PS4′s digital library lets you play your games anywhere & on anyone’s console

Sony has spoken about accessing your PS4 games on any machine, and how PlayStation 4′s ability to ‘play as you download’ makes, “a digital [game] library a practical option in the real world”.

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nrvalleytime1504d ago

Very cool feature. This is huge incentive for people to buy digital copies as well - have friends you trust, and potentially share games instantly by sharing accounts. I'm sure there's counter-measures in place against it, but it's an awesome possibility.

US8F1504d ago

Wait isn't that like the digital sharing with friends that was on Xbox one but it got canceled because it requires always online? Funny how Sony is able to do it without always online.

Again my console of choice, let Microsoft's fanboys eat their deception up.

Digital library on the go, no drm? Sony!

Nitrowolf21504d ago

yes, it's pratically the same, and that whole "10 people share plan" was possible on the PS3 except with 5 (now 2) people.

dedicatedtogamers1504d ago

WOW. This is a megaton.

So basically Sony is including the "play your library anywhere" in the PS4 but without the DRM and online requirement? Hahaha! Hilarious.

Hey, XBox fans! You were complaining that Microsoft removed this feature? Well, Sony has you covered.

Lunarassassin1504d ago

There's a difference though. Microsoft were going to forcevalways online. But sony are still giving you an option on whether you are online, at all, or not.

Cmk01211504d ago

you have to be online to access said library! so yes to do this you will need to be ALWAYS ONLINE haha. and the system wasn't always on it was once every 24 hours. i didnt agree with the policies but get them right if your going to bash them. its like netflix, to access it you need to be online. and you cant have your friends access your library so again no its not the same, you can only access your games by signing feature and great incentive to buy digital...not the same

Keregan1504d ago

You'll probably have to connect the PS4 to have access to your digital library which is more or less the same thing than with the Xbox.

logan_izer101504d ago

NO! People need to get this through their heads. Their game sharing with 10 people was ridiculous. It allowed a purchaser of a game to share a 45-60 minute demo of the game. That's all!

andrewsqual1504d ago

A lot of people are going to realise this when Sony ACTUALLY announce these kind of features because so far they haven't got around to it yet. It wasn't really a priority. They focused on EVERYTHING that we want to hear first.

patsrule3161504d ago

I don't understand what you guys are talking about at all (assuming you are talking about the family share plan). This is nothing like the family share plan. The share plan would have let other people in their accounts use your games. So they would be logged in as themselves.

What they are talking about in this article is logging in as you and downloading and playing the game on a different system. In order for that to work like the family share, you would have to give the other people you want to share with your password, and hope that they don't abuse it. The family share plan was much safer, as they never logged in as you.

Aside from that, the new and exciting thing about this isn't being able to download and play a game on a different system, its the being able to play instantly. On my Xbox 360 (and I am sure it works the same way already on the PS3, and it also works this way on XB1 even after the DRM changes) you can already download a game you own on a different system if you are logged in as you. I do it all the time. But if you have to wait an hour before you can play it is frustrating. Being able to play instantly on a new machine is the cool part.

darthv721504d ago

between playing your games on another system and sharing them with others. This is no different than what we have now on the ps3 and 360.

if i sign in to a friends ps4 or xb1 as myself...would i not be able to download a game from my collection and play it on that other system????

I do this right now with ps3 games and 360 games. When i sign out, that game becomes more of a demo for the other person who signs in as themselves. But if i sign in and my friend signs in we can both play the full game.

so the games are tied to your ID not the system as it relates to accessing them via another persons system.

When you dl a game to YOUR system, there is a license that is placed on that system and you can play online or offline. When you dl a game from YOUR library to a friends system, that license is temporary and only active so long as you are signed in.

As for the game sharing thing....i see it like the timed trials that ps+ offers but because the idea was scrapped we dont know any more details of how it works. A timed trial on PS+ is exactly that. you dl the whole game and play it for 60 minutes. I never tried it myself because it is my understanding that after the time is up the game becomes invalid and you need to dl it again if you want to play.

i was under the impression that you play for 60 minutes then you need to wait a certain amount of time before you could pick up where you left off. Essentially playing the entire game in 60 minute intervals. Is that about right? (anyone who uses timed trials please let me know)

So the xb1 game shares could have been like that but now that its gone we will never know. OR...MS could bring it back seeing as they "flipped a switch" to make the DRM thing go away.

