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Submitted by eezo 872d ago | news

DICE comments of PS4 vs Xbox One Comparison, says PC is Always Better

DICE Vice President, Karl Magnus has commented on one of the hottest gaming issue on internet, comparison between "PS4 and Xbox One" RAM memory and the amount of memory allocated especially for games (7GB is reserve for games in case of PS4 whereas only 5GB is reserve in case of Xbox One). (Dice, PS4, Xbox One)

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Tatsuya  +   872d ago
no pc talk
It's a comparison between the next gen consoles. PC wasn't even suppose to be part of the discussion..

I'm looking forward to play BF4 on my PS4 with 64 players! It's going to be fukin awesome!
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CalamityCB  +   872d ago
The fun of 64 players dies down after you figure out it is a immense cluster fuck which only works on open maps "COUGH COUGH OPERATIONMETRO COUGH COUGH"

It's about time Xbox+Playstation gamers get to experience the FULL battlefield experience.
Dazel  +   872d ago
Some of the smaller maps on PC BF3 with 64 players are just terrible. To many players running around like headless chickens.
JsonHenry  +   872d ago
^^ I agree. Which is why I don't play certain maps if 64 players are enabled.
Fishy Fingers  +   872d ago
Calamity is correct in what he says, although when you consider Operation Metro is probably the most popular map (especially pre CC DLC) you have to conclude, a lot of people enjoy a good old fashioned cluster f***.

Joy of online gaming, mainly found on PC, server filters.
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MWong  +   872d ago
Agreed, I am just happy console players get to a broader BF experience on the next-gen consoles. Nothing in this article is new news, BF is a PC game.

If Operation Metro is one of those confirmed DLC maps I hope they update. I also would love an updated Arica Harbor, Panama Canal and Atacama Desert from BC2.
andibandit  +   872d ago
"The fun of 64 players dies down"

Never, the chaos is part of the fun
Lior  +   872d ago
the 64 player operation metro is awesome, lots of players to get kills
DeadlyFire  +   872d ago
Well in Battlefield 2 maps were scalable changed sizes for the amount of players. Some how that didn't happen in Battlefield 3 at all. 64 players = same map size. 8 players = same map size.

I think they left that feature out due to console limitations.
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Crazy Larry  +   872d ago
This article is so poorly done. It skipped Karls main comment. This interview came out today in the August Game Informer. The sentence right after this he started talking about Microsofts Cloud, and that even though it's early in the stages, he believes it will be able to scale like PC's do, progressively making games better over time. His answer was far more focused on MS's Cloud service over this "PC is always better" crap. The title is very misleading.
FITgamer  +   872d ago
@Crazy Larry No link?
windblowsagain  +   872d ago
I agree about the carnage, but tbh metro isn't a great map anyway. But it's fun with alot of people. Reminds me of killzone2 carnage in small area's.

But yeah open world maps are awesome with alot of players.
JunioRS101  +   872d ago
Ya as a pc player i was so excited about 64 players til i got in a 64 player small map game which isn't really even fun. average lifespan drops to like 30 seconds.

Operation metro, but also grand bazaar
Crazy Larry  +   872d ago
Here's the best I could do. (tinypic url)
Karl goes to say that it will interesting to see PC scalability possible on consoles because of Xbox cloud computing.

I'm not trying to make this a PS4 vs X1 debate; I'm just saying this interview was not about the superiority of PC's, which is what this misleading headline is stating.

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pixelsword  +   871d ago
MAG never felt clustered, even on the 256 player Domination stages. Domination in the last sections felt good playing either when winning or losing because a good board design will prevent that clustered feeling.
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jairusmonillas  +   871d ago
Huh? that's weird below 32 is borefest. 64 players is the best experience. you probably haven't experienced 64 players yet :P
InTheZoneAC  +   871d ago
funny, on ps3 I quit the room once I saw it was operation metro as the next map.

I thought the map was garbage and I hardly ever played anything outside of Conquest
NegativeCreepWA  +   871d ago
AT first I didn't like Metro with 64 players, but once I got rid of the urge to always push forward like on consoles, I started to like it.

It's a big tug of war match, you need a large amount of people to all push forward at once to gain any ground. If any thing, it takes a lot team work to push forward.
1nsomniac  +   871d ago
I agree, I always set my maximum players to 48. Thats more than enough there's no need for more then that as it just ends up spoiling the game as it turns it from a BF playstyle to a COD playstyle.
modesign  +   871d ago
battlefield MP is 10 players shooting themselves and the rest waiting for their turn on the fighter jets.
fr0sty  +   871d ago
The headline is misleading. He said "Naturally we’re very excited now seeing consoles that actually close in on what the PCs of today can do...", meaning there won't be much difference between the PC and console versions. He then goes on to say that (naturally) PC will gain an edge on the consoles "as time goes on". That is to be expected.

The real meat of his statement is the acknowledgement that the PS4's tech advantages don't just exist "on paper" as some others have tried to suggest.
nukeitall  +   872d ago
Why no PC talk?

It is a viable platform like any other.

Fact of the matter is, PC will almost always be superior and if it isn't it will be shortly afterwards.

However, PCs have it's own set of problems, but that is for another discussion.
CBaoth  +   872d ago
you answered your own question
unless it's a ham-fisted cashed-in port, it will ALWAYS be the best version. That's not a knock on console gaming. I don't need a comparison article pointing out some jaggies on an elbow to re-affirm my purchase (I know that's not quite the case here). I only need know if it's a shit port amigo.
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starchild  +   872d ago
Because he is biased. Playstation fanboys like to hate on Xbox and Wii owners and the PC kind of gets in the way of that. This pisses them off.

