'Wii U Is A Truly Powerful Console, More Powerful Than 360 And PS3' - Trine 2 Dev

NowGamer: "Wii U 'is truly a powerful console' and 'more powerful than 360 and PS3' says a member of the Trine 2 dev team."

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pedrof931811d ago

At this point saying stuff like that doesn't hurt anyone. I mean 'Wii U Is A Truly Powerful Console, More Powerful Than One And PS4' Ok people would get mad.

zebramocha1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

No they wouldn't,while no detail specification was given for the xbone,we know it's a leap over the 360,with wiiu everything is vague,there is tri core gpu an amd based gpu supposedly equivalent to a 4850 with shader model 4.0 and something similar to dx10.1.

starfox791811d ago

No the gpgpu is a custom E6760 confirmed m8,4850 was its power in 1st devkits,5th devkits were using a custom E6760, this is just what Iwata means by people like you spreading false rumours.......cpu is out of order,with edram cache so clock for clock it destroys ps4.

pedrof931811d ago


It does ? Really ?

There is a spec that wii U destroys the PS4 ?

n4f1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

technically backward compatibility is a spec
wiiu play all last gen game, not ps4
so yeah there is at least one spec

greenlantern28141811d ago

well they dont say that because the wiiu is comparable to the 360 and ps3 but not the ps4 and xb1; which are its real competition.
which is part of the wiiu problem people keep comparing it to this gen not next gen.
wiiu is powerful enough for what nintendo wants it to do, and has a really good virtual console. too bad not enough people are aware of all the good things about the system. but know all the bad things about it

ShugaCane1811d ago

More powerful than 7 years old systems. Yay.

PopRocks3591811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

You know, I get pretty annoyed by this sort of reaction when the general consensus around here is that the Wii U is either on par or weaker than said seven year old systems.

Suddenly when someone claims exactly the opposite someone leaves this sort of comment. Make up your minds, people. Either you think it's on par/weaker or it's obvious it's more powerful. One or the other, not both.


Okay, fair enough. You're right that I shouldn't have lumped you in with an unrelated group of people. My bad.

However I believe my point stands. Often you will see people jump at any opportunity to rant on about how weak Wii U is even compared to said old tech. Then when articles like these come out they change their tune and suddenly say "Pfft, it SHOULD be stroger," as if they had not been amplifying the previous rhetoric from the beginning.

Again, sorry for lumping you in on that. Just a mini-rant on my part aimed at the wrong individual.

ShugaCane1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

You know. I'm not "people" or "you" that you're mentionning. How do you know what I think of the Wii U in the first place ? Stop making analogies like this please. I have my own opinion, respect that.

Rusty5151811d ago

All he did was state the facts. They're claiming that it's more powerful than 7 and 8 year old consoles. Are we supposed to be impressed?

Godmars2901811d ago

Its pointless to say when those systems have 1-2 more years of relevance, and the WiiU itself fails to show why its relevant to the PS4 and Xb1.

Root1811d ago Show
I_am_Batman1811d ago

And I'm getting annoyed by statements like yours. You can't just gereralize different comments from different people and pretend that everyone has the same mindset.

Whoever thinks that the Wii-U is less powerful than the Xbox 360 or the PS3 in raw power is mistaken however Nintendo isn't exactly pushing the limits of their own hardware so we've yet to see what the console is capable of.

DA_SHREDDER1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

@ Karmic Demon

Nintendo doesn't have nothing to prove, they just need to put out games like Mario Galaxy and a real next gen zelda to ease their financial woes, if they even have any? Right now the drought is due to their first party team working on said games, man just thinking about a next gen metroid makes me never regretting buying a WiiU. BTW, I will laugh my ass off if they put DS or 3DS games on the virtual console. That would shut everyone up. :P

PopRocks3591811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

@Rusty and I_Am_Batman

Already apologized, so...


Haven't seen you in a while. Good to know you show up again just to complain about a comment of mine. That's not typical at all. /s

As for your "to the rescue" comment, I must have been totally "to the rescue" when I chewed out Nintendo in my own blog. A number of times actually.

