Mark Cerny wants Knack to be the ‘on-ramp’ for console gaming

EDGE - Mark Cerny wants his character-led platformer to be accessible to kids, and challenging to hardcore games players.

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GreenRanger1717d ago

He reminds me of Chevy Chase in that picture.

3-4-51717d ago

Mark Cerny is awesome though and a nice guy. Chevy is a complete ass to everybody and that is why nobody likes him or even respects him anymore.

Two completely different people, but yea he kind of looks like Loyd Christmas from Dumb and dumber but wearing glasses. lol

Gratisfaction1717d ago

Knack is a "day-one" for me...

<--------As you can see

rezzah1717d ago

It'll be a new experience, and a change of pace. I'll be getting Knack for sure.

3-4-51717d ago

went through the top 100 games for N64 & PSOne last night and 90% of them were not Military shooters or even shooters at all.

At some point we could appreciate gaming without it having to be a FPS.

That ability still exists and this is the gen in which we finally realize and act upon it. This won't be a strictly FPS gen.

Lwhit61716d ago

Cerny has spoken. Therefore it will be.