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Battlefield 4 will include Kinect functionality on Xbox One

The Xbox One version of Battlefield 4 will include support for Kinect, DICE has confirmed. (Battlefield 4, Xbox One)

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allformats  +   784d ago
Oh boy. To do what? Bark commands to team mates? This is a videogame, people. People play in their HOMES, not on some open field where shouting, yelling and screaming rubbish is par for the course.

Nobody wants Kinect integration into a game like Battlefield 4.

You know what, what do I even care, I'm not getting Xbox One.
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showtimefolks  +   783d ago
I can already see MS commercials for Xbox one games slogan better with kinect to fool the casuals

Kinect is good for dance or party games but no core gamer in his or her right mind could say kinect would make BF4 better on Xbox one, but in this war of words amongst fanboys any ammunition console makers can provide is just better for fanboys

Give me 64 players online
Give me 60FPS
Give me 1080P which the last gen consoles promised but not many games delivered

Forget about motions console
Voice controls
Or gamepads

The tech can move forward as much as it wants end of the day we want a controller in our hand to play because that's the best way to play
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abzdine  +   783d ago
... and will cost 55£ in UK like all EA games.
No thank, it's gonna be PS4 and Killzone
jeffgoldwin  +   783d ago
"Give me 1080P which the last gen consoles promised but not many games delivered"

Last gen never promised that, ever. Just forum jockey talks. It will be lucky if we see all games in this gen in 1080p.
mewhy32  +   783d ago
kinect is such a joke. gimmic is the word that comes to mind. Kinect will be good for skype and spying on you because it's always on, but other than that....useless
Blachek  +   783d ago
I agree that a controller in your hand is the best way to play, but i disagree that the Kinect has nothing to offer a game like BF4.

If the Kinect offers ancillary control ability, ones that are represented via controller or aided by controller, I am all for it.

I'm talking about the ability to lean when crouched, or similar useful but not necessary movements. I think you are right that gamers don't want to be jumping, crouching, or turning using something other than a controller... but increasing the range of motion for our character by utilizing the kinect could improve the experience.

On a side note, for a device that claims to be super intuitive... we can expect more unique experiences in games like Dead Space or Fear... where the game could see we are bored and need excitement or actually into the atmosphere of a section of game and provide another scare or more enemies to heighten different areas of games. ( http://www.forbes.com/sites...
JokesOnYou  +   783d ago
Cool...and so the inclusion of Kinect standard is already paying off.
"We have a pretty pragmatic view [on Kinect 2]," DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson told Game Informer. "Instead of just trying to tick all the boxes of features you can do with new hardware, we look at what actually adds value [for] our players."

-Surely it will be voice commands but also may include some subtle movements on gestures that work naturally with fps play similar to how Forza5 has a lean mechanic that works well naturally for a racer, but whatever they do I'm excited to see the voice implementation in a huge skill based fps which worked well in Mass Effect3, and for a team oriented game like Battlefield this should be a cool option, notice I said option so at times where you need to play quietly just turn off the voice commands.

-Glad to see DICE take advantage of what the X1 platform offers, they could have easily just stuck with the statue quo for both versions, thanks DICE.
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HammadTheBeast  +   783d ago
I wonder how they'll use the PS4 touch pad...
PFFT  +   783d ago
PS4 touch pad users will be able to double click their mouse while playing BF4.
JokesOnYou  +   783d ago
My guess or what I'd really like to see is a options menu that enables gestures and voice controls for example quick hand toss to throw grenades, a quick shoulder or elbow motion to perform melee actions, of course leaning to slowly look around corners, and maybe shaking the controller to reload, choke or some new break free animation/action.
Dark_king  +   783d ago
umm I already bark commands on BF3 and will do so on BF4.Some people wanna run and gun and its just not the game for that so they need told what to do(Well at least told were to run and gun to be useful).

Im sure they will do something nice with it DICE are pretty good Devs.

@showtimefolks I don't know I quite enjoyed the Move with MAG was quite fun after you had got it setup right for you.

If they are going to do any thing I hope they force proxy chat.Maybe then some people will learn that they should be blasting there crap music in my ears.lol
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Animal Mutha 76  +   783d ago
The fact that you felt the need to comment about this feature in an Xbox One related article would suggest to most people that you do indeed care.

OT I'm not sure what Kinect features would actually be that useful to the serious player. I use a turtle beach headset to hear the enemy coming so voice commands wouldn't work so well outside of the menus like in forza 4. Head tracking ala forza is a possibility but again not required.

I await to be impressed DICE but as long as it doesn't impead the core gameplay for those of us who just like a controller and a good headset.
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Dlacy13g  +   783d ago
A sensible response...you know this is N4G right?

