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Five reasons why you should buy GTA V - jets, sports and cars

Matt gives his opinion on five awesome reasons why you should buy GTA V from what he saw in the latest gameplay trailer.

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scott12spear1177d ago SpamShow
alien6261177d ago

no need to know reasons the title history says a lot

luoshuigui1177d ago

5? i only need 1. Number 1, it's the fucking GTA5, there you go.

SJPFTW1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

Missed the most important one....because its going to be Game of the Year

maniac761177d ago

Well,dayum. From this gameplay footage how can this be ps3 lol. Looks next gen i can only imagine how it will look on ps4 lol. Next gen is the time to be full blown adicted to games'finally games that look done instead lookn abit rough and jaggie.lmfao

GamingManiac1177d ago

They could release it without showing a single screenshot and I would still buy it day one!!!

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