PlayStation’s best one hit wonders – the games that never came back

PlayStation’s best one hit wonders – the games that never came back

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I_am_Batman1835d ago

Only game I played from that list is Vagrant Story. I've started a new playthrough yesterday and it's still awesome.

Blachek1835d ago

I seriously suggest Freedom Fighter to anyone, one of the most fun games I had played on PS2. I would love to see the game come to the next gen, preferably to both consoles.

This is a game that would be wonderful on the latest iteration of Frostbite.

Dead_Cell1835d ago

I'm suprised nobody took on board the concepts of that game, such as blowing a bridge up on one map so you could slow Russian reinforcements as you attack another. Blow a Heli-pad up so you didn't get choppered up on another map. I liked that, if you struggled finishing a map you could switch, knock a few emplacements out on another and the first map you did would become easier.

I also liked the fact your squad AI was bloody intelligent, and the squad commands was so so easy to do on the fly.

Blachek1835d ago

The multiplayer was strategic as well, it has my vote for an older game to reintroduce. Especially with the audience for shooters today.

RedHawkX1835d ago

gta5 is the new freedom fighters with the ability to switch between the 3 characters on the fly. but yeah freedom fighters was ground breaking i was like how is this game possible. so cool to control multiple dudes on a map and use strategy to take guys dudes out.

Dead_Cell1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

GTA V is literally nothing like Freedom Fighters..?

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ArchangelMike1835d ago

Vagrant Story was such an excellent game on the PS1, man that game kept me up on many nights. I just don't know why squeenix never made a sequel, or a reboot.

ShugaCane1835d ago

Primal made the list ? I think I'm going to cry. That's one of my favourite game ever. Sooo atmospheric, and the graphics were gorgeous. And the writing excellent. I'd die for a sequel.

RememberThe3571835d ago

Freedom Fighters was legit. IO really dropped the ball. How can you not make a sequel to that dopeness?

sly-Famous1835d ago

So if TLOU does not get a follow-up, will that mean it will be a one hit wonder?

I_am_Batman1835d ago

Yeah that's pretty much exactly what it means.

TenSteps1835d ago

Sly-Famous actually makes a good point. The term one hit wonder shouldn't be about the IP and the amount of games under its name but rather to the developers. I mean that's how it works with the music industry, the artist is called the one hit wonder with the song being the one hit and the artist being the "wonder" of that hit.

In this case it's easier to interchange the developer as the "artist" with the only successful game be it commercial or critical reception being the "one hit".

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The story is too old to be commented.