Silencing the Final Fantasy XIII Haters

With Lighting Returns on its way later this year, John debunks some of the common criticisms of the original Final Fantasy XIII.

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FateoftheGame1618d ago

I liked how Final Fantasy XIII dared to streamline the JRPG experience. I also thought the complaints about auto-combat were stupid - you didn't have to make it automatic! The battle system was the best part about Final Fantasy XIII.

However, the game had one of the worst stories of any game I've played.

pedrof931618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

The game failed in :

Battle mechanics.

The world wasn't interactive as posteriors FF games.

I had a reasonable story but it had too many cut scenes with pointless dialogues about feelings(Seriously).

Overall the game grew apart of the main structure of FF.

Kill this sub-franchise please.

FateoftheGame1618d ago

What about the battle mechanics? I found the battles quite engaging in that you had to switch classes on the fly to beat the hardest enemies.

pedrof931618d ago


Quite engaging but quite automatic too. They could keep the dynamic fighting style but the old battle system.

FateoftheGame1618d ago

You could input the commands manually or automatically. How is this any different than the classic JRPGs that offered auto combat?

wishingW3L1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

even if you can input commands manually or automatic the enemies have no weaknesses so there is no point or difference in choosing one or the other. It's all about building the stagger meter with magic/ravager and then hit hard with normal/commando attacks. That's all you do through the entire game until the post-game.

The game's battle system is not even fully realized until the post-game because that's when all the characters have access to all the roles. But even then the possibilities it opens up are nothing but a bunch of brain-dead strategies you will not even use until the last couple of hunts.

FF13's battle system was very limited but very flashy looking just like NT's DMC. It was greatly dumbed-down.

NewMonday1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

the Tales games superseded FF in combat, tactical+engaging+fun, FF now is better only in production value and story.

in the the other hand MegaTen games like Persona and Devil Survivor are the best in story and characters while perfecting the turn based combat system and giving different world interaction systems(the social system in P and the countdown in DS)

adorie1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

What I find funny is all the goons supporting this franchise. Was it not a slap to your faces when That Versus XIII logo SHATTERED! Then reformed as FFXV? Even SE knew that XIII was sub-par as a main Final Fantasy and wish to distance XV from it as far as possible

What better way to do that than show, visually that Versus XIII was more ambitious than the entirety of the XIII trilogy.

dumahim1618d ago

I'd love to see someone watch Spoony's review of the game and then try to defend it.

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ps3_pwns1618d ago

not @ fateofthegame

ff 13 sucked and the moore you retards praise it the more hate it will get so why don't you just shut up? Why must you keep talking? you want to make me get 10 more people to hate final fantasy? or will just be silent so that no further damage is done to the franchise? because if you guys want I can turn into that guy whose like ahah jrps are lame anime is crap and that wont be good for no one. ff13 series was lacking fact.

the battle system was basically timeing. you can beat the whole thing and be like what did I actually do to win lol. just switching commando ravager etc. the whole battle system was a blur and easy.

the story was dumb im like really you about to kill this dude cause your mom dies or you about to kill her or yourself because you a la ce and crap lol. I was just like meh.

give me persona 5 please.

Heisenburger1618d ago

God forbid that people enjoy different things, right?

I guess ol' Adolf had some good ideas.

I definitely prefer Persona 3 and P4G way more than the recent FF games. Though having THAT opinion doesn't make me "correct".

Dravidian1618d ago

I guess you and I are in the minority. While overall I found FFXIII to be lacking, I rather enjoyed the combat system. I didnt mind the lack of major enemy weaknesses (they showed up after being staggered iirc) since different enemy groups still required a different strategies to efficiently discard them.

The story was horrible though. But I was pleasantly surprised that one of the most well represented characters was Sazh. I expected him to be a token black guy, but he was one of the few characters who made sense most of the time.

wishingW3L1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

this guy has absolutely no shame. Trying to compare FF13's linearity to a fully realized world like FF7's which is like 10 bigger and with many more side-quests (not to mention towns). Even worse is that he lies about the linearity being present only on the first half when the truth is that after the Pulse chapter the game goes back to its corridor. -__-

There is so much wrong in this opinion piece that it would take a monumental wall of text to rectify all that nonsense. Some people shouldn't be allowed to write stuff on the internets, seriously.

Mr_Nuts1618d ago

You know what's wrong with this piece...he's clutching at straws the whole way. Trying to twist the bad stuff into good stuff

You want to know "hate" in a amazing FF game where people nit picked it death despite being a better game then even FF7....FF8 and that's because it wasn't a direct FF7 sequel.

Dj7FairyTail1618d ago

FFXIII is the reason why I am done FF.

FFXHD might be the last FF game I play even though already beaten FFX.

Moving on with Xenoblade 2, Tales, Etrian Odyssey, Shin Megami Tensei, Pokemon and more.

Dravidian1618d ago

Eh, I wouldn't throw away the series. I usually make decisions on a game-by-game basis since even "crappy" game makers may churn out a gem every now and then. FFXV looks like it might be a gem. However, I hate that it's not coming to ps3 and find it BS how much time and money was spent on it just to have it go multiplat to make up for it. Sure it's pretty, but was spending obscene amounts of cash on it to make it a little prettier and draw out the dev process even longer worth it? Look at Xenoblade. Low rez and massive. Ps3 could have made FFXV just as massive, but at a reasonable resolution, but hey it's not my money...

TL;DR version: judge a game not the makers. SE doesnt know how to budget.

Dj7FairyTail1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Well I skipped
XI, XII and XIV.

Even though I have XIV PS3 Beta.

While I do like Lightning, Snow, Hope, Sazh, Fang and Vanille and the Music. That just about it.

Mr_Nuts1618d ago

I was going to go through the points but I've said it so many times especially when the games come out that there's no point...people know what's wrong with the game

Here's one point which you could separate into smaller points

It's anything but a Final Fantasy ga,e

knifefight1618d ago

I love how haters must be "silenced."

Yeah, because I want to live in a world completely free of varying opinions, different views, and containing no legitimate discussion. Stop liking what I don't like! Stop disliking things I like! Haters must be silenced! Grrrrrr!




Hicken1618d ago

I don't think the haters should be "silenced," but I do think most of that crowd are more wrapped up in wanting to dislike the game than anything else.

I still contend that rather than view the game on how well it does what it ties to do, they'd prefer to spend time complaining about it not doing things it never intended to do. And yes, you can make arguments that it fails as an FF in some areas. But people have taken it so much further than that, to say that it's truly a bad game.

And that's absolutely false.

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