Why Haven't You Joined The PC Gaming Master Race Yet?

Look on, you bleary-eyed console peasants, and witness the gospel truth being unveiled before you. Now is the time of the PC Gaming Master Race.
And why are you not falling to your knees?

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pedrof931747d ago

Valve CEO is like the biggest walking gaming stereotype ever.

I'm sorry though I respect the guy.

xHeavYx1747d ago

I'd rather play TLOU, thanks though

ravinash1747d ago

PC & console...problem solved.

RankFTW1747d ago

Oh damn since I have a PC that means I have to sell my console, why did nobody tell me!

decrypt1747d ago

"I'd rather play TLOU, thanks though"

You can only play 8 hour games so much.

xHeavYx1747d ago

I forgot about the fact that all PC games can be played forever /s
BTW the last of us took me 13 hours in normal, plus 2nd or 3rd runs and MP, good try though

LoveOfTheGame1747d ago

Haha, 13 hours on normal? Your probably the same guy on there who gets 2 downs and 8 deaths in multiplayer.

Game is great but, it's not that long.

xHeavYx1747d ago

I'm so perplexed by your poor troll attempt response, that I'll just leave a link from IGN saying how long the game lasts.

guitarded771747d ago

@ LoveOfTheGame

It's "You're". <- You + are = You're.

I'm with ravinash - own them all or STFU and play what you got.

LoveOfTheGame1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

First, I get annoyed when people make that spelling mistake so thanks for correcting me.

Second, I have all the current consoles minus a Wii U. Edit: also have gaming PC

I don't care what they say at IGN, the game takes less than 10 hours to beat.

I think it's (slightly) overrated too, but it's still one of the best games this generation, and arguably the best game on PS3

oIITSBIIo1747d ago

TLOU is another over rated shit.

xHeavYx1747d ago

Whatever you say dude, you already show your ignorance

"I think it's (slightly) overrated too, but it's still one of the best games this generation, and arguably the best game on PS3"

So, according to your perfect logic, you call it the best game on PS3 and also call it overrated?

hellvaguy1747d ago

If u spell it "yur" u cover all possible contractions in the one slang spelling. Do it now, k go.

LoveOfTheGame1747d ago

I fail to see where that logic fails.

Overrated means it is considered better than what it actually is. Too many people give it 10/10 and it's not that good but easily still in the 9s.

Michael Jordan can be argued as the best basketball player ever but he is still not perfect.

kingduqc1747d ago

You mean you rather watch TLOU cause frankly the only thing that set this games apart from a generic bad tps is the cut scean. If you disagree with me go put a few more ladders in place and one day you will understand how bland gameplay actually is.

papashango1746d ago

actually almost all PS3 exclusives are single playthroughs that need to be traded in after.

I used to have a ps3. You just can't play Heavy Rain, GOW3, and Uncharted again after you beat it.

This is the glaring issue with story driven games. This is why modding exists on the pc side. Oh you beat fallout? Try this mod where you get next to no ammo and have to drink & eat every so often or you'll die.

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skept3k1747d ago

Oh Gabe... He needs to stop swimming in his money and develop some damn games. What the hell has Valve been doing?!

wishingW3L1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

Because of Uncharted, The Last of Us, Yakuza, Marvel vs Capcom 3, Valkyria Chronicles, etc. Because my friends are not on the PC. Because PC can be hooked to an HDTV but you still need keyboard and mouse. Because PC towers are huge and I don't have that kind of space under my TV. Because PC games are not as optimized as console games so you always run into issues where you need to be constantly checking on the latest drivers from Nvidia, AMD, etc. Because PC is mostly digital and I like to own my games. Because PC gaming is not a cheap as people make it out to be, it's only cheap when you're savvy enough and know when to buy parts at a bargain, otherwise is much more expensive than a PS4.

LackTrue4K1747d ago Show
bjmartynhak1747d ago

PCs like to crash. The thing with drivers really suck. A PC far from the TV is lifeless IMO.

hellvaguy1747d ago

Yur pc isnt bolted to the floor. U could always move it closer to the tv or buy a longer hdmi cord. These are advanced trouble shooting techniques and shud only be attempted by a professional. /s

papashango1746d ago

There's also the issue with consoles now where game saves like to go corrupt. At least on the PC you can back them up easy.

