Dark Souls 2: What’s New?

Gi - Dark Souls 2 carries an undeniable excitement with it as news and previews are released concerning the game, but even those anticipating the game have expressed concerns that there are not many new features. Well Dark Souls 2 is tricky because the series is already pretty much perfect, given what type of game it is, and adding anything to an already extremely successful franchise can be risky. Just a change of scenery and new challenges are enough for the series to make a successful sequel. Nonetheless there are a few new features in Dark Souls 2 that many people have neglected to notice.

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xReDeMpTiOnx1775d ago

Am I the only person who thinks demon souls>dark souls :/

Donnieboi1775d ago

I like both but for different reasons.

Demon's Souls was less about grinding for level and armor (though there IS some of that), and more about sheer skill and learning to dodge and time attacks.

Dark Souls I liked for it's open world, and it's difficulty was just right (it's prequel was crazy hard so many got turned off...but I still persevered).

But one of my main issues with Dark Souls is that you could just grind for super strong armor and weapons to overcome foes that some players wouldn't have had the gameplay skill to otherwise beat. What I mean is, that if I personally lacked fighting and dodging skills and had slow reflexes, I could just grind for a high level and armor and keep healing with Estus Flasks so that I can just easily absorb the blows of my enemies, instead of actually having to rely on dodging and real skill.

Demon's Soul however, was NEVER that forgiving. Grind all you want, but that game is 100% skill, focus and determination to win.

I hope Dark Souls 2 is more like Demon's Souls, with a greater focus on skill rather than grinding alone, and keeps the wide varried open world type of environments As Dark Souls had.


grahf1775d ago

Just to be clear, your gripe with the game is people can use a different play style than your own or what you perceive to be "appropriate"?

On my first play-through I was lv 85-90ish, went Sword & Board tank style the whole way and had a blast. My fourth run where I became the Dark Lord I was a Lv 2 Pyromancer and dodged/parried/danced the whole game. Guess what... I had a blast.

Step down from the high horse, play how YOU want to, and don't concern yourself over other people.

Master-H1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

I think it mainly has to do with which one of them you played and experienced and finished first , both are top notch games but i prefer Dark Souls , probably because i finished it a buncha times before i even bough Demon's Souls. i hope Dark Souls II turns out to be such as good !

RedSoakedSponge1771d ago

well i completed dark souls after i completed demon's souls and i still prefer dark souls.

i think its to do with the one huge world that i really like. the sense of not knowing whats around the corner and then the happiness of finding a shortcut back to a bonfire. GENIUS!

grahf1775d ago

No, you aren't the only person who has made that remark. However people that felt that Dark Souls was "easier" than Demon's Souls can only say that because they had the experience and knew to expect the unexpected.

People like me who played Dark Souls first could probably jump into Demon's Souls and avoid the steep learning curve.

Its all relative, and you're entitled to your opinion... just flesh it out a little more and avoid vague 1 liners.

Firan1775d ago

I did that. Didn't die as much as I did in Dark Souls since I knew what to expect and the gameplay was similar.

GrumpyOla1775d ago

I agree with you. For me Dark Souls had the most diificult boss, the Four Kings. I'm on my 6th playthrough and I still find them difficult to beat.

MestreRothN4G1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

Demon's Souls characters, dialogue, story and atmosphere completely crush its sucessor. Also it has a WORKING multiplayer through servers, which is not almost completely reduced to a backstabbing metagame.

On Dark Souls you have MUCH more variety. And shiny happy characters. And that's all.

I go with the first. Actually, I consider it my top 1 game ever.

Swiggins1775d ago

Demons Souls Dialouge, story crush Dark Souls? I'm sorry but I can't agree with that, Dark Souls story trumps Demons in nearly every concievable way. Better bosses, better interactions with characters.

Atmosphere is a different story, though I love Dark Souls world, I'm absolutely captivated by the Tower of Latria and the Shine of Storms. So I could see how people would like it better.

Working Multiplayer must me a damn joke, you'd be lucky to find more than a handfull of people to play in Demons Souls on a weekend, and even then it's just as much of a lagstabbing/magic spamming mess as Dark Souls.

At least with Dark Souls you're not as likely to run into the same person over and over and over and over again.

Shiny Happy Characters.....what? The only character I would describe as even REMOTELY happy is Siegmeyer of Catarina...and even he is a sad and pitiable character if you really dig into his story.

Murad1775d ago

I personally found myself enjoying the desperation atmosphere that was brought from Demon Souls and the overall voice acting as compared to Dark Souls, where in all honesty the graphics felt like they were a downgrade, consisting of black, brown and dark brown. Even though there were a lot more secrets within Dark Souls, the game never seemed to bring them to light until the very end, especially the idea of the Knight who fell into the abyss, but seemed to have greater detail and a better cast, like the Gravelord and Seth along with our very own favourite Gwyn.
But in the long run the main things that make Demon Souls better is that it requires pure skills. I recall never bothering to throughly upgrade my weapons until I got the boss souls and then from there deciding what weapons I wanted to choose in this area and which Phantom I wanted to kill in order to either explore a pure white world, or a pure dark world which were so diverse from each other. Dark Souls on the other hand had one thing that was so friggin amazing was the open world. I loved being able to scour the land without having to continuously go through pause screens and actually having to remember where everything were, but in the end, both games are just downright amazing to say the least; especially their level designs.

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Agrim1770d ago

For me Demon Souls was harder while Dark Souls was more epic.