I do laugh at all those who complain about this feature ,that btw they dont even know what it will be, and 99% are also saying "doesn't matter I am getting a PS4". If it really doesn't mattter to you....why comment at unless you just want to troll?
Septic  +   783d ago
"You know what, what do I even care, I'm not getting Xbox One."

Okay then will you please stop coming into X1 articles and moaning about it?

You guys do realise you don't have to use the Kinect functionality. And it is most likely just voice commands.

Still, I'm interested in how this will be incorporated.
The_Infected  +   783d ago
Damn it's optional people chill out. You act if they're forcing you to use it.
Colzer01  +   783d ago
"PS fanboys" nothing new
FanboyCrusher  +   783d ago
Isn't that cute, a fanboy getting all defensive and butt hurt about a product he won't even buy. I swear kids these days get more entertaining. If you like the features, all the power to you. Don't like em? all the power to you! That's the funny thing about features mister Format, it's something to broaden an experience, and at the end of the day if people use it, it succeeded.
Sitdown  +   783d ago
"Oh boy. To do what? Bark commands to team mates? This is a videogame, people."

Confused....the goal of games like this are to give you the realistic feel of battle. But now you suggest that it's just a video game in the face of making it even more realistic by allowing you to bark commands as it happens in real life battles.
darx  +   783d ago

Wouldn't you also bark commands with shouting, yelling and screaming rubbish with a head set as well?
sAVAge_bEaST  +   783d ago
How much Money did M$ throw at EA to make them implement this??? sad.... here is a quote on qimmicks(kinect) a few months back

"We are not interested in things that don't make the game better," Bach said. "There are a lot of gimmicks — people throwing money at us — ‘can you implement support for this quirky control thing'. No, it doesn't make the game better."

Bach added that despite DICE's openness to new, innovative technology, there is "no point" in adding support for something that ultimately does not improve the game experience.
Muffins1223  +   783d ago
Dude just shutup...its a extra feature its not required get over it
awi5951  +   783d ago
You didnt play the old rainbow 6 games and ghost recon games with voice commands. Those old voice command games actually worked unlike anything today. You could voice command your team to throw grenades, breech doors, order them to clear rooms on command. And set up ambushes on terrorist by voice command it was awesome and i wish these voice commands worked like that. But after rainbow 6 3 it seems the voice commands no longer worked in games. I miss pointing at a door and saying ,team alpha, set up, open and clear and they did so without hesitation.
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Wizziokid  +   784d ago
"you need to have very precise control over what's going on, and trying to do something like that with motion control input does not make sense"

Voice commands like ME3? I can't really see any use for it myself but if they have something thats good.

Kinect will never work as an input method for an FPS unless you want to pretend your hand is a gun.
zeal0us  +   784d ago
Voice commands a feature that's been available for years via headset. I found them unnecessary in ME3 and I am pretty it will be the same thing BF4. Honestly they really don't add anything to the game.
FanboyCrusher  +   783d ago
It's worth a giggle to say "boom stick" and proceed to pull out a shotgun.
Campy da Camper  +   783d ago
Agreed. Who really wants to play a game standing up then lay down to make their guy go prone? I am not going to pretend throw every time a toss a grenade. I'd feel like an idiot and probably throw my shoulder out.
iamnsuperman  +   783d ago
At least there will be no motion controls but that pretty much leaves only one option (voice stuff)

Not sure how voice commands would work for BF4 single player as BF3 was a corridor, wave shooter with crap AI and quick time event galore. Voice commands isn't exactly the right fit for that style of game

For the multiplayer well kinect will just turn into a glorified mic so not sure if thats really a big deal

"Battlefield at least – it is a first-person shooter that is very much about skill"

I completely disagree with this statement. BF3's single player requires you to have no skill and the multiplayer the only skill needed is flying as the rest is pretty straight forward stuff
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Nicaragua  +   783d ago
Kinect functionality - that would be microphone functionality then
supraking951  +   783d ago
No thanks. M$ had time to prove Kinect during the 360 years but failed to add anything innovative to there AAA titles like Gears, Halo, etc. Now Kinect is a joke to everyone but M$ clearly doesn't get that message.
iamnsuperman  +   783d ago
I think they are just trying to reap some rewards from enhancing the technology. I feel Microsoft have really gone the wrong direction with the Kinect. They really need to sell this to shops as a form of trying on clothes or get the tech into TVs and Laptops so online shopping becomes a lot easier. Retail could be a big market for them. Not just that but teaching. The big thing in the UK recently has been smart boards because of a big push in interactive learning. Lots of other ways they can push this tech and make money.