They want to hate on the other consoles and act superior to the other console fanboys with impunity. So they have to bash the PC and pretend that it doesn't really matter or count.
GDDR6_2014  +   872d ago
Because Sony fanboys can only talk specs and graphics to MS and Nintendo fanboys, just look at the comment section on next gen consoles articles
striped94  +   871d ago

Noone hates on PC because it gets in the way of bashing. I can completely agree that a PC with relatively current hardware will always be better than consoles. My current rig is an FX processor with an HD 6850, and I get decent performance. However, I only plan on upgrading my system very slowly or slightly over the next few years.

My next console will be the PS4. It's just too expensive for my liking, and I like the fact that consoles offer the better social aspect of playing with more friends and people you know. The GPU is a pretty strong upper-mid range in todays standards, and with optimization I imagine I'll be more than content with it's performance.
Nafon  +   871d ago
He was asked about PS4 vs XB1, not PS4 vs XB1 vs PC. He probably wanted to remain unbiased, so he just avoided the question and said PC is best lol. I'm sure he could have answered the question, but he chose not to, and that's OK.
Silly Mammo  +   871d ago
Consoles are a closed platform whereas a PC is an upgradeable platform. That's why PC's should be excluded when talking about the PS4/X1/WiiU.
dcj0524  +   871d ago
Think about it this way. For $400 your getting a high-end PC worth at least $800. It'll be able to run games at the highest settings and (hopefully, gotta optimize right) in 1080p for the next 2-3 years. It gets exclusives that the PC will never have ( PC has exclusives too obviously) and most likley have more people= more support. Consoles don't get that bad until the last 2-3 years of its life when the PC is a much better investment because you can build a $350 PC that outperforms PS3&360 for the last 2-3 years.
Colzer01  +   872d ago
because no matter what PS4 is gonna lose to PC, and this site couldn't afford Sony brand is getting a trash talk
nick309  +   872d ago
Hence the disagrees.
imchuckbass   872d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(6)
limewax  +   872d ago
PC wasn't part of the discussion? Pretty sure the DICE VP was directly speaking about PC himself, whether or not it sits well with you for a discussion isn't the topic of the interview.

BF will always remain superior on the PC if only due to the continued community activity well beyond the lifespan on consoles. Playing BFBC2 on 360 prior to BF3 wasn't fun, unless you like 2v2.

Only once did consoles get an advantage over PC with BF and that was due to the omission of VOIP in BF3, which still wasn't enough to stop it from being the best version to play. If they ditched Origin would be nice too.
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thechosenone  +   872d ago
So then it's PC>PS4>XB1. >:D
AliTheSnake1  +   871d ago
PC should never be compared to Consoles.
Because PS4 and X1 are optimized PCs. You can have a PC that is worse than a ps2 and you can have one straight from NASA. PS4 and X1 are fixed. All copies will work and look the same way, any flaw is not your fault it's the developer's. That is not true for PC. People have different Rams and graphics cards. Go to any forum of any Popular PC game. All you see is, people asking why is this running this way and why is that running that way, and how to do this and what option to turn on and off to get specific performance.
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Ragthorn  +   871d ago
Consoles are fixed pieces of hardware, PCs are an upgradeable platform. Console games look better as they age because developing for them gets easier over time and fine-tuning comes after.
Tatsuya   872d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(4)
Lior  +   872d ago
You say that because u bleed anything pc talk
ILive  +   872d ago
The only way pcs are better are through graphics capability, graphical options, and price most of the time. Thats it. Everything else depends on the person; we cannot argue about the graphics. At the end of the day all this isn't that big of a deal.
bednet  +   872d ago
ok so
Graphics = check
AI = check
Physics = check
particles = check
performace = check
online = check (free)
Price = check
Keyboard/Mouse or Controller = check
Dedicated servers (community run) = check

What else is there for consoles to be better at?
papashango  +   871d ago

There's always internet polls.
stone_cold  +   872d ago
i hate PC

and its fans
GDDR6_2014  +   872d ago
We hate you more
Lior  +   872d ago
stone_cold snake
pete007  +   871d ago
And i hate console fanboys who play just when mom and dad authorise
Nes_Daze  +   871d ago
They are bitter people, only thing they have to talk about are graphics, yet they miss out on a crapload of exclusives every gen lol.
mxrider2199  +   871d ago
lols at pete 007 did mommy and daddy not buy you a console so you dont like it?
tee_bag242  +   871d ago
I have all the consoles and a PC. I am the least bit bias.

So ill say this -

The thing that annoys me about console fanboys, its you constantly fight about which console is more powerful and has better graphics, when the truth is they are punch for punch, neck and neck, almost the same. IF one is more powerful than the other, its usually negligible. So when you bring up which console is more powerful, you sound like such tools to someone who owns as decent PC.
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DecoyOctopus  +   872d ago
Talk about avoiding the question, so does PS4 have an advantage over Xbox one? -PC is better!
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Crazy Larry  +   872d ago
Double post.

Related image(s)
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dontbhatin  +   872d ago
If it wasn't for the PC, This game never would have existed.
Ragthorn  +   871d ago
You are so right man, some people forget the origins of a series!
Fergusonxplainsall  +   871d ago
Computers are all around us. I wont get personal about it but they are always open for upgrade$ and they're the backbone of every game.

Consoles are dedicated hardware that doesn't require optimizations for endless user's configurations of hardware they own.
dontbhatin  +   871d ago
Yeah they are the backbone of every game but not every game started as an award winning game exclusively on PC.

