Why Xbox Live Dominates Console Multiplayer Now And Possibly Next Gen

For all the negatives that have been thrown around about Microsoft lately, one huge aspect of console gaming – and really, gaming in general – that the silicon giant has kept a vice-like grip around is the online multiplayer experience.

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Thepharaoh1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Xbox live may be a little bit of a cheat at some times,It has however at times been more stable and reliable than psn multilayer.the ads however are incredibly annoying.There should be a silver plan next gen where if you have silver yo get to game online yet you'll get ads then if you have gold you don't that way you can still game for free and Microsoft makes money so its a reasonable trade. there should also be some sort of monthly free QUALITY game not strategy crap games

Cam9771838d ago

It's a ripoff. PS+ is so much better as we get cloud saves, auto downloads, exclusive bonuses and of course, the dozens of games.

MS integrate ads into their tech, that's ridiculous.

Thepharaoh1838d ago

Didn't say anything about overall service just referring to those times when uncharted 3 crashed on me and i had t o restart the ps3. may have simply been wireless or something of that nature yet i have never had more game crashes than the ones on psn.
Yes the ads are ridiculous however that sort of silver membership would allow people t o game online for free and considering Microsoft i doubt they'll do anything better

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1838d ago

You're paying to rent games. No matter what you say... you are paying to rent games.

DragonKnight1838d ago

@miDnIghtEr20C_SfF: And you're paying for ads and Facebook. PS+ is like Costco, Xbox Live is... well Xbox Live.

1838d ago
Rusty5151838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

@miDnIghtEr: Well yeah. You have to pay to rent games in real life too bro... And $60 for PS Plus is great deal. You get free games every week. It starts to pay for itself in less than a month, for example, it has saints row 3, uncharted 3, and battlefield 3 for free at the moment. That's already $60 or more bucks right there. And that's only for this month. And by the time a year comes and your subscription is over, you'll be done with the game. It's an amazing deal. Do the math.

nukeitall1838d ago

This is an article talking about multiplayer, and there is no contest MS has the most built out features and network.

Now with cloud, smart matchmaking and social features, I would be extremely surprised if Sony matched it let alone surpass it.

Sony's strength is hardware as evident by PS4 small and efficient design with no powerbrick.

However, MS strength is software and online infrastructure as evident by all the features and revamps of Xbox 360 dashboard to Azure cloud hosting.

Did you know for instance that to patch games on Xbox 360, you don't even need to restart the game. The console just downloads the game, signs you in and out, then your playing.

Most of the time the download is so fast that the game is patched by the time I get to the start screen i.e. the update didn't take any time than normally starting a game!

jimbobwahey1838d ago

I find it funny that the article says Xbox Live dominates console multiplayer, yet PS3 has way more people playing games online.

Kinda hard to dominate when your userbase is smaller than the competition :D

guitarded771838d ago

I see this article has succeeded in fanning the flames of the never ending "mine is bigger then yours" fire. I've had both services crap out on me from time to time. The argument that Live is better for MP is BS at this point. In the early days of the PS3 you could make that argument, but now they both provide a mostly reliable service.

Gasian1838d ago

Totally off topic who thinks time Warner cable is shit?

JokesOnYou1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

"In the time since its launch, the Xbox 360 has set the internet ablaze with some really great genre-defining multiplayer experiences, sending every single one of Microsoft’s competitors scrambling to find parity in any way possible."

-Yeah, gaming like all things today is an ever growing social experience that now goes beyond the walls of your home. I've said many times before that I literally believe that the strength of 360's online service is what literally sold the xbox 360 over the last few years, its rock solid, its easy to use, the updates to the dashboard and it has a robust community that's always gaming. Sony's caught up somewhat but Live is still easily the best, for every step sony takes(cross game chat) micro seems even more driven to continue outclass their competition (Azure 300K network is a beast 2nd to only Amazon) using their strength with Windows software/networking by adding the potential for dedicated servers and headlining cloud computation for gaming.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1838d ago

@dragonknight... i'm not paying for ads or facebook. I'm paying to play MP games on Xbox Live. Always have, always will.

Every single thing that has been added on to Xbox Live Gold pay wall is extra cherries on top. I'm not paying for Netflix. I'm paying for MP online gaming. Remember when Sony fanboys all screamed and yelled how Xbots are paying to play online. Well they're right. We do pay to play online. Just like Sony boys will be paying to play online for the PS4.

