Top 10 Greatest Video Game Bosses

"One thing that makes a video game truly shine are the characters. Equally important are the villains and bosses found throughout the adventure. These nemesis’s that truly scare gamers, force strategy, create sweaty palms and racing pulses are the one’s that made our list. Join BootHammer as we go through our Top 10 Greatest Video Game Bosses of all time. (Note this is not in any particular order)." - BootHammer

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creatchee1561d ago

The sword colossus or the avion colossus could both easily be on this list. Such an amazing game.

BootHammer1561d ago

Definitely thought about it! A worthy nominee no doubt ;)

creatchee1561d ago

I know they didn't want to put multiple bosses from the same series, but The End from MGS3 has to be up there.

BootHammer1561d ago

That and quite a few other bosses from the MGS series could easily make the cut, but like you stated, I didn't want to choose multiple bosses from one franchise.

Smoovekid1561d ago

Culex SM RPG: Legend of the seven stars

BootHammer1561d ago

I had to look this guy up...what made the battle memorable for you? I never did finish the Super Mario RPG, need to wrap that game up one of these days!

ContraCode1561d ago

And The Hydra from God of War was pretty wicked.