Yu Miyake: Dragon Quest X Will Be Localized for the Overseas Markets

Many wondered if Dragon Quest X would ever come west, especially after the announcement of the PC version to be released in Japan this September. In an interview on the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu producer Yu Miyake responded exactly that question, and the answer is definitely encouraging.

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Dj7FairyTail1775d ago

It gonna come next year but confirmed later this year along with Dragon Quest VII on 3DS localized.

Abriael1775d ago

Yeah that's most probable, I doubt it'll make it in time this year. Better late than never. Only thing i wonder is if'll come on PC only or Wii U as well. I seriously doubt it'll come on old Wii.

Dj7FairyTail1775d ago

well the PC Version isn't out yet. So I see them bringing Wii then Wii U then PC version.

Abriael1775d ago

@Dj7FairyTail: the PC version is already in beta, and will be out in two months. Doubt they'll bring it here before then anyway.

AWBrawler1773d ago

wouldn't surprise me if it comes out for the old Wii too. more install base

MilkMan1775d ago

Haven't played a good Dragon Quest game in a hot minute. Cant wait.

vakarian751775d ago

Have you played 9 on the Ds? If not you should its really good.

MilkMan1775d ago

Yes. I have. I meant on any console besides PS2. In fact I dusted it off and im playing a few games recently.
I REALLY hope I get to play one soon.
Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

chrispseuphoria1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

More games for the Wii U would be wonderful. Can't wait to play Dragon Quest X even though I didn't like IX that much.

PopRocks3591775d ago

Forgive my ignorance, but what does Dragon Quest play like? I've never played one and I don't know anyone who has so I don't really have an idea of what the game is like.

exfatal1774d ago

Kinda like your old fashion turn based rpg. Alot like the FF series, the older series use to have a SMT look to it when it comes to the battles (as in u don't see your character only the enemies. recently they changed it so u can see your characters though which is for the better. You get to recruit characters to join your party at bars, and a nice selection of classes to eventually choose from. Equipment now show up on your characters that adds to the over all charm of the game as well.
Its a great series with a nice pleasant story

Personally reminds me of a kiddy ff series or an ff series without all the melodrama

Donnieboi1774d ago

Imo, Dragon Warrior games are pretty standard, vanilla jrpgs. I like Persona more for what it's done to reinvigorate jrpgs, but Dragon Quest has that old school SNES final fantasy nostalgic feel. Not my thing (anymore) but I believe that the online version plays nothing like the classic Dragon Quest games.

PopRocks3591774d ago

Ah, that's a pretty good explanation. Thanks to both of you guys! :)

kalkano1774d ago

I don't care about X. What about the 3DS remake of VII?