I get what you are saying, but that wasn't my point.
Tsar4ever  +   871d ago
What I got from this artical is that dice guy kinda sorta admitted that the ps4 version should come out better cuz read the key words like MORE RAM and MORE POWER YIELDS BETTER RESULTS. We all know that on paper, ps4 has up to 50% more umph than xbox1, and he doesn't want to be accused of playing console gaming politics so he skates around it by saying pc this & pc that, but ps4 & xbox1 are also now actually semi customed PC's. This is how I read it.
dcj0524  +   871d ago
I suppose. PC will, like he said, ALWAYS be best ( honestly someone should make a poll showing the majority of PCs users, I find it hard to believe that EVERY SINGLE PC GAMER, has a $700+ rig that can outperform Next-gen Consoles for the next 7 years.) but the second best thing spec wise is PS4 so yeah, i suppose he did indirectly say the PS4 version is better than the XBOX ONE's.
CYBERHATER  +   871d ago
_QQ_  +   871d ago
But it is the truth,PC is just as much a game system as consoles.
Vladplaya  +   871d ago
You man bro? Oh you mad...
scott12spear   871d ago | Spam
Xer0_SiN  +   872d ago
no shit pc is always gonna be better! it has upgradeable components vs fixed (minus hard drive). its like saying a pb&j sandwich is better than a shit sandwich.
Angeljuice  +   872d ago
Pb&j sandwiches are just about as filthy and disgusting as shit sandwiches. Nice to see you have such a sophisticated palette.
Hicken  +   872d ago
Wait a minute... what?
Lou Ferrigno  +   872d ago
Oh hell na you didn't just diss my Pb&j >:I .. Get in the corner NOW! And stay there and meditate on the decision you made today and reflect on them so that you may come back ,apologize and eat a PB&j :)
striped94  +   871d ago
lol wtf kind of pb&j have you been eating man?
Smashbro29  +   871d ago
Woah! No one gets to pick on my PB&J!
T2  +   872d ago
I am still surprised actually that consoles don't offer upgrades to hardware over time. It may make things a bit more complex, but you would think they could code a game to accept say more RAM or a better CPU in newer systems... this would extend the life of a system, add hardware to a list of add-ons people would purchase, or even encourage people to buy a newer system... Look at RROD, it was an accident, but how many people ditched their old 360 and tried to get the updated, better versions? pretty much all of them... since they had to lol.
I'm not saying I would be in favour of this model, as I think it adds to the headache when a console is supposed to be maintenance free, I'm just saying I'm surprised they haven't capitalized on it.
punisher99  +   871d ago
"I am still surprised actually that consoles don't offer upgrades to hardware over time."

Because it would hurt the sales of games. If a developer would make a game that requires that upgrade, they would miss out on a lot of sales.
tee_bag242  +   871d ago
You are obviously new to the gaming world.. evidently post n64.
ala_767  +   872d ago
That's why I hate EA games.... Money comes more from Console gaming and yet they keep on talking against us!!!
awi5951  +   872d ago
PC built this I.P what's your point your getting a port be happy. If uncharted came to pc do you want us to bitch about its not the best on pc.
GDDR6_2014  +   872d ago
They are just telling the truth. Just like saying ps4 version will look better than ps3 version, well duh
sorane  +   872d ago
Money comes more from console gaming???? PC gaming made more last year than the 360 and ps3 combined....
Jumper09  +   871d ago
lol not true
sorane  +   871d ago
yes true.....
ded1020  +   871d ago
you got a source for that bold statement?
sorane  +   871d ago
yeah I looked it up on it really that hard to find?
ded1020  +   871d ago
Why do PC gamers want consoles to fall? I don't think we'd have even 1/3rd of the games we play and love today without the market having all these options. Unlike an increasing number of people here who like to brag about their rigs being so powerful and near sentient, I don't think there's 250 million+ people that are willing to make that same commitment. Building a PC. unless you make the big plunge out the gate, be prepared to make yearly upgrades to your machine. Upgrades that wouldn't be necessary otherwise. I would think PC gamers should be nothing but excited because the bar has been raised.

tee_bag242  +   871d ago
You are right. PC gamers are happy. Many just wanted the console bar to be raised a little higher.
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HonestDragon  +   871d ago
I think it's more so that PC fanboys just love being able to show off the graphical power of their computers. Another common trait of PC fanboys is how they can list everything in their PC that they spent money on. To me, that's how it usually comes off as them wanting consoles to fall. I think it's just more so that they are too proud of their gaming platform. Their egos just become bloated as a result.