But everything else that came to Live Gold is extra goodness added on. I pay for MP online games. All the rest is extras that I get for "free".

nick3091838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

You can use cloud saves on 360 too. Ps plus point is its free games.

4me21838d ago


"...(Azure 300K network is a beast 2nd to only Amazon)..."

Are you implying (based also on yours previous posts) that Azure was created by MS especially for XBOX?

badboy7761838d ago

there are only 25million Xbox Live Gold members. PSn has over a 100million. And games like Blackops and Battlefield3 sell the same on each console.

DragonKnight1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

@miDnIghtEr20C_SfF: If you pay for Live, and you have ads, then you're paying for ads. If you pay for Live, and you can't use Netflix without paying for Live, then you're paying twice for Netflix. You can sit there and split hairs by saying "I don't use ____" but that doesn't mean you're not paying for those "features" that everyone else gets for free. In the end "renting" nearly unlimited games (which is a laughable "problem" to have with PS+) for $50 a year > paying $60 a year for ads.

Sony even does charging for online play better than Microsoft. Asynchronous online play, multiplayer features in single player games, and free to play multiplayer games will not be locked behind the PS+ pay wall. Guess what you can't say about Live?

omi25p1838d ago

Xbox live has cloud saves, Auto downloads and Exclusives bonuses and dozens of games as well.. Whats you're point?

Xbox Live also is more reliable, has a better interface and a 8 player cross game party chat.

Im in the UK and the ONLY "ADs" i have ever seen are for things like Netflix, Love film and ZUNE. All applications i actually use and AD's that i also get on the PS3.

Xbox Live is better than PSN. I honestly cannot understand why this is even up for discussion.

4me21838d ago

Getting disagrees for asking a question on previous post!

SirKilla1838d ago

regardless... this dude can write and articulate very well.
good article.

I dont see why gamers get so upset over friendly competition. We need more consoles and more competition to keep the playing field level... and the prices down.

justastranger101838d ago

Xbox live is just so blazingly fast its unbelievable. PSN is so slow.

MikeMyers1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

It's interesting seeing those who have never said anything good about the Xbox in general and have no intentions of getting an Xbox One but rather a PS4 instead talk more about the Xbox than the Playstation. Anyone care to explain why that is?

The fact of the matter is Xbox Live is far more stable. From how much quicker updates and things are to download, to downtime compared to how often the Playstation Network is down for so called maintenance. Even the store is super slow in comparison. The argument was always that it was free, therefore in many minds better. Not anymore for the PS4. Where Sony does do better is being more lenient with keyboard and mouse support, dedicated servers and being more flexible with some mod support. However Microsoft has invested billions of dollars into their cloud service and games will now have dedicated servers. The matchmaking was always better on Xbox Live as well and that will be even better moving forward. Having so many servers around the world means less latency, quicker matchmaking and being able to handle millions of people. We've all witnessed launch games on the PS3 often times struggle. That is because those servers were handled by 3rd party publishers and when a game like Call of Duty was more popular than expected it came to a halt until they provided more servers. This is where Xbox Live shines, Microsoft handles everything on their end.

We will also see huge improvements with handling those pesky people online who blare their music, use racial slurs, and just not allowing others to enjoy themselves since they don't know how to duct their behavior online. The cloud technology will also provide benefits such as better A.I. opponents by learning your own behaviors in games like Forza 5.

Nes_Daze1838d ago

Live isn't that great imo, I've been kicked out of party chats way too often, and frequent disconnects, same happens to my friends...funny how supposedly though Live is more reliable lol.

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DA_SHREDDER1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

There's nothing wrong with Sony's servers. The best online matches I've ever been on were Sony's. Warhawk, Killzone, and many other games have like zero lag. I bet you would know that if you actually played ps exclusives. Even TDM in MAG had virtually zero lag.

Oh and whoever spits out the rumour, "uh, ya, ps3 download times are horrible". I live out in the middle of nowhere and I can download at least one MBps, not mega bits, mega bytes. Sometimes the darn speedometer shows my ps3's can download faster than I can count. And thats with like 8 things hooked up wirelessly. BTW, I don't even have the fastest internet. I actually pay for the lowest cost cause I can't even tell the difference with 28 megabits to 6mbps.

