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Submitted by Benke 872d ago | rumor

Is Microsoft allowing indies to self publish?

Gamereactor have learned that Microsoft appear to be changing up their publishing policies to allow independent developers to publish on their platform according to information received from an unnamed developer. (Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Hard to tell
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Ksar  +   872d ago
"The developer also mentioned that there were discussion about cutting the cost of SDK (devkits) for select indie developers. Currently the daunting $10,000 price tag is a barrier to entry."

Great idea, Microsoft.
xHeavYx  +   872d ago
Great idea? All M$ has been doing is reverse their monopolistic policies. They try to mess around with everyone so that they can get every single penny for themselves. Then things don't go their way, and using the excuse that they "listen" to their consumers, they reverse their policies
Concertoine  +   872d ago
So reversing these bad policies is NOT a good thing? They shouldve kept their terrible indie policies? Im not a big fan of MS but id rather embrace change for the better then complain about it.
xHeavYx  +   872d ago
They shouldn't have tried to screw everyone over from the beginning. What makes you think they won't "turn on" DRM back in a couple years? What else will they come with to try to make more money?
Blaze929  +   872d ago
@xHeavYx lol we can clearly see, where you're headed with all this.
No_Limit  +   872d ago
"What else will they come with to try to make more money? "

Just like Sony requires payment from customers to play online; online pass in TLOU, and selling buildings to make a few bucks. All companies will try to come up with new ways to make money, where have you been all this time?
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xHeavYx  +   872d ago
You can use Netflix and other apps without having to pay for PS+, you still need to have Gold to use Netflix on Xbox.
"Online pass for TLOU" do you mean the $20 pass that saves you 30% compared to buying the DLC separately? Lame attempt, please try again.
I'm not saying companies don't try to make money. I'm saying that MS tried to screw people over to make money and it backfired
ZodTheRipper  +   872d ago
Come release, they reverted every policy to be even with Sony. They wanted to be like Apple and just execute their vision hoping people would buy their crap blindly ...this is beyond ridiculous.
No_Limit  +   872d ago
""Online pass for TLOU" do you mean the $20 pass that saves you 30% compared to buying the DLC separately? Lame attempt, please try again."

LOL, you clearly is trying to avoid answering about the online pass or you never bought the game to realize that an online pass is required to play online.

Class in session for gaming rookies:
Season pass =/= online pass. The online pass is on the back cover of the game manual in the TLOU.

ONLINE PASS - let u play online multiplayer
SEASAON PASS - Give's u dlc that will be coming soon.

Oh, and you still haven't my question about those building sales. ;)
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xHeavYx  +   872d ago
My bad on the passes, but I don't see how selling buildings hurt Sony fans with monopoly-like policies
KwietStorm  +   872d ago
"Select" indie developers. Baby steps?
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   872d ago
I don't spend 400/500 bucks for Indies.
JBSleek  +   872d ago
Very true but it does compliment the purchase.
NatureOfLogic  +   872d ago
@ miDnIghtEr20C_SfF

For 400/500 I expect more gaming options on my console. That would include Indie games. Your comment would actually make sense if consoles were primarily indie. With PS4 and PC, you get all of those blockbuster AAA game plus more(indie games). So you're basically saying that you "don't spend 400/500 bucks" for more, which is stupid.
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   872d ago
Uhmm.. Ok, I guess you could use that with the X1 and Kinect as well. It's just extras.

But ya... indie games are a dime a dozen when it comes to being good. it's nice to have 1 great one a year, but let's not kid ourselves. indie game after indie game coming out does not light up the ratings charts.
KwietStorm  +   872d ago
Neither do I. I spend it for games. And Indies are games too, plenty of them better than the $60 ones.
JBSleek  +   872d ago
Maybe a Gamescon announcement?
Wizziokid  +   872d ago
I don't see why they have to hold off to announce this change, if it's true, it has nothing to do with gamers this affects the indie developers more so.

If they waste time on it at a game event It's pretty stupid on their part. A press release will do the job and then they need to build bridges with the indie developers to prove they have changed.
JBSleek  +   872d ago
It is a waste of time an hour conference to say indies can now self publish?
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Belking  +   872d ago
This is bad news for N4g.
WeAreLegion  +   872d ago
No. It would be good news for N4G. More indie titles on both systems = more articles. I hope MS allows self-publishing.
XabiDaChosenOne  +   872d ago
More like good news, now we don't have to see stock home syndrome induced fanboys like your self consistenly damage controlling for Microsofts inane decisions.
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Belking  +   872d ago
Yea, you just proved my post The haters will always show their true colors. They just can't help
killerips   872d ago | Spam
THamm  +   872d ago
MS trying to regain health, but by slowly turning back and arrogantly relaying news, I really love the 360, but the X1 is just off to a very bad and slow start
Concertoine  +   872d ago
I agree, 360 is a great system from a rotten company ;)
carlingtat  +   872d ago
Hopefully. Can't understand why Microsoft would not allow Indie Game Developers to self publish.
shadyiswin  +   872d ago
go to the xbox live indie section,its full of sh*t lol,bunch of stupid games to the point you wont ever back to the section again,games with publishers behind them seem to be more legit,serious go look at the games under indie,it's horrible lol
creatchee  +   872d ago

shadyiswin is speaking the truth. For every legitimately good indie there are at least ten that rip it off to varying levels of functionality. And the dual stick shooters. For the love of god, there must be a billion dual stick shooters, mostly with zombies in them.

Indie games are very much a word of mouth thing for me because of this. It's hard to want to sort through the rough in order to find the diamonds. They used to have some peer review, but i think they gave up and let the inmates take over the asylum lol

That said, I think that Microsoft could have gone a different route than requiring a publisher. Hopefully they are, and hopefully there are some limitations as to what can be put on the service so they don't have the same atmosphere as indies on 360.
Death  +   872d ago
It always depended on the level of indie a developer decided to be. Oddworld is a great example of a developer who simply doesn't want to ditribute through a publisher anymore. That hardly makes them "indie", just cheap or greedy. Actual indie or hobbyist develoeprs were supported by Microsoft from 2004 with XNA on both Windows and Xbox. It wasn't until early this year XNA lost support mainly due to Windows 8 compatability issues. It's incredible how some just jump to the conclusion Microsoft is behind in indie support.
carlingtat  +   863d ago
@Shadyism @creatchee

Its about letting new developers get their name out there to become a AAA developer. You have to start from the ground up. If Microsoft stop the self publish then developers who could create a fantastic game will be stopped by the fact they can't self publish. I am currently developing my own games(Only 2D but its a start). I was looking to develop for XBLA and while I can do that now for the 360 I can't for the XB1. In other words its one less platform for me to publish my game on.
Jiggy7d  +   872d ago
Well this 180 is getting least it shows that competition and gamer/consumer anger does matter.I still think MS should get punished in November for even thinking of introducing all these things nobody wanted.....i think it will take them 2-3 years to recover from all that has happened since reveal, but their sales will probably pick up after that.Getting a PS4 day 1.....Xbox one in a few years.
MatriXcian  +   872d ago
Seems to me that Sony is forcing Microsofts hand in MANY departments in order to stay relevant. First the HUGE DRM turn around and now this. You MS fanboys should be on your knees thanking Sony if you ask me.
MasterCornholio  +   872d ago
Thats why i love intense competition between these two firms. If Microsoft was by themselves they would ruin the industry. The same goes for everyone else even Sony.

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