Playstation: When Worlds Collide, Heroes Return - Connection With Insomniac Games

New Picture posted on Playstation Twitter.
Close connection with Insomniac games

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Prcko1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

Ratchet and clank, Please!!!!

ShugaCane1751d ago

I agree, that would be so cool !! As long as it's not Fuse related..

BiggCMan1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )


@bicfitness, I certainly hope you mean AFTER Crack in Time, cuz that was the greatest game in the entire series. Even if so, Resistance 3 was a damn good game aside from multiplayer.

Ratchet All 4 One was a nice addition that was a blast to play with a friend or 2. Full Frontal Assault is really the only game that was completely unnecessary and lacked quality.

Also, this is a terrifying thought, but someone just informed me that this teaser could also possibly mean a sequel to the GOD awful Playstation Move Heroes. I shiver at the thought :/

bicfitness1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

I dunno. Insomniac's quality has really taken a dive lately, and I'm a BIG PS/ Ratchet fan. Since Crack in Time nearly everything they produced was mediocre. I'd rather have a new Jax than Ratchet at this point. Or I'd like to see the IP given to a different set of devs.

Edit" BigC, of course I mean after. "Since" meaning since that point. Crack in Time was awesome, the Ratchet spinoffs and Fuse certainly were NOT.

HammadTheBeast1751d ago

*Heart sinks*

Damn it. The old Insomniac just isn't there anymore. I have no hope for this.

justastranger101750d ago

Is this another overrated PS exclusive?

SilentNegotiator1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

All 4 one 2?
Fuse 2?
Maybe they're being given a shot at a Playstation Move Heroes sequel?

The possibilities from Insomniac are so exciting, I can't stomach it. I'm vomiting right now.

Yeah, I don't have much hope for whatever this is. But I know I'm jumping the gun.

millgate11750d ago

If it's Ratchet and Clank, I pray to God that they go back to what made the game fun. None of this tower defense or All 4 One stuff. Something like A Crack in Time would be awesome in my opinion.

ajax171750d ago

@bicfitness I wouldn't call Resistance 3 mediocre. That was a lot of fun.

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dedicatedtogamers1751d ago

Looks like something from R&C...but what do they mean by "when worlds collide"?

Insomniac said on their twitter "news coming tomorrow"

Muerte24941751d ago

has been reading the news too since E3. He knows that in order for his company to survive, that he can't just rely on Xbox One. After seeing this, Insomniac Games got to work on a ps4 title. This is just my assumption though.

Maddens Raiders1751d ago

BiggC - I think you're onto it mate.

pabadamus11751d ago

I would have liked a new Resistance game but I would be just as pleased with R&C. They need to stay away from new IPs like Fuse for a while though.

Alexious1751d ago

Yes. I guess it should be a lot funnier than Knack judging from the videos....

Jaces1751d ago

Well, Crack in Time did leave off with a lot of loose ends. Ratchet's own kind trapt/lost in another dimension I think it was? Definitely sounds like a "when worlds collide" kind of deal.

Been playing the R&C HD collection and was actually thinking about when they're going to conclude the duo's adventures.

If that's what this teaser is all about, then bring it on! Always loved the R&C games. :D

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Mr_Nuts1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

Ratchet and Clank...awww man

I must be the only person to think we've had too many Ratchet Games over the years. They could of least waited untill a few years after the PS4 came out

I wanted a new IP, Insomniac haven't been good for years now. The last Ratchet game was a huge disappointment

LightSamus1751d ago

The "main" Ratchet & Clank PS3 games (Tools, Booty, Crack) were all fantastic. It's only the spin-off titles like All 4 One that have been disappointing. If we're getting a new full main title and most likely for PS4, count me in!

Mr_Nuts1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

It took place after A Crack in Time...most things which are spin offs don't continue from the end of the last game

I'm not against Ratchet and Clank I just rather of had it later on. Give us a breather from the series, same goes for God of War which i kind of thought it was before this teaser.

LightSamus1751d ago

Oh sure, they're the same universe and whatever but as games, they're not the same. Co-op focus for example.

Jaces1751d ago

Mr Nuts:

They just need to stop GoW for good. I know it's off topic but seriously, Kratos's story is done..leave him be.

TheGrimReaper00111751d ago

Yeah, besides, I think that Santa Monica should start a new IP! They showed with GOW what they are capable of! I personally love the GOW series, but too much is too much

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HammadTheBeast1751d ago

Unfortunately, I'm not. After the disappointment that was Fuse and the "ok" look of Sunset Overdrive, I just can't get excited about Insomniac anymore.

TheGrimReaper00111751d ago

Well, i dont think it'll be made by insomniac though. They are making sunset overdrive for xbox one, like you typed.
Would they split their team?
I just shuttered at the very idea. There last 2 ratchet games were poorly done, imagine now a game by only half the people

Arai1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

Rachet and Clank meets Jak & Daxter = worlds colliding :P
Naughty Dog and Insomniac Games were very close (or still are), so much that they put Easter eggs of the other company in their games.

I don't know, just tossing some idea out there...

sycnation1751d ago

that would epic
gna save for when/if it does

another ps3 swan song ala the

Mr_Nuts1751d ago

I'd be a little ticked off if we finally see Jak again only for him to appear in another cross over instead of Jak 4.

Arai1751d ago

Here's a bigger picture of the image (courtesy of JStevenson Community Manager at Insomniac Games).

despair1751d ago

I could get behind that as well. But a purple portal for "heroes return" seems far from resistance type game.

Emilio_Estevez1751d ago

I know, one can dream though right?

faysal1751d ago

could it be cimera world has colided with our world and nathan hale is back? that would be epic....

WeAreLegion1751d ago

AGREED! Resistance 3 had one of the best campaigns I've ever played!

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