Killer Instinct to get more blood and tag team modes

Xbigy Games takes a closer look at some of the footage from Killer Instinct.

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FrigidDARKNESS1780d ago

Awesome news tag team mode is a plus for this terrific game.

Snookies121780d ago

You don't know if it's terrific yet though... It's by developers with a really bad track record. So, even though I'm a HUGE Killer Instinct fan, I'm quite worried to be honest. I guess I'll see when it comes out... I want it to be good, I really do. It's just that I'm not convinced yet is all. :\

Xbigygames1780d ago

I won't be convinced until I play it either, but all the feedback has largely been positive so far.

The devs have a bad track record, but they have pretty much been rebuilt by MS with people that worked for different fighting games.

Will know more come Nov :D

green1780d ago

I was at first a bit skeptical when i heard who was developing it but every single preview of the game by people who have actually played it has been extremely positive. It also helps that i am highly impressed with what i have seen so far.

Robochobo1780d ago

MadCatz themselves are sponsoring Killer Instinct. You don't think that if the game didn't perform well, that MadCatz would think to sponsor something like this? Besides people like Maximillan on Youtube who have a history of fighting games have said that it's great.

Manic20141780d ago

I was kinda sceptic after the announcement but playing it at E3 was pure awesome, especially gameplay with the arcade game set. i especially am a huge street fighter fan and this may be better, need o play more in my opinion.

Snookies121780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

@Robochobo - I didn't say it was going to be bad. I just said we don't know if it'll be good yet. There is a reason I'm wary. If the developers haven't made great games in the past, it should be understandable that I'm worried about the fate of a franchise I really love. That's all it is... Not saying they're going to screw it up. I just hope for the best is all, and we won't know how well it holds up until it actually comes out. It seems like people disagreeing didn't quite get what I was saying.

Foxgod1780d ago

We do know it will be good, cause it has yet to receive a negative preview from people who played it.

On top of that we know facts like the original KI people are overseeing the project.
Then theres also community feedback that Double Helix is listening to.

Kryptix1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

I agree, it's the fact that it's not made by the original developers that makes you hope that Killer Instinct is as good as the ones from the 90s. Plus I don't like the developer's history, but if Rare is helping them out then most likely this will stay true to the original. Performing some of the craziest combos in any fighting game being the main thing. But all in all, I hope it turns out great. I was a big fan of the original, even played the arcade version before it hit the N64 known as Killer Instinct: Gold.

Galletto31780d ago

I feel like those devs have been stuck with crappy movie properties and have only been able to sink their teeth into one presentable game.

Maybe this is their time to shine. I get what youre saying though. I am not big into fighting games, but I have a lot of friends who are excited for this title. It would be a shame for them to blow this with lame mechanics or whatnot.

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aceitman1780d ago

And u may have to buy the modes.

SnakeCQC1780d ago

i was excited until i saw double helix was involved

Foxgod1780d ago

Lurk more, then youl find out why Killer Instinct will be awesome.

SnakeCQC1780d ago

i still have my original super nintendo cartridge but console is broken lol

Xbigygames1780d ago

read the comments above...

Foxgod1780d ago

This game is going to be bloody marvelous.

No_Limit1780d ago

Day with blood.

mcstorm1780d ago

I cant wait to get this on my Xbox one and November cant come quick enough. Wanted a KI game since the N64.

supraking9511780d ago

This isn't Rare and this isn't going to be the Killer Instinct we once loved and knew. M$ threw out all the precious nostalgia out the door and pissed all over it with this Xbone free to play non sense.
They didnt even bother to release it on 360 where millions of loyal fans wanted it on the first place.
PS4 out yet?

Foxgod1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

The creator(s) of the original Killer instinct are overlooking this project.
So it doesnt matter if its Rare.

I rather have the original creators work on KI, and have Rare work on something else.

And why the heck would we want a 360 version, isstead of this amazing fullhd 60fps with awesome particle effect goodness?

Xbigygames1780d ago

Most people that were at Rare left years ago.

Your mentality of, "We wanted the game, they didn't make it for the console I wanted, but fuck them - now they are making it," is pretty special.

I smell a fanboy...

Foxgod1780d ago

What are you talking about, we wanted them to make it for the Xbox, and they are making it for the Xbox, stop your senseles whining.

And again if you didnt read it, the original creators are overlooking the project......

Robochobo1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

What is... Kevin Lobb himself. The man who made the original Killer Instinct is helping make this one. Edit: Think Goldeneye as well, the Klobb was named after him.

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