I have a few friends who have very good PC rigs, but game on consoles more often. PC gets expensive to upgrade over time, which you are right in that the commitment to spare the cash for a gaming PC rig is something that has to be considered but not acted on immediately. For us, we would rather buy a new game over a new part for our tower. Besides, I'm happy with how my PC is. I don't need that much to make games seem "powerful" or "fluid". I just want to game.
Kryptix  +   872d ago
Of course, PC will be better due to upgradeable specs but it's still amazing what next gen consoles will be able to do from what we have now. Be thankful that us console gamers will be able to experience 64 player mayhem now, it what we mostly wanted. And hopes that someday the numbers double, improvements in gameplay are always good, no matter what.
Geezus  +   872d ago
"The above statement of Karl Magnus simple means for Battlefield 4 PC>PS4>Xbox One." more like Pc > Ps4= Xbox one, since BF4 is a third party game its essentially gunna be the same game on both consoles (graphics, features, performance...etc all similar) ala BF3 360/ PS4
Tatsuya  +   872d ago
yeah, keep telling yourself that buddy..
Geezus  +   872d ago
when it comes to any game man PC games > console games 99.99% of the time.... on consoles you cant seriously argue that the Ps4 version of bf4 will be leaps and bounds better than the xbox version or vice versa its gunna be essentially the EXACT same game ala bf3 360/ ps3... i was just calling out that ludicrous statement made in the article by the writer
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Mini0510  +   871d ago
what are you implying? Geezus is wrong? I think he/she is speaking the truth
Maninja  +   872d ago
BF3 looks better on the PS3 than the 360 so I don't know what you're talking about
CrimsonStar  +   872d ago
It looked exactly the same , but if I wore thick PlayStation fanboy goggles like you I would be blind as well . Multiplatform games will always be the same or so close you can't tell them apart . The only way to see a difference will be through 1st part games , and news flash Battlefield is not a PlayStation exclusive .
Maninja  +   872d ago
I had this gen both a playstation 3 and a 360, and I didn't even touch my ps3 for years because I preferred my 360. Now with the upcominge release of the PS4, which I prefer over the Xbox one, I had to sell a system because money's pretty tight right now. So I sold my 360 because of the last of us, which is a great reason to have a ps3. I then decided to get battlefield 3, a game I've been playing on my 360 for the past two years, for my ps3, and I could easily tell that the PS3 version appeared superior. Yes it might have been a small difference like you said, but having gotten used to the 360 for so long, it was a difference I noticed. So NEVER accuse me of being a playstation fanboy
T2  +   872d ago
I can't comment on BF3 but games like TLOU definitely show PS3 potential and power... I will be selling the 360 soon too, but not for that reason... but it is almost scary how dead the system has been ... what was the last 360 game, halo 4?? And it's 19.99 already... MS loves to put out new crap all the time, but this past year has stuck in my mind big time... I won't be getting an xbone until I see more than a years worth of solid IP's.... my experience is that they can not be trusted to support a system continually.
Mini0510  +   871d ago
lol what a fanboy. Pretty sure it looks more or less the same.
Some parts are better on 360. Some parts are better on ps3
sly-Famous  +   872d ago
Here we go again. I can here ND laughing.

Tell me, if PC is so much better then why are the games so unimaginative.
warewolfSS  +   872d ago
Are you for real?
sly-Famous  +   872d ago
Very much so. The reason PC gamers always go-on about graphics is because of the lack quality in game-play.
starchild  +   872d ago

What a load of crap.

First of all, console gamers talk about graphics just as much as PC gamers, even though graphics on consoles aren't up to the level of PCs.

Second of all, the PC is all about innovation. It's where almost everything starts that eventually makes it's way to consoles. On PC the indie scene alone had far, far more innovation than we saw on the consoles this generation.

And by the way, there is no reason a person can't care about innovation AND image quality and performance. They aren't mutually exclusive concepts you know.
#6.1.2 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(5) | Report
Thehyph  +   872d ago
I disagree with your statements. PC has a long history of game innovation in both design and story. The works of Blizzard, Interplay, Firaxis Lucas Arts, and Valve can't be overstated. Even EA had a period of great significance. (Maxis, Westwood, Origin, Bullfrog)
Also, there was an element of hardcore depth that PC games had. I haven't seen one console FPS game ever place significance on the match clock/timer. If you've ever played a game like Quake then you realize how incredibly important it is. Picking up the red armor or mega health, memorizing how long it takes to respawn, applying that to your clock on the fly and having a knowledge built up of how fast you can get back there from any part of the map.

I don't PC game anymore, but to dismiss it would be insane.
My favourites: Alpha Centauri, Fallout 2, Quake 3, Counter-Strike, TFC. I can't think of console equivalents of ANY of those games off the top of my head.
Now I mostly play Skate on ps3, which has NO computer equivalent.
xPhearR3dx  +   871d ago

"The reason PC gamers always go-on about graphics is because of the lack quality in game-play"

Oh you mean like Minecraft? Oh yea, those graphics put Uncharted to shame /s
Reefskye  +   872d ago
What because scripted game play segments like Uncharted and The last of us are all the rage now? i own a PS3 and played all the exclusives they all suffer from the same thing at the moment scripted game play not matter what you do each time you play its the same interactive scene will happen again and again. Like the scene at the start of uncharted 2 and being chased by the helicopter while running through the buildings.. or the very last scenes in MGS 4.. you could put the pad down in the microwave chamber and snake would just pull his own way through.

These scenes are good for story telling i loved all these games fact of the matter is the game is no longer true game play is an interactive action movie. All the scenes are scripted the only thing u have control over is your character, you can not change the way these segments of game play out. Its not imaginative and innovate game play its makes a segment of the game practically in to a film.. Ever since ND made Uncharted this stripping of game play has infected most games from Farcry 3, mass effect to even BF4, oh amazing i get to watch a movie and press 1 or two button every couple of mins.. This is what killed the Sage Saturn and you now its imaginative???

These games where made to show of the best of the PS3 yet their maps are tiny and linear as they could possibly get and the out come never chances

Don't get me wrong i actually have 4 PS3s in my house and i love each one of these games.

But PC by a long shot has the best community mod-ability and longevity in its games.

i use to always use this site for PS3 news.. i bought most AAA titles on day release but this site makes me ashamed to even own a PS3 anymore. No one can say nothing about anything unless its PS3/4. Mature a bit if it was not for the PC gamer's PS4 wouldn't be no where near as adv as it is now.. PC gamers are what drive hardware innovation from AMD, Nivida, Intel. The war for the CPU/GFX superiority is driven by these companies wanting the put out the best hardware on the PC, Not the PS4 or X1. Since the 90's PC gaming has driven the PC market which drives hardware cheaper and smaller for each of your consoles.
warewolfSS  +   872d ago
Don't you know that's Blaphemy in these parts of the internet?
sly-Famous  +   872d ago
And being scrpited is wrong? Just because a game has scripted areas does detract from a game being brilliant, you mention MGS4 and U2 two of the best games in gaming history, not a very good examples for your argument. You talk about map sizes, try MAG.
ILive  +   872d ago
Uncharted is supposed to be played as such, otherwise it wouldnt be uncharted. I dont know about what you mean in regards to player control when the only time we dont have control are during cutscenes. You dont have a choice to tackle objectives in multiple ways because it is not the type of game it is meant to be. I have no idea why last of us is even included.