@the rest

Like I said, I've already apologized to KarmicDemon, so no need to fuss about it further. It was not really an attack aimed at him, more so at the consensus of people who say one thing and then imply another. Shokio's made better points about it before in previous videos of his.

Root1811d ago


How did I get done for bad language when I censored the word out...LIKE THE MODS TELL YOU TO DO.

N4G for you...when the mods make up the rules as they go along.

Cmk01211811d ago

as to on par or weaker, i guess the point is it shouldnt be in the convo of being as weak or equal to 8 year old systems as its their next gen offering and priced that way. 350 for the system and its clunky as all hell. very limited spectrum the game selection reaches.

ABizzel11811d ago


See there you go :D

Only the ignorant believe the Wii U is weaker than the PS360. What matters most in a console are RAM and GPU, and the Wii U has more RAM (2GB vs. 512MB) than the PS360 and a better GPU (ATI 4650m) by comparison.

That being said it's not "truly a powerful console". Well I guess you can say it's the third most powerful console ever created, but the 4th (PS3) and 5th (360) are right behind them and yes they are 7 and 8 years old.

The Wii U has the advantage of newer tech, DX10 capable GPU, more RAM (although generally slower), and mastered/modified game engines all on it's side so games will look and run better on the Wii U then they did/will for PS360.

But the Wii U is not leaps and bounds more powerful than the PS360. PS4 and Xbox 1 are leaps ahead of the PS360. The Wii U isn't even a step ahead of the PS360 it;s more like a gentle nudge or bump.

Remember state facts and take the high road. Less aggression. :D

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DA_SHREDDER1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

Your sarcasm is well said, but at the same time you need to ask yourself, does nintendo really need to be stronger than what it is? I mean, what if they eventually bring cross game video chat? In a year or two they will optimize the OS and have even more room to play with.

@ Karmic Demon, opps wrong comment, look up

ShugaCane1811d ago

If so, they have yet to prove that the Wii U will still be relevant, once the PS4 and Xbox One are released.

I_am_Batman1811d ago

In my opinion they don't need to compete with the PS4 and Xbox One in power however it means that they won't get a lot of 3rd party support again.

ABizzel11811d ago


Which is exactly why Nintendo needs to find a better middle ground, which the Wii U failed to do. They should have gone with an AMD Llano APU or Trinity APU (Trinity would have been best). It would have cost them more to produce, but they would have had a console that's more powerful than PS360 in all regards CPU/GPU/RAM and capable of running most 3rd party games when developers shift entirely to PS4 and Xbox 1.

($20 more for Llano)
($60 more for Trinity & 4GB of RAM instead of 2GB)

What's makes it so bad is all this was available to Nintendo since Llano APU's launched in January 2011, and Trinty launched Summer 2012 although production was in development and known about since CES 2012 for Trinity.

On top of that they could have still sold each console for $349 and safely made a profit. As a matter of fact the Llano model could even be $299 and make a profit, which goes to show there's no way on earth Nintendo can't cut the price of the Wii U dow to $249 - $279 and still make a profit (which they need to do).

I don't know what Nintendo was thinking, but they're feeling the hurt because of it. The good thing is the Wii U is actually fun if you play it, and the games look good enough.

PigPen1811d ago

More powerful then your brain, yay.

thezeldadoth1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

ps4 and xbox one are claiming to be more powerful than 7 year old systems too....yay..

the old systems are what all of the new ones are comparing themselves to. isn't that part of next gen?

PopRocks3591811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

lol That's not the same thing at all. With Xbox and PS4 it's to be expected. With Wii U it's a different story since up until recently we haven't really seen many devs (I think Shin'en and Criterion were the only exceptions) actually try to take advantage of the hardware.

MizTv1811d ago

How about some games to show off its power?

ABizzel11811d ago

Need for Speed Most Wanted
Nintendo Land
Mario Kart
Bayonetta 2

ziratul1811d ago

Anything more powerfull than last gen consoles is next gen console. Also, it's not all about power. It's about games + experience.