Anyone want me to prove it? hit me up and i can prove it.

Gaming_Guru1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

That's true on PSN developers hold their own servers, so if a game has lag it's generally has to do with the developer's implementation or network.

It's similar to how computer games are developed if you think about it, but you never hear anyone say PC has poor networks because it's well known developers create the online portions not Microsoft besides their own developers.

UnHoly_One1838d ago

Have you ever downloaded anything from Xbox LIVE?

If you think PSN is fast, then you obviously haven't.

My downloads complete on XBL in about 1/4 or 1/5 the time it takes to download the same amount of data from PSN.

So you can "prove" to me how fast your PSN downloads are, and when you are done, hook up a 360 and prepare to be embarrassed. lol

Nathaniel_Drake1838d ago

Don't forget resistance 2 and 61 team player match ran flawlessly

mwjw6961838d ago

What you have just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

PS: You would not know what fast internet is if it hit you in the face. 50mbps on xbox live would blow your little mind.

DA_SHREDDER1838d ago

"Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it."

said the genius in the room, Now dumber for listening to me in a comment section? lmao!

BTW, I have owned a 360, like 5 of them, both downloaded games at the same speed, except the ps3 has to install. You know what I do when that happens? I go make a sandwich. I don't lose any sleep over my ps3 downloads, and since the ps3 is beating the 360 in sales worldwide, the majority probably feels the same way :)

P_Bomb1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

@Unholy One
My 360 downloads a GB the same speed as PSN. No faster. Blame your ISP.

Yet the 256 player shooters like MAG, 8 player co-ops like R2, and MMOAGs like DCUO, Dust514 and soon Planetside2 remain PSN feats. What good are 300,000 servers if there's nothing new to play on them and no UGC scene to speak of? Horsepower doesn't help a car on bricks.

theEx1Le1838d ago

You have 1 MB/S download speed, damn thats slow. To be honest, i haven't tested it enough to know for sure but PSN has always used most of my bandwidth were as Xbox live usually caps at about 60mbps. Well for me anyway.

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Gaming_Guru1838d ago

The main reason why i don't praise XBOX Live as much because they block you from content from the main disk if you don't buy DLC. This happens a lot with the XBOX 369 exclusives, yet it's suppose to be a robust system handling dynamic profiles. The PSN before PS4 does not do this, so i hope the PS4 follows.

Mystogan1838d ago

"The main reason why i don't praise XBOX Live as much because they block you from content from the main disk if you don't buy DLC."

No they don't.

And Xbox Live will always dominate PSN.

300.000 servers, nuff said.

Gaming_Guru1838d ago

Pop in any halo, gears of war, or fable game on the XBOX 360 and it will say DLC **** is needed to play this mode. You most likely don't notice because you buy the DLC so it never blocks you from using contain on the main disk.

omi25p1838d ago

This does happen, But it also happens on PSN, Uncharted 2 for example did it if you didnt have maps.

AngelicIceDiamond1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

MS new feature Smartmatch in X1 is simply genius. You don't have to wait in lobbies anymore. You can be watching a Movie, stream Netflix, Hulu, Music, TV, playing a different game anything while the system finds and sets up a game for you.

No more lobbies with annoying screaming kids or anything the system sets up matchmaking games for you and I'm sure its with your party of friends as well. I thought that was an interesting feature

PSN on PS4 is just made with a gamer in mind they have cross game chat, beacon like statuses, Facebook and twitter integration and that Share Button. Its updated, looks much quicker Sony put things fans have been wanting in the system.

Its simple, updated and rivals current 360's Live service.

Back to this. Current Live is great always has beem. MS wasn't the first to do console online MP, but they were the first to make it super popular and elevate it to mainstream status to where it is today.

Next gen Live: Smartmatch, Skype integration/ cross game chat, cloud powered, DVR gaming.

Gaming_Guru1836d ago

At: Omi25p

There is no playstation game that removes features due to DLC.