There's also that issue where DLC isn't held back because the hardware can't run it.

Just sayin.

decrypt1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

1. Uncharted, Last of us, Yakuza, Marvel Vs capcom dont exist on the PS4.

2. You dont need a Mouse keyboard when playing with a PC on TV, you can use a controller, Steam big picture mode says hi.

3. You can make an HTPC just the size of a console. Large tower cased PCs are extreme machines.

4. If PC games are not so optimized, same argument can be made for console. Check out Skyrim (still not fixed on PS3), BF3 (Input lag PS3), COD (FPS issues PS3), Mafia 2 (missing foilage PS3). List goes on, its not like PC is the only one badly optimized consoles have their fair share too. When it happens on console you cant do anything about it either, since you dont have a community who can role out patches before the developer do, you cant upgrade the console hardware either. You just stuck when something goes wrong.

5. Checking for drivers on PC is an option, you do it when you want to or when a game gives you issues. On console you cant play without a firmware upgrade, you are locked to it. Wanna play when a firmware update comes tough, you gotta install it first.

6. Well being digital isnt bad, I have over 150 games in Steam. I can carry on playing them even when a next gen arrives on the same machine or even should i decide to upgrade my machine. Can you play your ps3 games on the PS4? no you cant, you will need to keep multiple boxes just to play older games. Even then if the older box fails you need to go out buy it again. Maintaining multiple machines is costly and takes up space.

7. Check Steam & greenman gaming discounts PC gaming is def cheaper. Sure it costs few hundred more to build a PC, but then online is free and really that little extra spent also ensure BC. Refer to point 6.

cpayne931747d ago

The framerate trouble on skyrim on ps3 is almost non existant, as is the input lag on bf3. Both problems have been patched out. In the end pc gaming is still more of a hassle, you run into more problems then you do on console, but for some people its worth it for the benefits. I don't really feel too inclined to get a pc though, since there aren't many exclusives that interest me. No need to spend a bunch of money for enhanced ports.

LeoDDestroyer1747d ago

Even with steam big picture mode not ever game is controller compatible. You can always download game pad software tool make it work but it never good enough imo, there always a flaw in it.

Cuthbo1747d ago

You bring up good points though you dont 'HAVE' to use mouse and keyboard. Most games you can plug in a controller and use it just fine. I play on a gaming rig PS3 and xbox 360, excited for next gen games to increase the graphics and better game engines finally.

jeffgoldwin1746d ago

About every pc game made in last 6-8 years has controller support. Unless its a genre like mmo where it isn't feasible to use one.

Steam even has a nice feature where they display an icon of a controller next to the game prior to the purchase to let you know its compatible.

wishingW3L1747d ago

this is not even the final form. I bet that if you think a little harder you can still find many more legit complaints about why the PC is not the perfect gaming machine. Gaming on consoles is not just cons, it has its pros too.

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ps3_pwns1747d ago

pc doesn't have jrpgs or Nintendo games or sony excluives. it does have all xbox games so I don't see why some pc gamers are stupid enough to get an pc and xbox its like dude they have the same games get pc/ps3/ wii u that's the only combo that makes sense lol.

that's why I think a lot of pc gamers are dumb. get a pc then get a xbox with the same games but you have to pay for the crap online. if pc was the master race they would know not to support MS at all.

negative1747d ago

Plus sports games on the PC suck ass, if they even develop them anymore.