You see I like how you say you have all these ps3's to try to neutralize your argument. I am not saying you dont own them, nor am I saying you arent right about fanboyism on this site, which you will find ranges in favor of the wiiu, ps3, ps4, xbox360, pc, and xbox. You also get one of them saying they are ashamed to own a certain platform anymore like you stated because of fanboyism, which is pointless because there is fanboyism for each platform. You are right sbout one thing...people should mature a bit. It is not the console that makes people spout out garbage out of their mouths, its the people that spout garbage out of their mouths.
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iMixMasTer872   871d ago | Spam
ded1020  +   871d ago
tldr: "I have tons of expendable income and am ashamed that others don't want to blow their money on 4 PS3's and Universe rendering PC's like me. Also I hate scripted gameplay."

About right?
Death  +   871d ago
"tldr: "I have tons of expendable income and am ashamed that others don't want to blow their money on 4 PS3's and Universe rendering PC's like me. Also I hate scripted gameplay."

About right?"

I have 4 Xbox 360's, a launch PS3, Wii, and multiple gaming PC's/gaming laptops. Scripted gameplay while entertaining, isn't exactly earth shattering or fun all the time. PC gaming can be very similar to console gaming, but has more input options which broadens the available genre's. RTS on a console isn't the same as a PC and FPS can be more fun with a mouse and kb. Indie gaming is also more widespread on PC's since a distribution channel isn't needed.

Console gaming this coming gen isn't far off from PC gaming. Graphically it'll still be a generation behind and the online is more restrictive with the need to have Live or PSN.

Reefskye from the sound of it has more experience on more platforms than most. To me that gives him a little more objectivity and more credibility than someone who games on a single platform.
CrimsonStar  +   872d ago
lol wow were talking about graphics not games creativity you big dumby .
Coach_McGuirk  +   871d ago
innovation starts on the pc and then years later it trickles down to consoles.
dcj0524  +   871d ago
innovation starts on both.With out consoles there wouldn't be as much genres we love today. WIth out PC there wouldn't be as much genres as there is today. both are good in their own ways, I honestly don't see the argument. I sip the playstation kool-aid, its tasty, but that doesn't make it the be all end all.
#6.5 (Edited 871d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
fullmetal297  +   871d ago
I dunno... I can't see your piont of view when there are awesome mods like Day Z, the Hidden, Trouble in Terrorist Town, and Hide n Seek Gmod that keeps me coming back for more. Lets not forget the older mods like zombies, gun game, and hardcore that are now standard game modes for consoles. Yep... really can't see your POV.
Mini0510  +   871d ago
lol I think the gameplay is the same here? same game BF4.

Seriously drop your fanboy crap and get a grip
XINTSUAI  +   872d ago
I want to see a PC of 399 run BF4 with the same quality that the game will Run on PS4.
imchuckbass   872d ago | Personal attack | show | Replies(2)
warewolfSS  +   872d ago
Why do ps only owners feel the constant need to defend the brand. Like undying devotions. It comes off as serious insecurity. There isn't one Xbox only owner in here doing that. There's at least 5 or 6 Sony guys already.
CrimsonStar  +   872d ago
Thank you , it's very sad to see people act so bias and insecure towards their console like its there own child .
Coach_McGuirk  +   871d ago
definite insecurity
jeffgoldwin  +   872d ago
I wanna see a pc that charges you $50-60/year to play online. Every platform has it's own set of pros and cons.
imchuckbass  +   872d ago
I think it's a myth that consoles are cheaper. They merely spread the cost out over a longer time period, which makes them 'seem' cheaper, i.e like a payday loan

initial cost = $399
Games = 20 x $50 = $1000 (maybe you'll buy even more)
Online = $50 x 10 years = $500
Controllers (they break, or for multiplayer) = 4 x $50 = $200
Second console, because the first one will inevitably die (though it'll be cheaper, because it's later in lifecycle) = $199

Etc. I could go on. My point is they're not as cheap as you think, the cost is just spread out which makes it easier for people, compared to

Initial cost = $1000 (though old parts can be sold, when upgrading to newer parts)
Games = a lot cheaper
Online = $0

#7.3.1 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(16) | Report
FanboyCrusher  +   872d ago
Like the cheaters on PC versions of games that can simply make a new FREE account and pirate the game when they get banned. Everything has a draw back, and paying for multiplayer is pretty lame, but it has it's upsides.
I_am_Batman  +   872d ago
I agree that every platform has it's pros and cons. But you get a lot of value for the $50-60 a year. It's not like you're paying just to play online. It sucks that online play is behind the paywall though.
ExCest  +   872d ago

You can't pirate a game and get an official version that way. What's the point of making a new account to fill with pirated games? That's impossible and inefficient.
T2  +   871d ago
@Imchuckbass - obviously the amount of money you put in to any system is directly related to how much you are into the hobby...
But at least attempt a solid comparison between the two systems.

