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GTA V: Will gamers hold off on next-gen consoles to play it?

IDC analyst Lewis Ward tells GI.biz that demand for new consoles "isn't shaping up to be particularly strong" in the US (Grand Theft Auto V, PS4, Xbox One)

DEEBO  +   364d ago
sep 17/nov2013 or no release date just holiday's 2013.why would people need to miss gta when it comes out before the new systems?
yeahokchief  +   364d ago
we won't.

there's going to be an awful lot of ps4s and xb1s collecting dust for a few months. mine included. im actually thinking i may sell my ps4 for profit over christmas while i play gta v and then just buy a bundle later.
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medman  +   364d ago
You'll say that yeahokchief until you see a few games running on the new hardware. It will be hard to put down that smooth new DS4 once you pick it up. Watch_Dogs on my shiny new PS4 is a must. And with Killzone at launch and Infamous Second Son soon after, those are can't miss for me. I will hang onto my 360 and my PS3 but that PS4 is day one for me. I'm just not sure which system (360 or PS3) I will be buying GTA for.
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WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   364d ago
I'll just leave this here... http://www.eurogamer.net/ar...
B-radical  +   363d ago
Just plug the 360 into the xbox 1 and ur sweet
princejb134  +   364d ago
Well I'm gonna wait hoping it releases on ps4
My final game was last of us now I'm just waiting till next gen

Even if rockstar decides not to port it into next gen is ok ill live, is just a game
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   364d ago
same here my last game was Tlou.. after i beat it i sold everything i had. im hoping that a week or month after it launches R* comes out and says it will be on PS4... if not thats fine ill play GTA6 next gen and be more excited for it..

i was excited for GTA5 then they annouced next gen so i lost hype for it on this generation
MWong  +   364d ago
Why hold off on the next-gen consoles for GTA V? I know it's going to be a great game, but that won't stop me from playing my PS4 over the holidays. Besides by the time PS4/XBone comes out I will probably be more than half way through GTA.
310dodo  +   364d ago
I am going to get tons of thumbs downs for this but I am not buying GTA V unless they make a PS4 version or you can stream PS3 version day 1 on PS4
zyphee  +   364d ago
No ps4 version...ps3 version wont be streamed until early to mid 2014 good luck waiting
LOGICWINS  +   364d ago
"good luck waiting"

I'll happily wait. I'll get the same experience...just at a discount :)

Btw, can you provide me with a link to where Rockstar said that there would NEVER be a PS4 version of GTAV?
RGDubz  +   364d ago
Been telling everyone, GTA V will be on PS4/Xbox180 along side the PC version, Rockstar doesn't want to hurt current-gen sales so they're telling you otherwise.

Only way GTA V doesn't drop on the PS4/Xbox180 is if all of a sudden Rockstar starts hating money.
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   364d ago

i feel the same way thats why they havent come out and said it yet like a positive NO its not coming next gen
Muerte2494  +   364d ago
Why not...
get Watchdogs for your ps4 and GTAV for your ps3?
LOGICWINS  +   364d ago

Maybe he's not interested in Watch Dogs?
310dodo  +   364d ago
I have to buy other people gifts too.

plus rent, gas, etc...
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Rusty515  +   364d ago
The GOTY edition could be for PS3/PS4 and 360/X1.
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   364d ago
I'll own this game this gen BC it will be great. But I'm also looking forward to the next GTA on PS4 :)
RickHiggity  +   364d ago
Going to get it so I have something to play for two months.
thekhurg  +   364d ago
I lost interest in this version once I learned there were three main characters that you swapped around during gameplay.

I play these types of games for the immersion, and have always enjoyed the single character control. I'm sure the story will be amazing but I'll be passing on it and hoping that this isn't the direction that Rockstar is going to take the franchise going into next gen.
N7Lukas  +   364d ago
You don't HAVE to do that you know?