Fat Bastard1504d ago

xbOx SuXxxxxx lOLOlol ha idk

dantesparda1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

A ha ha, Sony lets you do now what MS fanboys thought was going to be such a great feature on the X1 through its DRM (the game sharing). Except on Playstation 4, you can start playing shortly after starting the download, and on X1 you would have had to wait til "x" number of gigabytes (probably at least in the teens) have downloaded. Yet I hear no praise from MS fans about this and you don't need some draconian DRM to do it.

And I highly doubt the MS 10 game family sharing would have worked the way MS fanboys thought it would have worked. You's honestly think that greedy a$$ MS would let 10 friends share/spilt the game? You's are delusional! This MS we are talking about. And beside MS could still do it now if they wanted to, but the truth is, they don't want to, cuz I guarantee you, it wasn't what people thought it was

creatchee1504d ago


"So basically Sony is including the "play your library anywhere" in the PS4 but without the DRM and online requirement? Hahaha! Hilarious."

The reason behind the DRM was that the discs are full installs. So you could install your on-disc game onto your One (as opposed to downloading it) and then immediately access it from any other console. Admittedly, Microsoft's protection methods weren't optimal for all users, but the fact that you could do this via disc or digital download was pretty cool.

This looks to be for digitally downloaded games only, which is still cool. However, I've seen soooo many people on here complaining about how important discs are for sharing and maintaining a collection and used games and everything else that was said by so many people just a short while ago that I don't think it will catch on. Plus it requires an internet connection, which many people have said that they do not want to be required. At least with the people who were saying those things. Repeatedly. Every day. In every thread.

But choice is good.

malokevi1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

lol. Suddenly, now that Sonys doing it, digital downloads/digital sharing is a great thing!!!

Never mind that MS had a better plan. Never mind that MS already has these exact features in place. Never mind that I have heard these very features badmouthed endlessly by the Sony Attack Force.

If you buy digital, you can access your games from any Xbox One. Physical media sucks, and you all know it.

Now go back to your ignant little lives.

dlocsta1504d ago

No it is nothing like the Xbox system. I you fanboys will ACTUALLY read and UNDERSTAND what it is saying, the article say you must DOWNLOAD the game at your friends house and you will be able to play "the first level" immediately. The Xbox system required zero download and you played what ever level you wanted.

3-4-51504d ago

@CMK - your wrong. You can access your games via online but might be able to download them to console and play them offline.

Did you think of that?

Probably not.

wishingW3L1504d ago

@dlocsta, can you give a link of that magic trick you're talking about? Having full instant access to a game without a streaming service like Gaikai or remote play it's impossible.

cell9891504d ago

I see way too many noobs in this thread, you guys act like the Microsoft 10 people sharing plan was an amazing idea, when PS3 had done it with 5 members since launch day, you dont need to be online, you only need to be able to download the content into your PS3 HDD once its there you can access it of line at all times, you can still do that today with 2 PS3 (they brought down the number, pressure from publishers for sure) again this is nothing new xbox people, stop acting like MS was doing you a favor, when you cant share for Sh*# on your current xbox

JunioRS1011504d ago

Xbox fans may not even open this article.

They don't want the wrath.

fr0sty1504d ago

I can already access my digital library from any PS3 in the world, I just have to deactivate the game from one friend's PS3 before I can install it on another. The only difference here, Sony lets you play as you install on PS4, so it'll make it much more practical. And to the fools trying to say "You have to be always online!". No. You don't. You only have to be online while the game is downloading. After it installs, it's yours to take offline if you choose. PSN already operates this way. Microsoft has just tricked all their fanboys into thinking their DRM enabled something new, when all they did was slap a new catch phrase on it and try to rebrand it as something that PSN already lets you do.

Sony is simply adding play as you download to a feature already on PS3. One Xbox One (in some cases successfully) attempted to fool people into thinking was worth all that DRM bullcrap. I bet all those people signing petitions for MS to adopt their old policy again feel dumb now.

