GameTrailers GTAIV Trailer Analysis -Expanded

Every detail of Everyone's a Rat explored and expanded!

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BigKev453823d ago

Forget these anals, just bring on the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crazyglues3823d ago

and could not agree more... I can't take it anymore, it's almost hard to believe that we are finally in the same month that the game is actually coming out... It's just unreal.

Finally this month has come, oh how I have waited..... Let the Good Times Roll..

Blackcanary3823d ago

I love bashment/dancehall music that went well with the game man loved it so much lol.

Crazyglues3823d ago

Yeah I want to download that track, but I can't find it.

jkhan3823d ago

Heyy can anybody confirm or deny, I heard this game is being censored in Australia :(

Crazyglues3823d ago

Yes it has been. I'm hearing that too. I believe it was because they where trying to get a MA15+, blame the Australia rating board.