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Mr_Nuts1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

Then why have we not seen a game yet that looks better then something put on the Xbox 360 or even the PS3 (The Wii U's Last of Us). I mean they arn't even getting GTAV for example

By the time it gets made most of us will already be playing on our PS4's and Xbox Ones.

Firan1811d ago

Because it's a new system and devs haven't mastered it yet like they have mastered PS3/360? You didn't see TLoU 7 years ago.

Mr_Nuts1811d ago

Yeah but if this is more powerfull then those consoles then games now should look the same or roughly the same as games such as Uncharted 2, Halo 4, The Last of Us etc. If this was last gen fair enough but the Wii U is next gen so they should be having better looking games then those we've seen with old tec

Firan1811d ago

You have a point I admit. However one could argue that Nintendo's 1st party devs are not used to HD development so that's why we haven't gotten a big release yet.

Monolith's X and new Zelda should give us a look what Wii U is capable of. Of course PS4/One will be more capable but that's another story.

jcnba281811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

Because the system is only 7 months old as well as the fact that this in Nintendo's first HD system. 360 and PS3 launch games looked like crap. Do you not remember Lair, Perfect Dark Zero, Resistance, Heavenly Sword etc. etc.

Mr_Nuts1811d ago

Look at my post above to Firan...those games looked like that because they were last gen

If this console is more powerful then starting games should look like games from the end of this gen

ABizzel11811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

Because it's more powerful, but not a huge improvement in power. ALso few third parties take full advantage of hardware, which leaves Nintendo as the only ones who can prove the Wii U's power. But that's not going to happen for a while, because instead of preparing for HD gaming after seeing MS and Sony struggle early on, Nintendo was to busy rolling around in Wii money to notice. So now they're behind, and we won't see improvements until the nice batch of games come 2014 - 2015.

That being said there are games that show the power. Need for Speed, X, and Mario Kart are all great looking games with Need for Speed being the best version graphically on consoles, but again it's not a substantial difference, just better texture quality and lighting.

jcnba281811d ago

Nintendo doesn't make movie/games sorry. They make actual games with stellar gameplay.

WiiUsauce1810d ago

Monolith's X looks leaps and bounds better than TLOU or any game on PS360, so shut your face.

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hatzwontfit1811d ago

Developers have gotten very lazy over the years. How powerful does a console have to be for you to make creative games? EA complained about lack of power but all of the games they showed at e3 looked pretty current gen except for bf4. I mean really, all the powere in the ps4/xbone and they give us need for speed and madden? I didn't see anything revolutionary from them

ABizzel11811d ago

They don't want to make a creative game they want to port games across all platforms, which lazy or not is the best move financially.

And no one want to take a risk making a creative game on a Nintendo platform, with a low install base, only for it to fail in sales because Nintendo fans will only stick to Mario, Pokemon, Smash, and Zelda.

First and foremost Nintendo needs to get the Wii U out of the quicksand it's neck deep in, and start putting out a pool of first party games between this holiday and have the next batch of huge titles ready for the following holiday. In the meantime a price cut down to $249 - $279 will help sales, but it's best to wait until something early 2014 for a price cut, because the hype for PS4 and even X1 could overshadow them, and worse a PS3 and 360 price cut this holiday would hurt any move Nintendo tries to make.

It's going to be hard for Nintendo. PS4 and X1 are offering the most powerful consoles and core gaming, PS360 will always under cut Wii U in price and offer a similar performance plus better 3rd party support, leaving Wii U stuck between the two.

miyamoto1811d ago

'Wii U Is A Truly Powerful Console, More Powerful Than 360 And PS3' - Trine 2 Dev

Yeah but according to Iwata and Reggie that power is irrelevant and it does not matter at all.


jcnba281811d ago

So? What's your point?

Nevers0ft1811d ago

While we're making irrelevant posts... Oranges are orange and my dog just farted.

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