JoySticksFTW1504d ago

C'mon stop it, Sony

You're just trolling MS now at this point

Have you no mercy?

abzdine1504d ago

huge news indeed!
how can one not fall in love with this console?

justastranger101504d ago

I don't see what's special. I can do that with Xbox 360 today.

AyeUMadBro1504d ago

It seems like everyone just read the headline and started peeing their pants.

This is possible on PS3 already.

This has nothing to do with game sharing nor does it have to do with the Xbone's former game sharing feature.

biRdy1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

This comment will probably get mauled by the fanboys but please hear me out. This is not the same as the canceled family sharing that was on Xbox One. Family sharing aloud other xbox live accounts to play your digital games. All this allows you to do is play your digital games on any consoles as long as you log in to your account.
The point of this announcement is just to show off the play as you download feature of the PS4.

FanboyCrusher1504d ago

The bare-bones features on the X1 and the PS4 were different. This is simply moving your account, re-downloading the game, most likely the license, and it'll only work with an internet connection due to the license of the digital title. That's just how it is today, in fact I can do it with my 360. Difference i with the PS4 I can play as it downloads which is pretty cool.

badkolo1504d ago

if they allow this then yeah i agree, now it has what x1 doesnt. im happy.

1504d ago
Groo1504d ago

the sharing on Xbox one allowed your friends to download a time trial demo.. your friends could download and play the title for an hour, thats it... wth is the point of sharing anything if its just a demo, download it yourself

RedHawkX1504d ago

yep this is awesome at this point everyone should be getting a ps4 next gen. there is no reason not to.

MikeMyers1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

"WOW. This is a megaton."

What is, the ability to sign into your own account at a friends house and play your games that are stored in the cloud? It's already being done.

"So basically Sony is including the "play your library anywhere" in the PS4 but without the DRM and online requirement? Hahaha! Hilarious.

Hey, XBox fans! You were complaining that Microsoft removed this feature? Well, Sony has you covered."

It's not what was proposed on the Xbox One. The Xbox One was going to allow you to install disc based games, not just games you bought on the store, and access them from anywhere on any Xbox One. It was also going to allow up to 10 family members to share your library. What this means on the PS4 is you sign-in and you have access to your digital bought games on any PS4. What it doesn't mean is disc based games or others to share your library while you aren't signed in.

Yet this person gets a well said? Amazing.

XtraTrstrL1504d ago

@Nitrowolf2 - Well, the 10 people share plan on Xbox One I don't think allowed you all to play simultaneously like the 5(now 2) sharing on PS3. I wonder if the PS4 will have the 2 console sharing like PS3, where you can basically choose a friend to share all your games and DLC with, and you can play it together on each of your gamertags at the same time.

4Sh0w1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

"WOW. This is a megaton."

"So basically Sony is including the "play your library anywhere" in the PS4 but without the DRM and online requirement? Hahaha! Hilarious."

dedicated what the hell are you talking about, I can't believe so many people who follow gaming news are this misinformed. The only thing new here is they let you play while downloading, something the X1 does also. The family sharing was going to allow you to INSTALL DISC BASED GAMES OR DOWNLOAD DIGITAL GAMES AND SHARE BOTH WITH UP 10 FRIENDS, ANYWHERE, AT ANYTIME(if you or another in the group were not playing it) ON DIFFERENT CONSOLES WITHOUT THEM USING YOUR PERSONAL LOGIN/ID ACCOUNT= that's why you needed the 24hr check/drm. So this is very different from what X1 was offering and plus 360 already does this but you have to login in and it can only be used with your personal ID/gamertag account. WOW and now once sony is talking about a feature that's already available like playing digital downloaded games on any console you guys are singing to the high heavens about how great it is, it sounds hypocritical since a lot of the same people were saying physical games are better than digital.

Also it wasn't a glorified demo system
"Microsoft employees made it clear that a player could have ANYONE in their shared games library list, family or friend, and they would be able to play any game they want with the only “restriction” being that only 1 person out of the 10 could have access at a time."

Shadonic1504d ago

Simple logic, MS doesn't have it.