I can see supporting MS though - seeing as most PC gaming rigs run on a Windows platform. Combine that with the sports game point I made (I'm sure there are others too) and there are reasons a PC gamer would have a Xbox too.

hellvaguy1747d ago

You can very easily get emulators to play thousands of last gen nintendo or sony games for free on pc or android. Havent heard of many peeps using for ps3, wiiu, or 360, but im sure there out there too.

s45gr321747d ago

I am not sure about PC gamers getting a xbox. That's debatable, but there are Jrpgs like the YS franchise, recetar, fortune summoners, evoland, etc. What do you mean by Nintendo games if it's the exclusives well ever heard of the dolphin emulator. Is an emulator that let's you play wii games, gamecube games, etc. on the pc. Yeah I agree there is no Sony exclusives on the PC ; however, look at all these wonderful survival horror games both modern and retro like amnesia dark descent, lone survivor, home, lucius, slender, etc. Look at these Japanese games like cave story, Satazius, sinus mora, cherry tree high comedy club, every day shooter, la Mulana, bloom freesia, street fighter 4, tekken vs street fighter. Not to mention Japanese mmos like rusty hearts, final fantasy 11 and 14, planetside franchise, spiral knights. So that's a part of PC gaming.

cunnilumpkin1747d ago

pc can EMULATE every Nintendo game ever made(aside from wii u), all ps2, ps1, genesis etc. game ever freaking created and run it better and at higher resolutions that any console can or ever will

face it

consoles only purpose is for their exclusives, of which there are becoming less and less and eventually they all end up on pc via emulation.
yes even the highly over rated last of us and uncharted 3 will all be on pc in WAY better resolutions and image quality than the ps3 or ps4 could ever display them in

a pc will ALWAYS do a better job of playing every game as long as you have the hardware

better frame rate, better textures, better anti aliasing, better effects, mods, backwards compatibility going back 30 years, free to play, mmo, rts, community made games

and to all the console only, uninformed masses

consoles are WAY more expensive than pc

psn plus for 8 years of console life=$400
$15 extra per game average 100 games over the course of consoles life=$1500

$2300 for ps4's inferior to pc graphics, no mods, and no backwards compat



I'll grab a ps4 when its $200 on a black Friday sale some year, comes with five games and a year of plus

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BabyTownFrolics1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

I just want to game, I sit in front of a computer all day at work, and all I want to do is come home press a button and play.

hellvaguy1747d ago

Same amount of buttons are coincidentally pushed to open steam or start a disc on a console. Pc gaming from over a decade ago perceptions and outdated stereotypes still persist I guess.

s45gr321747d ago

You can either hook up a gaming rig to your tele or build a home theater gaming computer . These are the size of a vcr, think of the shuttle box. This box alone can get an Intel i7 processor plus a Nvidia gtx 580. There are PC games with split screen multi player like trine franchise.

NihonjinChick1747d ago

Too many good exclusives on consoles.

ps3_pwns1747d ago

yep and any good pc exclusives come to consoles and even more pc games will come to consoles as well with the next gen ps4.

hellvaguy1747d ago

Few good mmos end up going to consoles. But I see what u mean alot of games are cross platform.

s45gr321747d ago

Not so sure about that only PC games that can be simplified for consoles. The total war franchise, Arma franchise, Among the sleep, Enola, Constantine, Asylum, Hawken, Mech Warrior online, Distance, etc are not coming to consoles. I understand warframe coming to consoles is because is an online action game but a game like dear Esther or to the moon are very unlikely to come to consoles. Games like the Arma franchise or total war are unlikely to come to consoles due to its complexity and down to every single little detail which also includes prison architect. Now those games that do come to consoles are the simplified versions of say PC games.

ginsunuva1747d ago

Well did you know that it's not illegal to own both a PC and a console?

ps3_pwns1745d ago

it is If the console you have with it is an xbox one. pc has every xbox eexclusive you shouldn't be playing a console that has the same gams as your pc and pay online as well if you have a pc. pc and an xbox is redundant and doesn't make sense to own the xbox with it. pay thousands of dollars because of peer pressure when your pc already has the xbox games is pretty fail.

PurpHerbison1747d ago

Why do console fans bash PC fans yet welcome gimpy versions of superior PC games to be ported and then proceed to act like it's the next coming of Christ.
You still get the sh*t end of the stick....

cemelc1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

Lol the nerve on this comment, console gamers never bash pc, they know pc is superior, is the pc crowd who cant let go of the subject.

We console gamers play for whatever reason on our machine of choice and that just seems to piss pc gamers for some reason, we like it move on.

Youre not convincing anyone anytime soon.