Gaming is just the wrong way about it
Galletto3  +   783d ago
Interesting. Lots of people are gonna see it as gimmicky. Im not inclined to disagree.

They say the kinect 2.0 will be better (for what thats worth) so maybe it will have more use in game and practicality than previous iterations of this feature. Otherwise, gets a solid meh from me.

As long as it doesnt detract from the game, doesnt really matter to me. Its there if I want to use it, big deal.
bjmartynhak  +   783d ago
I had some fun with the sharpshooter in Killzone 3. Motion controls can be not so bad if well implemented and optional.
Imalwaysright  +   783d ago
Move has buttons.
naiyo  +   783d ago
I played and still playing KZ3, Socom and Bioshock only with the move. You point and shoot, make sense to me. What I really would like is 1:1 melee instead of hitting a button to do the same tired melee animation.
Whitey2k  +   783d ago
So what features will the ps4 support then cos atm Dice seemsbto be screwing ps4
awesomeperson  +   783d ago
I hardly count including Kinect functionality on Xbox One as "screwing PS4".

If you're talking about showing the gameplay at Microsoft E3, or one of the map packs being a timed exclusive - that's simply money talking.
Whitey2k  +   783d ago
Besides timed exclusive but theres simply more features on the x1 then ps4 I aint heard EA or Dice talk about on what sort of features ps4 is gonna have and we been sony fans has been supporting dice as much as any ms fans
Maninja  +   783d ago
@Whitey2k why type features have been announced for the Xbox one? Because there aren't any besides Kinect functionality(smart glass doesn't count because there's the playstation app)
Wizziokid  +   783d ago
They both have the same features but the X1 is going to feature some Kinect functionality, if that's your thing go for it But I guarantee it wont add anything special to the X1 version over the PS4.
jeffgoldwin  +   783d ago
Maybe something with the touchpad. Calling in an airstrike pattern, idk.
jukins  +   783d ago
the kinect functionality will not be any special and the like awesomeperson said the map pack is simply money talking. Honestly im only expecting xb1 to have at most a 1 month exclusivity could be less.
Foxgod  +   783d ago
Some simple features could give more depth to the game play.
Like signaling team mates with finger gestures when laying low on the enemy.
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Nicaragua  +   783d ago
yeah, because the best thing to do when playing an FPS is let go of your controller while you make Fonzie-esque hand gestures.

"Cunningham, go left! heyyyyyyyy"
"Chachi, go right! heyyyyyyyy"
"Mr C, take the shot ! Alriight"
Foxgod  +   783d ago
You dont seem to know what laying low means.
Also, battlefield is not a rambo shooter, its a squad tactics shooter that relies a lot on cover and tactics.

So there are plenty of situations where a gesture can save you time and make you play faster, as opposed to having to do controller commands.
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iamnsuperman  +   783d ago
"battlefield is not a rambo shooter, its a squad tactics shooter that relies a lot on cover and tactics."

I don't know about that. I mean it seems pretty rambo with vehicles flying into buildings with someone on a 50 cal in the back wildly firing at everything. Clearly my battlefield experience isn't the same as yours. I am going to be fair and not talk about the lack of tactics involved in the offline mode
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Nicaragua  +   783d ago
I do know what laying low means, i was just taking the piss out of your ridiculous suggestion.
jeffgoldwin  +   783d ago
Instead of taking hands off controllers, you could use it for some voice commands. But that wouldn't be anything new for Kinect 2.0, since your can already do that with some games on the 360 Kinect.
Games4M - Rob  +   783d ago
Foxgod doesnt know what sense of humour means.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   783d ago
[select] to spot, enough said.
bunt-custardly  +   783d ago
So much misinformation in the comments here just shows how much attention some people have been paying to Kinect 2.

Voice commands (as pointed out) is pretty rudimentary stuff and not specific to the hardware. If you've looked at any of the E3 stuff, you would know Kinect 2 can accomplish some pretty amazing things beyond voice and motion controls.
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Wizziokid  +   783d ago
Estimate your heart rate? Yes it is an estimation, it doesn't 100% know your heart rate.

Understand your mood due to your expression.

I'm not sure if I'm missing anything her but I fail to see how either of those would benefit a BF game.
Foxgod  +   783d ago
Raising or lowering difficulty on the fly for example, let squad mates react to your mood to draw you into the game.
Wizziokid  +   783d ago
"Raising or lowering difficulty on the fly for example"

But what if your going for a trophy to complete the game on hard? are you supposed to show no emotion, terrible idea I don't want my difficulty changed that's why I set it at the start of the game.