I didn't like the sound of it either when i first heard but from that trailer its executed really well and i think ill wanna mix it up in free roam. If you can trust anyone to innovate without messing the game up its R*

Seems like a really stupid reason to pass on the next game in one of the biggest video-game series of all time. Especially since its not a mandatory requirement to do so.

If anything, it adds 3 options to get immersed in, instead of just one.
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Am_Ryder  +   364d ago
They obviously won't have just made the decision to have three playable characters without being informed of the outcome.

They will have tested this for years. They will have tried other options. And ultimately, they will have found the three PC's will work better for the player.

Sure, immersion is important. But how does it feel when you accidentally bump into a police car, and immediately get caught in a 10 minute unwanted car chase? How does it feel when you flip your car and get stuck in the middle of the countryside? The three-character option will let you completely bypass these issues. It'll prevent boredom, frustration, and debilitating failure.

Also notice how the characters are doing something PRESENTLY when you switch to them in-game? They're present constantly, doing things even when you aren't playing them.

Isn't that _more_ immersive? The way they've handled the transitions between characters looks incredibly immersive.
skept3k  +   364d ago
Really? You can play the entire game though one character... Then you can play it 2 more times through the eyes of the other characters.

If anything it adds way more value if you want to play it that way. I love the fact they're will be 3 main characters. You get a 3 very cool unique ways to experience the game.
RankFTW  +   364d ago
I'll get it for PS3 to play at launch and then again on PC when/if it comes out.
Firan  +   364d ago
PS3 first and then for PC when it gets there.
Animal Mutha 76  +   364d ago
I think the game will be massive and potentially yes it could take some of the gloss off the next gen HW launches.

I appreciate that they have been developing it for current gen for years but I so wish it was a launch title on next gen as that along with BF4 would totally seal the deal for me.

It could very well be the case that next gen early adopters will still have their current gen machines plugged in for a long time to come. The overlap could be massive and I'll need a larger TV unit!
No_Limit  +   364d ago
Xbox 360 first and will upgrade to the PC version when it comes out. There is no way I am waiting even longer to play this game.
jjb1981  +   364d ago
Day 1 buy and I will still buy a ps4 to play watch dogs and bf4.
Aleithian  +   364d ago
I'll give them until December to announce a PS4 version, and if they don't I'll get the PS3 version. If it comes to PS4, I'll get that instead.

I can wait that long, if not longer. I'll have Watch Dogs, BF4, and Killzone to play on my PS4, not to mention the free PS+ games. And I've still got a huge backlog of PS2 and PS3 games to play.
JunioRS101  +   364d ago
That might be because in America, we were hoping Xbox One was going to unleash a gaming beast upon the industry, and that didn't happen... It's like our mascot got too drunk before the game and threw up on the field.
BabyTownFrolics  +   364d ago
i'll gamefly it on the the console with the lastest launch date. Which ever console launches last is where I will be playing gtaV.

Since I'm buying both the pS4 and xbox1 I'm covered.
shadowmist13  +   364d ago
Why cant they just build in backwards compatibility into their consoles so then everyone wins,(except wii u owners hahaha)
Plagasx  +   364d ago
I'll hold off until it releases on PC.
Felonycarclub8  +   364d ago
Who is going to wait a year?
medman  +   364d ago
I'm not holding off on the PS4, and I will be playing GTA V. I want it all.
evilhasitsway  +   364d ago
i doubt it will hit next gen sadly but hopefully well at least get a pc version
evilhasitsway  +   364d ago
ill but it for ps3 just to have something to hold me off tell ps4 because there really isnt anything good out right now i have already finished last of us.
ufo8mycat  +   364d ago
Why would they?

The only difference between a PS3 and PS4 version of GTA 5 would be the graphics, thats it. It's still the same game, same story, same gameplay etc.

It comes out on PS3 first, so easy decision.
greedybear88  +   363d ago
I love the GTA games and have played most of them but with me saving up for PS4 I'm not gonna spend £50 or so on another current gen title as it would reduce my savings for PS4 by too much but I'll probably get it if it gets released later for PS4.
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