Console - 399
Online - 50 x 7 = 350 (cmon ten years?!)
Controllers (they do not break or lose charge give it up already) - 4 x 50 = 200
second console (lol also untrue) = 199
Games = 1000 (fine by me)

Ok so you assessed a ps3 lifetime at approx. 2150 for a lifetime (7 years adjusted). Fine I can live with that (kind of although your numbers are very subjective)

Now PC you already put in initial of
1000 = system
games = 20 x 40 = 800 (you put in zero, completely biased and I reject sales prices as I got tons of ps3 games FREE this gen.)
controllers = 4 x 30 = 120 ( you put in zero, but you stated you need 4 controllers, and for high quality pc controllers they are not markedly cheaper).
online = free (unless you are playing MMO which could be up to 100/year easily)
updates to pc - you stated that you would buy a second system within ten years. are you saying a 7 year old PC will play new games ?? LOL
"second" pc = updated hardware = 200

For a final PC cost of 2120 and that is comparing two ps4's over a 7 year span to only putting 200 dollars in your 7 year old pc...
#7.3.5 (Edited 871d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(5) | Report
andibandit  +   872d ago
I want to see a 399 PS4, thats lets me do office work.
Angeljuice  +   872d ago
Really? Its a games machine not a glorified word processor that also plays games.
Scroticus  +   872d ago
I built my PC for gaming, not office work. So it's a gaming machine that does office work, internet, photo processing, video editing... List goes on, but to sum it up! It literally does everything. What can your PS3/4 do?
T2  +   871d ago
actually the ps3 already lets you print, surf the net, and do anything else online. It doesn't have MS office but who the f would use it for that?
And if you do, that means you also spend time updating virus software, dealing with patches, conflicts, crashes, and all the other b.s. that makes me want to smash my office pc all the time... no thanks, I will leave that at the office.
fullmetal297  +   871d ago

I use Excel all the time at my job and Word to type my school papers. I highly doubt you even work at an office if you bought up the question "who uses MS Office" when EVERYBODY at my job has a copy of Office on their PCs and schools require Microsoft Office classes as a mandate.
Tsar4ever  +   871d ago
Let the Hackers get to ps4/xb1. They will get windows 7/8, linux and apple os working on both consoles.
kingduqc  +   872d ago
I want to see you understand that in 3 year even if you paid 800$ for that pc you will make it up for with steam sale, too hard to understand that I bet..
GDDR6_2014  +   872d ago
You forgot you need to pay $50 a year to play games like bf4 online on ps4, pay that for 7-10 years you're paying as much as a gaming pc
#7.6 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
T2  +   871d ago
maybe, but I already saved 50 dollars in games over the last 2 months on psn plus (legitimate games that I was going to buy), so that evens up the steam sales for me.
SuperSteve  +   871d ago
Yeah, and I want to see a console that can run 3rd party games at above sub-720p resolution, with AA and ambient occlusion enabled, at more than 20 frames-per-second, AT ANY PRICE.

Until then, I'll stick with my PC.

(So sick of this dumbshit talking point.)
Death  +   871d ago
A $400 PC to run BF4 with the same quality as a PS4? Seriously? Why couldn't you throw a $150 7850 into any cheap PC to outspec a PS4 or XboxOne? The AMD combo chip in both consoles is running a mobile processor with a 7 series AMD card. This is not high end stuff. You can build a pretty decent gaming PC that will outspec a PS4 for the same price and still do your taxes on it.
sandman224  +   872d ago
I dont think we will see a big difference between bf4. It's a multiplatform and we know developers want to sell as many as possible on all consoles. Just as they did last gen.
PcMrace  +   872d ago
No shit sherlock, of course it's FUCKING BETTER then the upcoming shitty consoles as this time when they comes out they are allready way behind the Pc, nothing more then a low end Pc!

Every dumb ass console fanboy knows that be now but keep denying it until you'e blue in the face wont help it one bit as it's still just a poor man's Pc!
PcMrace   872d ago | Spam
pennywhyz  +   872d ago
I think everyone knows that consoles are always behind PC'S.If not your just a fanboy in denial.With that being said im still looking forward for my PS4 and X1 because I don't shut myself out to 1 console when their are so many great games out.
kewlkat007  +   872d ago
PC's, "It even trumps everything"...
GraveLord  +   872d ago
At a huge cost.

At price per performance, consoles will always win.
kewlkat007  +   872d ago
Building a nice gaming rig is not that expensive as you think. There is a build for every budget since PC's are scalable. Most peeps already have a mouse, keyboard and a nice monitor..
Coach_McGuirk  +   871d ago
that's the beauty of it - scalability. You don't have to spend $1000, or $400. You can spend $653.87 and get EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT. Nothing less, nothing more.
Bobbo44  +   871d ago
Yeah, a Honda Civic is clearly superior to a Ferrari because it's cheaper...
twinspectre  +   872d ago
If dice have the balls why don't release the game only on PC??? and you will see who gives them the biggest support DICE like to spit in the face of consumer like Microsoft and Activision.....they bite the hands of those who feed them
Coach_McGuirk  +   871d ago
the series did just fine when it was pc-only.
airshiraz  +   872d ago
i love high quality anti aliasing and anisotropic filtering and they r only possible on pc so its already a generation ahead
Karpetburnz  +   872d ago
Even though I have a powerful PC that can play games on max settings, I'm still getting a PS4 because I'm a Playstation fanboy.
ILive  +   872d ago
I like your honesty lol.
fullmetal297  +   871d ago
At least you are honest and hiding it... I respect that
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   872d ago
I think everyone needs to smoke a a bowl and relax and just enjoy gaming
kewlkat007  +   872d ago
One of the few things we can agree on..
sAVAge_bEaST  +   872d ago
The above statement of Karl Magnus simple means for Battlefield 4 PC>PS4>Xbox One.
-This is what we have been saying the whole time.... (BF is always PC first, now Ps4,.. then xone)
#17 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
GraveLord  +   872d ago
BF4 PC? What does that even mean? What PC?
#17.1 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
Maninja  +   872d ago
To all the fanboys saying "he took it out of context!" No he didn't, he said "More is always better", and the PS4 has more CPU and GPU, so he technically did say the PS4 is better
I find it hilarious that the author sticks his own words in at the end.