"let squad mates react to your mood"

Ok that might be cool, not game changing but a nice little feature if it could be done.
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SilentGuard  +   783d ago
Can anyone explain how barking commands to Kinect in a multiplayer game is a good idea when Kinect is the primary chat device; thanks to no inclucion of a headset?
Nicaragua  +   783d ago
Xbox One comes with a headset now

FanboyCrusher  +   783d ago
Did you even read the article you posted? Or did you just read the title? I'm guessing the latter.
Nicaragua  +   783d ago
just the title, which in all fairness is pretty missleading.

So i stand corrected
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mcstorm  +   783d ago
Im looking forward to seeing what can be done with Kinect 2.0 as it looks a lot more like what project Natal was at the start and Kinect did have some interesting uses with Halo CEA, Forza 4/Horizon, Fifa 13, Steel Battalion and Fable Journey which was limited by the old Kinect.

Kinect is not for everyone just Like Move and Wii mote but that dose not mean we should have options. If it works well and adds something more to the game im up for giving it ago if not I just wont use it like on the other consoles.
Geezus  +   783d ago
unless they add something truly game changing with kinect this is w.e... having kinect control is just a bonus but i dont see how they can seamlessly implement them for the betterment of the game. I would rather Dice take advantage of the rumble triggers on the One controller and make shooting more immersive
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thrust  +   783d ago
Am really happy that all these people who are slagging off MS and xbox one are not getting the Xbox one, live will be a nicer place.

Can not stand people who whine over stupid things like this.

One life is going to bite you and you will then have somthin to whine about.
Tatsuya  +   783d ago
This is already to be expected, after all what's the point of having that pos in the first place? Can't wait for those funny kinect 2 stuff they will post on youtube!
mitchell1188  +   783d ago
Not for me sorry.
Jdoki  +   783d ago
I think it'll be more than just voice commands. Because every PS4 comes with a headset, so if voice commands are in for XB1, they could be in for PS4.

That makes me think it's more about gestures. Throwing a grenade. Making a signal that translates to a command in game (like stop, advance, go left, go right, cover me, etc).

Guess we'll have to wait and see. Can't say I'm interested in the functionality - just hoping devs do more non-gimmicky stuff with Kinect 2 than with the original.
gazgriff2k12  +   783d ago
Im so jealous NOT
PFFT  +   783d ago
And why should you be especially since youll have an amazing touch pad that clicks! OHH JOY! Clickidy clickdy click!!!!!
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gazgriff2k12  +   783d ago
I will also have a share button, a headset and a camera so yeah OH JOY!
Belking  +   783d ago
Best version confirmed.
Maninja  +   783d ago
For having voice commands? Kinect is just a gimmick, simple as that
Belking  +   783d ago
call it what you want but it's a nice feature to have and devs are supporting it. This is something sony should be doing if they could.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   783d ago
Another feature that will be added into the XBOX version of a game that will not see the light of day on a Sony console.

If only Sony had a device that was bundled with their system so that Devs would be able to support it....like, some kind of eyetoy 2.0....oh wait they do...but chose not to bundle it to make the price lower on the console.

Oh well, welcome to the world of opportunity cost. You saved some money ppl...but at the cost of getting the inferior version of a game on the PS4.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   783d ago
EA got moneyhatted by M$ , to use this worthless gimmick. (hey they need some reason to always kinect/spy while making constant data packets to better market you sh!*)

here is a quote. -from a few months back
"We are not interested in things that don't make the game better," Bach said. "There are a lot of gimmicks — people throwing money at us — ‘can you implement support for this quirky control thing'. No, it doesn't make the game better."

Bach added that despite DICE's openness to new, innovative technology, there is "no point" in adding support for something that ultimately does not improve the game experience.

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B1uBurneR  +   783d ago
Look at this most the gamers bashing it are the ones that are going get a PS4 anyways in other words no one cares about your opinion if its not directed at you when you don't plan on owning the X1
Phene  +   783d ago
I'm PS4 all day, and I'm not down for motion gaming because honestly I wouldn't wanna do anything physical while playing games. I play to relax, but honestly I wouldn't mind voice commands ...that's the one part of Kinect that sounds appealing to me as a PS player. And someone said Sony should do this, I agree ...I'd love to be able to switch to like my repair tool or crouch or something just by saying it
joejkd  +   783d ago
You guys need to play Arma with a TrackIR on PC to see what a Kinect could really do for you. Head tracking is the #1 thing a camera hardware like Kinect can bring to the table. I hope devs realize that and utilize it.

It is a functionality that can ONLY be done with a device like a Kinect or TrackIR, and actually feels worse on a controller (Anyone who's simmed using a hat switch for view knows what i'm talking about.)
leogets  +   783d ago
gimmick much..

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