Worlds Factory staff sends GTA V trailer through the guantlet

Now that world has had time to soak in the nearly five minutes of Grand Theft Auto V gameplay Rockstar Games has unleashed in video form, it is time to put it through the paces. Several contributors here at Worlds Factory sent the GTA V trailer through the gauntlet to see if Rockstar really gave us more content than hype.

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Alexious1594d ago

Well, I really liked it honestly. The amount of activities seems crazy. I'm crossing fingers for GTA Online, I hope it's much more deep and persistent than GTA IV multiplayer.

Pascalini1594d ago

I really like the look of it but its so close to ps4 and xb1 I'm finding it hard to justify paying 45 pounds for it

xPhearR3dx1594d ago

Because there's so many games on launch day for the PS4/Xbone that make GTA V irrelevant right? If you have a hard time justifying money for GTA V, I'd hate to see your game collection, it must be VERY low.

Alexious1594d ago

I'd rather say that it's a pity that the game will not be available for XB1/PS4/PC, at least at launch.

ape0071594d ago

gta v>>>>>next gen games combined

zyphee1594d ago

Its gta thats it...forget about next'll get more mileage out of gta for the time being .. next gen can wait

FSThree1594d ago

Totally agreed. I'm of the camp that gameplay matters more than graphics. And, right now, graphics is what PS4 and XBO are selling me. I'll be good with the current gen, and my next gen Nintendo (dual screen integration is next gen to me).

I would REALLY love to see GTAV on WiiU. I can imagine that the pad screen be a place you can look down and see what the other characters are doing w/o switching over.

ab5olut10n1594d ago

They HAVE changed the mechanics, the shooting looks more like max payne than gta

nick3091594d ago

Max payne mechanics in open world. Cant get any better than that. Typing this made me think of gta 6 on next gen.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1594d ago

@ab5olut10n. To me that's a good thing. Every GTA game to date has had horrid shooting mechanics and controls in general. This looks to be a massive improvement in all areas. Cannot wait for this game.

Alexious1594d ago

It's undoubtedly a good thing!

ab5olut10n1594d ago

hells yeah its a good thing!

Abriael1594d ago

That was to be expected, GTA was a tad clunky shooting-wise

FSThree1594d ago

Yes, they have changed the mechanics in the game. I've just seen it before in RDR, etc. I sat out GTA IV partly because of the poor gameplay. But, I think I will be coming back on GTA V.

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HaleKaden1594d ago

Im playin it and the others all the time :)