
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