Edge- Preview:Sony Japan’s Knack isn’t the cutesy PS4 platformer you think it is

Edge:We go hands on with Mark Cerny and SCE Japan Studio’s PlayStation 4 launch game.

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dedicatedtogamers1745d ago

I hope Knack does well once launch-time hits. I support Cerny's philosophy that when a console launches, there should be a game for the family to enjoy (note: I'm not saying there are no family-friendly games on X1 or Wii-U).

PSjesus1745d ago

I already pre ordered Knack's bundle we need to support old style platformers and so far Sony & Nintendo are the only companys that deliver even they know people now attracted to stupid testosterone games

Jdoki1744d ago

Whatever happened to Blinx??

NukaCola1744d ago

Blinx the cat was awesome. Some one should revive that.

I'd like to see Croc and Gex to make a come back

NYC_Gamer1745d ago

I hope Knack finds success even though it doesn't catch my attention

Lovable1745d ago

I don't think this title will do good. Sorry Cerny but gamers nowadays are all about shooting people. Quite sad really.

NYC_Gamer1745d ago

So why are games like Minecraft selling millions?there's a fan base for every genre of gaming available

Lovable1745d ago

Did you just really compare Mine craft and knack? Oh Goodness..

WeAreLegion1745d ago

Did you just miss the point of his comment, entirely? Oh, goodness...

zebramocha1745d ago

@love NYC's point is,mc being successful because had nothing to with being shooter but having look and gameplay type different from what you usually get.

Lovable1745d ago

Nope point still stands. You just didn't understand the comment

limewax1744d ago

"Nope point still stands. You just didn't understand the comment"

Said the kid with a complex

hulk_bash19871744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

You're the one that doesn't seem to get the point. The mainstream gaming audience may seem to be all about shooters but as mine craft and even skylanders shows, there will always be an audience no matter what the genre. Knack has the potential to succeed let's just hope the game is as good to play as it is to look at.

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kenshiro1001745d ago

He didn't compare them. Learn to read next time.

HammadTheBeast1744d ago

Skyrim. LBP. Pretty much all racing games. TLOU (mixed I know...).

krontaar1745d ago

Well that's disappointing.

Cmk01211745d ago

it is a cutesy platformer, thats not a bad thing. platformers are great. rayman origins was amazing and rayman legends will be too. mario series is awesome, its good to have more accessible friendly games than just shooting and killing everyone.

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The story is too old to be commented.