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nosferatuzodd1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

damage control in full swing a lot of Xbox fanboys cant believe that Microsoft can do no wrong so now there in full defensive mode try to sway ppl to Xbox if ppl want to buy ps4 stop crying about how good Xbox live is
you don't of to ask that this guy never even bin on psn all hes going on is hear say and rumors

GodGinrai1838d ago

I dont care for the adds. Not like they get in the way of anything I do on live. They dont even make a sound unless you click on them and they are just a few little boxes here and there that are barely even notice them.

I will say as somebody that has experience with both, that live FUNCTIONS better. Its more stable , more robust. And I only expect MS to improve on that with everything they are doing with X1. There are things that PSN cannot do ( cross game chat springs to mind) that I take for granted on live.

I pay for PSN because it offers free games and better choices in terms of what games they put in sales. MS tend to give you a lot of stuff you dont really want or already have, which really pisses me off.

P_Bomb1838d ago

PSN CAN do cross game chat, the Vita already does it and its confirmed for PS4 as well. The PS3 is old hardware. That's the issue. Just like the 360's DVD9 is dated and requires disc swapping compared to Bluray.

Cherchez La Ghost1838d ago

Stop with the Ad excuse! When you log on live, the ad is in the lower right corner. Also, Companies do sponsor like Chase bank this week with the XBL Specials. You even get free stuff like clothes and props for your avatar. You rarely notice them now. You only see them when you roll to select them. SMDH....

assdan1838d ago

It's a meg ripoff. We get no ads for free this gen. And text gen we will just get way better value. Have fun with your personalized kinnect ads.

pixelsword1838d ago

",It has however at times been more stable and reliable than psn multilayer"

At times?

For something you paid for?

That's rich.

wordthrower1838d ago

Xbox One is oriented around advertising from the ground up, expect to see adds become more prevalent, not less. End the commercial early by saying "McDonalds!"

MYSTERIO3601838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

I guess ill have to wait and see things can change.

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Cmk01211838d ago

Sony offers free games because the quality of the online service in terms of PLAYING GAMES is way inferior than on Xbox live. downloads take 10 times as long on PSN, free games are tied to having playstation plus. BUt its about playing games and having infrastructure set up for that, MS has that hands down better, its why sony throws in the perks of free games, the service for gaming just isnt up to snub in comparison. many people are forgetting this simple fact moving forward, JUST NOW get cross game chat on ps4???

DragonKnight1838d ago

Oh yes, because Live's P2P servers are perfect and superior. /s

UnHoly_One1838d ago

Of course not, but their matchmaking is WAY better, so in a roundabout way your sarcastic comment is actually correct.

We get better connections because the service is better. Period.

I've owned both consoles since launch, I've play a lot on both, and Xbox LIVE is a superior service. There is a reason why millions of people have been willing to pay for it for 10 years. Because it's amazing.

DragonKnight1838d ago

"There is a reason why millions of people have been willing to pay for it for 10 years. Because it's amazing."

Or because for the last 10 years, if you wanted to play multiplayer games on Live, you had no choice but to pay for Live. I know, hard to believe, but think about it.

nukeitall1838d ago


Yet there was this option called PSN which was free and people still didn't switch.

When you can't even get a simple feature like cross game chat or party chat after the competitor showed it years ahead.

I think those two things speak volume about the state of PSN.

P_Bomb1838d ago

Says who? My XBL Gold expires first week of August. If you wanna pay for my renewal go ahead, because I won't be.

DragonKnight1838d ago

@nukeitall: Given that PSN has twice as many ACTIVE members as Live, I'd say it's very possible they did switch.

And given that cross game/party chat isn't a network feature but a hardware feature, the only thing stopping PS3 from having it isn't an inferior network service but not enough RAM. Try again.

Lvl_up_gamer1838d ago

@ DragonKnight

You can make as many "active" accounts on PSN as you like. I currently have 3. Also, Sony combines online accounts from their mobile accounts and console accounts.

Your argument is shallow and lacks any kind of background understanding and knowledge.

MikeMyers1838d ago

"Given that PSN has twice as many ACTIVE members as Live, I'd say it's very possible they did switch."

Please provide REAL stats. Not Sony amalgamating PSN accounts that cover PS3 and Vita all while people are able to create multiple accounts on the same system. You have no idea how many people are active because neither company proves raw data to analyze.

DragonKnight1838d ago

@Lvl_Up_Gamer: Oh yes, I'm sure Microsoft don't combine their free Live accounts at all. Seriously, you Xbox fanboys are something else.

