Call of Duty 4: Top 5 Multiplayer Annoyances

Ok, so everyone knows that Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is an awesome game. It continues to sell at a breakneck pace and has established one of the largest online communities since its release in November of 2007. Now that everyone has been playing online hardcore players can agree on one thing, some things in multiplayer can really piss you off.

Console Me won't even go into the inevitable encounters with online idiots that you are guaranteed to come across. Those would be the racists and the little kids whose voices haven't cracked and spend most of the match squealing like spanked pigs.

This list is about in-game multiplayer annoyances and the people that use them to maximize the frustration factor for everyone else.

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c-redz3882d ago

ok you just posted 30 things that are bad 4 this game and now this... i mean come on... too many simular posts are going on here!!!!

Nevers3881d ago

The only valid point I think he makes is the spawning under fire (usually heli or strike); but, otherwise, he's just whining about not being very good. Some perks are annoying ... but they wouldn't be called "perks" if they didn't accomplish giving someone an advantage.

MisfitSmurf3882d ago

they forgot about camping thats what really drove me away from the game before camping became a fad i had a 2.45 kdr now i have a 1.85 :/ if only people could stop being wimps

okcomputer3882d ago

Campers really aren't a problem on most maps. the majority of them are designed to have more than one entrance to every area, so camping is a lot more difficult in cod4 than a lot of other fps. Just find them and kill them.. thats what radar and the killcam are for.

MisfitSmurf3882d ago

not every place has 2 entrances and kill cam and radar doesn't help too much if the person is sitting on a staircase with juggernaut or radar jammer a light machine gun of silenced gun, also kill cam doesn't always work they tend to move slightly around in the same area so if you run back into the spot and lets say look you look left to get them they some times switch to right. :/

Cryos3882d ago

you know what I hear?
Whaa whaa whaa

BeaArthur3881d ago

MisfitSmurf...if you know where they are you should be able to kill them. And if they are moving around that isn't really camping. Or you could just stop running back to the same area and getting shot; that's probably why he is sitting there because he knows you'll come walking in and it will be an easy kill.

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DG3882d ago

Most of these problems are avoided in Hard Core Modes.

bozobucketeer3882d ago

Absolutely, everytime I read these lists my answer to almost all the complaints is play hardcore mode.

HelloBabe693882d ago

they forgot about team killers

thisguywithhair3882d ago

Heck yeah! Nothing is worse than when at the very beggining of a Search and Destroy some idiot decides to launch an RPG at ground killing everyone on his OWN team.