ARTICLE AUTHOR SAYS, "The above statement of Karl Magnus simple means for Battlefield 4 PC>PS4>Xbox One."

That is some serious pigeon holing , since he said nothing of the sort. He said,"More memory or more CPU or GPU power - whatever kind of power we get out of a machine - more is always better, especially for the kind of games that we build". Nice try Sehran. Stop basing facts off subjective thinking, rumors have been printed by way to many media sites, here are the objective facts that will lead to true insite on the next gen battle.

Ms has not released it's specs details yet.THE PUBLIC AND MOST DEVS DO NOT KNOW XBOX ONE FINAL SPECS
As crazy as this sounds, think about how only TWO first party DEVS games at E3 had games running on XB1 hardware KI 3 overseen by Rare's Ken Lobb and Forza 5 from Turn 10 who actually helped design the machine. Everyone else was using pc dev kits targeted at final spec.

Tue 8/27
XBOX One Silicon John Sell and Pat O’Connor
(John V sell, the one that on MS scalable Multimedia QOS system patent)

The NDA has not been lifted yet. AMD is not allowed to tell XB1 specs yet, source=
"AMD is very excited to be working with Microsoft on their next-generation Xbox One. The Microsoft Xbox One leverages a single-chip, semi-custom AMD APU, with custom components co-developed with Microsoft designed to enable unique attributes of the system Microsoft is bringing to market," Saeid Moshkelani, corporate vice president and general manager of AMD's Semi-Custom Business Unit, said in a statement.

"There are similarities about the [PS4 and XB1] APUs you can find based on data that's public from Sony and Microsoft," said AMD spokesman Travis Williams who said he was not in the position to disclose additional hardware specs. "However, I can say each APU was customized and tailor-made for Microsoft and Sony and their respective console and experience design points."

The Future of Xbox Gaming Revealed
Room 6A, San Diego Convention Center
Saturday, July 20, 11:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

For this Panel, yours truly will be moderating as developers from some of the most innovative and celebrated studios on the planet discuss building the biggest blockbuster games for Xbox One. Microsoft Studios’ Justin Robey, Turn 10 Studios’ Dan Greenawalt, Capcom Vancouver’s Josh Bridge, Microsoft Studio’s Ken Lobb and Rare’s Nick Burton will reveal how they are engineering their games to take advantage of the unique attributes of the new platform. Learn how the cloud, the new Kinect sensor, and the powerful and flexible architecture will enable an entire new generation of AAA game titles.

Exspect more xbox one tech talk at hot chip 2013
XBOX One Silicon
John Sell and Pat O’Connor
#19 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
GraveLord  +   872d ago
Sorry but you're wrong. Developers have had Xbox One dev kits for months now and they are making games according to the specs of these devs kits, which themselves are what is being targeted for the final retail consoles.

We do know the specs. We know all the important details about both PS4 and Xbox One. PS4 > Xbox One. It's that simple. There isn't anything Microsoft can do to change that this late without huge delays. Sorry.
quenomamen  +   872d ago
Well using your fanboy in denial logic we can also say nobody knows the True Final PS4 specs as of yet. So the final PS4 specs might just be higher than everybody thinks. But yea dude, you keep holding your fingers in your ears going lalalalalala when people and not just regular people but websites that do this stuff for a living like Arstechnica and
others all agree the X1 is the weaker console. This is not a conspiracy its just fact.
GraveLord  +   872d ago
No. PC is not always better.

Current-gen consoles cost about $250. A $250 PC isn't better than a $250 PS3.

Next-gen consoles will cost $400-500. A $450 PC is not better than a PS4 or XBox One. It's just not.

You people need to stop using the word "PC" as it is some sort of console or platform. It's NOT. Which PC are you referring to? The $3000 PC you use for developing games or the $500 laptop most people use to play games? There's a huge difference.
TechnicianTed  +   872d ago
A gaming pc, it's pretty obvious. And no, that doesn't mean a pc costing over $1000,$2000 or whatever number of dollars you'll pull out of your ass.
KontryBoy706  +   872d ago
a $500 laptop can run a full operating system, be on Skype, Facebook, youtube (on a REAL browser), do word processing, hook up peripherals, sync your phone, print to a printer, play music, play games, make and render movies, make music, etc etc etc and doesn't need to be plugged in to work.... all at the same time. So... yeah "PCs" are better than consoles OVERALL. Consoles can't do half of that. Just because the consoles may play certain games better than a cheap PC doesn't make consoles better than even cheap PCs. That's before you even start to compare it to a Gaming PC... even a $800 one. This isn't taking shots at consoles... it's just a fact. You're comparing a bike to a car
#20.2 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
GraveLord  +   872d ago
No, PCs can't do everything you mentioned at the same time. You can't play a game while doing word processing. It's physically impossible.

Obviously we're talking GAMING capabilities here so your comment is kinda irrelevant.

$400 PS4 is easily better than a $400 PC, for gaming. There's also something ALL consoles offer that PCs don't. CONVENIENCE AND LOCAL MULTIPLAYER.

BTW, when you compare a gaming PC you have to include the price of a monitor. Mom and Dad already have an HDTV for you to play on, they don't usually don't have a monitor. If we're talking laptops here then there's a huge increase in price per performance.

