Motorstorm 2 Replay Screens

Magazine scans, don't you just love them? Motorstorm 2, sequel to the rumoured highest selling software title for Sony's platform, is storming its way to you on Fall 2008. Check out these images of the replay playback plus some information:

- A high level of motion blur is used
- Create/Customise your own drivers
- Customise vehicles (ala Forza 2)
- In-game Music is enabled
- Tracks in jungles, beaches, caves, mountain hills, volcano crater (lava included)
- Visuals are not downgraded in Split-Screen
- Improved damage system
- Improved camera angles during crashes
- Cockpit view is not in

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Meus Renaissance3882d ago

I really like the customisation features Forza 2 has. Hopefully they incorporate it so we can add images to our cars and edit them on a website, then upload the data and download the cars to use online.

Motorstorm 2 will be amazing. It'll have everything you'd want in an Arcade racer, the first one was so close yet so far from being a classic. It just needed the Offline Multiplayer. Now that this version will include that, I cant wait for more information.

I dont know how I'm going to justify the money I'll be spending this year to my girlfriend or parents. Anyone who wants to donate money, PM please lol

sonarus3882d ago

yea i really like the customization in forza as well. If GT could some how allow custom paint jobs...faints

Anyway. MS2 looks to be a definite improvement over the original. I wish we had better scans though. I can't wait to play the game won't be a system seller or anything but a worthy sequel to a great game.

thor3882d ago


I wouldn't want GT to have custom paint jobs, it would kind of ruin the beautiful look of the game. So would damage, for that matter... hmm...

InMyOpinion3882d ago

Sounds awesome. Forza 2 does have more than just custom paint jobs though. You can also swap parts like head- and rearlights, spoilers, side skirts. On some cars you can even swap entire drivetrains(from FR to 4WD etc) and engines.

The ability to customize your character also sounds great. Kinda like in PGR4, perhaps?

VirusE3882d ago

Thor i am really confused about your comments. Haven’t played forza 2 or seen the simply amazing custom paint jobs people come up with obviously. I personally would prefer being given the option to choose if i get car damage or not. If you don’t like it turn it off. See both sides can have their cake and eat it too. I have never heard anyone complain about adding extra features to a game.

scroll down and look at some of the paint jobs people have made.

Imagine what some of the paint jobs would look like with the GFX of GT5. How could you not want that feature in gt?!?!?

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crazy250003882d ago

will definitely pre-order this

Real Gambler3882d ago

Motorstorm racer since day one.

Intend to be a Motorstorm 2 racer from day one too!

Let's ruuuuuuuuumble!

Athlon3882d ago

Those pics are really nice eye candy. This game is gonna be so awesome!

timmyp533882d ago

i know they can make it so you can uload images to customize car etc because the XMB is just waiting to be used in-game =)

Storm233882d ago

No in-car view. Are you kidding me. That is the only way I could race in MotorStorm 1, which I had so much fun with btw, because it was where you really got a good sense of speed. If this is true, then they better up the speed or I will be pissed.

(haha, it wouldn't let me post my original message because I had c*ck in c*ckpit)

Perkel3882d ago

u are wrong :) there is no in-car view in MS read: "IN-CAR" (u see wheel), u mean hood camera not in-car :)

EZCheez3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

Are you sure that's not what they're talking about?

Why else would it even be mentioned? No point in telling someone that something won't be there when it wasn't there to begin with.

I'm loving the music options though. Racing games need that option more than any other.

techie3882d ago

EZChez - people were expecting it because of the original CG trailer. It was missing from MS1 - and I was hoping it wouldn't be missing from ms2. We'll see.

Perkel3882d ago

" Are you sure that's not what they're talking about? "

nope, but hood camera and in-car camera are diffrent, and many people (me tooo :D) want in-car, not only hood camera :) I'll buy tomorow NEO+ (i'm from Poland) and I will see what they said about "no in-car camera" :) I'll let you know :) Wait till tommorow :)

i'm sleepy ^^ ... ZZZzzzZZZzzz.. bye

BTW these screens are just OMG ! I'll see tommorow how graphic looks like. And I already said "i'll let you know :)" in that case too :)

thor3882d ago

In-car view in motorstorm you would probably only see mud on your windscreen anyway lol

R2-JD3881d ago

@5.5 I agree with you Thor!

That is why they should put working windshield wipers on the vehicles for the in-car view!


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