Welcome2Die1838d ago

LOL there is literally like 8 accounts on my friends Xbox and only one has XBL Gold. What you really think M$ doesnt bunch them all up together?


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xHeavYx1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

You keep telling yourself that, one day you may end up believing it. People make such a big deal of cross game chat, not sure what's so enjoyable of listening to 12 year old COD players talk about your mother. You also get a ton of ads on LIVE.
I don't know where you came up with the "downloads take 10 times as long on PSN", I never had a problem with the download speeds

Cmk01211838d ago

i like to be honest with myself ill keep that up. Its classic sony fan syndrome, any pro another console offers isn't a pro its a con. no real sense of debating opinions.

vinniects1838d ago

what does cross game chat have to do with annoying kids on call of duty. If anything cross game chat helps solve that problem. I have a ps3 and a 360 and the 360 does update and download a lot faster. You may not have a problem with download speeds because you are only use to playing on ps3.

UnHoly_One1838d ago

And you wouldn't have a problem with the download speeds because you have nothing to compare them to.

Take it from the people that actually use both consoles. If you download the same thing from both services using the same internet connection, you'll be lucky to be at 25% on your PSN download when your XBL download finishes.

I'm not exaggerating, it's the truth. Search the net a little bit, you'll read it everywhere.

LoveOfTheGame1838d ago

You do realize that cross game chat is what lets you not hear those 12 yr old COD players? Which, is why cross game chat is so good, thanks for pointing that out.

Oh, and the reason you never had a problem with the download speeds is because you only got one console, so you never noticed.

dethpuck1838d ago

Party chat is why you don't hear them

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PSN_ZeroOnyx1838d ago

By your own logic xbox live must be pretty crappy considering M$ is giving away 2 free games a month on X1, actually it's probably BC of the inferior hardware. And PS3 download times are not as horrible as xbox bro's keep screaming they are, in fact only xbox bro's make these claims BC they can't find real arguments to dog the PS3. They just cry BC they don't have the last of us. And go ahead and call TLoU crap BC that's what it's cried by jealous bro's.

GoodnessGreatness1838d ago

"There is a reason why millions of people have been willing to pay for it for 10 years. Because it's amazing." Oh gosh that's hilarious. Thank goodness I'm not one of those people who wasted their money with ads and lackluster games.

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from the beach1838d ago

Mostly because of the cloud, it seems likely Live will be best for online gaming next gen.

xHeavYx1838d ago

Get your head out of the clouds, back down on the ground (GNR) there are a million articles that explain how the cloud is nothing revolutionary, just another excuse for MS' inferior console

from the beach1838d ago

It's pretty obvious that having 300,000 servers will improve online play.. are these articles also explaining that water isn't wet?

You might want to get your head under an umbrella!

Cmk01211838d ago

Yet sony offers cloud services, all smoke and mirrors right?

Animal Mutha 761838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

For the 77 odd pence (about a dollar??) it costs me a week I think its a great service with quick updates, servers and downloads. The cross game chat and network features have always been solid and you get substantial dashboard and feature updates every year.

The odd advert tile doesn't bother me as I never select them.

I probably spend more on toilet roll each week than XBL.

Now if It had dedicated servers as standard for all major releases, cheaper than retail digital dls and better offers for gold members then it would probably be just about perfect (next gen???).

I'm not sure it will dominate the next gen as the competition will equal most of its feature set but MS will still have the superior server resources via Azure. PSN has come a long long way in part due to the strength of XBL.

Edit: Disagrees... ok then. Tell me which part you didn't agree with. 40+ million people think its good enough to pay for.

Perspective - 77p a week!!!

Hicken1838d ago

1: You don't pay for it by the week.

2: 40+ million includes Silver, which is free.

3: The ads shouldn't be there if you're paying. Period.

4: Azure isn't something specifically for XBL.

No_Limit1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

300,000 servers, 700 million was just also spent on a new server location in Iowa, all games will be on dedicated server, that in itself makes Live the best and will continue to lead the way into the future. It is just a multiplayer heaven and with such prominant games like Battlefield 4, Titanfall, Destiny, and Halo 5 all set to be on Live dedicated server, man, I can't wait!!! I can care less about paying for a weaker and less secure online service and getting rental games that the PSN offer.