How much would a gaming laptop comparable to a PS4 cost? No where near $400. That's for sure. You see PCs in general rely on raw power to run games. They aren't optimized like consoles are. So as consoles get older they not only become more affordable but they get better optimized games. PS4 will still be relevant 5 years from now. That budget-priced laptop you bought won't.
#20.2.1 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(13) | Report
KontryBoy706  +   872d ago
@GraveLord... you're out of bubbles but I'm going to reply. You started this whole thing of stacking prices up against consoles and PCs. You are the one who started saying we need to stop using the term PC loosely. I showed you how even if we took a standard PC it's still better. Now you want to backpedal and say, "Obviously we're talking gaming" lol. You're saying I can't have Microsoft Word open and play a game at the same time? Of course you CAN what is this 1995? Ever heard of DUAL MONITOR SETUP?????????


your point of "BTW, when you compare a gaming PC you have to include the price of a monitor. Mom and Dad already have an HDTV for you to play on, they don't usually don't have a monitor". This just shows me even more that you know nothing about PC gaming. You CAN hook a PC up to an HDTV... you know this right? LOL (facepalm/sigh.....)
#20.2.2 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(2) | Report
Death  +   871d ago
PC's can do all that and more. My gaming PC is also a media center hub that can be accessed from any one of my tv's while I'm playing. If you opt for multiple monitors, you can physically word process while gaming. It's not ideal, some choose to use a screen to map or plan and others to play, but to each his own. As for the need to buy a monitor, why? Just about every current gen HDTV accepts a PC input. If you can use your console on the HDTV, nothing prevents you from turning down you videocard settings and enjoying your PC on the big screen.
marchinggamer  +   869d ago
Actually a 500$ PC beats the shit out of these asswipe of technology consoles you just have to pick the right stuff
madpuppy  +   872d ago
the article comes up as not found.
KontryBoy706  +   872d ago
PCs are better. It's senseless to throw arguments around like, "oh it's only better because it costs more", "only because it's upgradable", "well that's only because BF is a PC game", "because it's better hardware", "because consoles are a fixed system"...... ALL OF THESE are reasons WHY the PC is better. The very things you guys are throwing around to say why consoles are better are the very reasons why PCs ARE better lol. There's no arguments or debates about this. The PC will always be a generation to 2 generations ahead of consoles. That's not taking shots at consoles it's just a fact and not an opinion. I like consoles and gaming PCs that's why I have both that's why I'll have the PS4 and my gaming PC. I refuse to miss out on great IPs from consoles. But most of the games I will buy on my PC.
#22 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Coach_McGuirk  +   871d ago
Well said
Kidmyst  +   872d ago
Dice, really? PC is better when I could not play BF3 Single player on my PC without crashes for several Months after launch? I prefer PC but atleast on console it works correctly. I'd like to pickup BF4 on PC, but with BF3 and the same crap with SimCity which I didn't buy, I am hesitant to shell out for a game I might not be able to play.
S2Killinit  +   872d ago
talking about PC was his escape goat, so he wouldn't have to tell you that PS4 is a more powerful machine. It wouldn't be good business to alienate half of your target audience. Is it really that hard to figure this out?
windblowsagain  +   872d ago
Am i to assume that the game will be running @ 1080p on tv's that support max 1080p(90%)

Why would people want a higher rez. People don't want a new tv every 5mins.

As long as the graphics are crisp and the framerate is good who cares.
xkevmandc  +   872d ago
PC is king....nothing else matters...
Holeran  +   872d ago
PC "is" always better,...except when it's not.
ToonarmY  +   872d ago
Of course pc is always better its always leaps ahead in technology...and innovation
sak500  +   872d ago
Pc is always better? Is there a fixed version of pc which is better? Is the pc with celeron processor better than the consoles or one with 1 gb of ram and intel HD graphics? What the hell is wrong with your brain.. THere is no standard for pcs, the minimum specs listed for running any recent games will probably run @ 720p with just 2x AA and 2xAF, medium textures. Try playing it on decent settings and the minimum spec'd pc will start crawling @ 20fps or less.

This coming from a guy who has built his own pcs' since 2001. I've made assembled for my friends and relatives. THere are tons of things to consider when building a pc. My current one was built in late 2010 or early 2011 with 4GB DDR3 @ 1700mhz core i5 720 @ 3.6ghz watercooled and xfire 2 5870 1GB DDR3 cards. Still many games will not run optimally on it and BF3 crashed every 10 mins despite updating drivers.

I prefer playing all games on my 360 and will go with XB1 for next gen gaming.
ToonarmY  +   872d ago
Well I have only ever built two PC's for myself and they have cut through every game like butter with high fps. As for consoles the fps is a joke. I think you should give up making pc's for other people as you seem to be pretty bad at it. My current pc built way over a year ago has an i5 & 4.6ghz and a gtx 570 and bf3 never crashes on me, nor does my fps ever drop below 60
#28.1.1 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report
sak500  +   871d ago
BF and many games didn't support sli or xfire setups initially and that's why it was crashing stupid idiot. I know more about pc's then you'll ever know in your lifetime.

Your i5 goes over 4.6ghz? U can't even make $hit up properly let alone build a pc. Maybe you're confusing PC with lego building go back to your cot kid.
PS3isKing  +   872d ago
This is why I don't support DICE.
Pandamobile  +   871d ago
Because they speak a bit of truth and don't pander to the lowest common denominator?
PS3isKing  +   871d ago
PS3isKing  +   871d ago
Pandamobile  +   871d ago
Clearly, it's you that can't handle the truth.
fullmetal297  +   871d ago
You are probably the type that won't support a game if the devs don't kiss up to the PS4, so your support is meaningless to begin with.
NexusFX  +   872d ago
Ugh "BETTER" is a RELATIVE term. The PC, PS4, and Xbox One EACH have their own merits and flaws.

No one here, is going to change anyone else's mind about their preferred Gaming Platform. So what is the point of this stupid argument. No one will win, EVER!
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