Extended Time for Conclusion of ‘Final Fantasy XIV’ Beta

Square Enix has announced extended times for the final weekend of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Beta phase 3 .

The Beta will begin Wednesday July 10 (Tonight for those playing at home), for both PC and PlayStation 3 platforms.

The final Beta phase 3 times are listed below.

Wednesday July 10th, 7:00 p.m. => Monday July 15th, 7:00 p.m. (AEST Time)

Wednesday July 10th, 9:00 p.m. => Monday July 15th, 9:00 p.m. (NZST Time)

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Snookies121776d ago

So very happy for this. I'll be getting back on in an hour here. I've loved it so far, and will definitely be picking the game up to give it a full month's try.

camel_toad1776d ago

I've been signed up for the beta for ages for both ps3 and pc to increase my odds but they just don't like me. Looks like I won't be playing it till its official release.

Snookies121776d ago

No no, the Phase 4 beta starts before the actual game releases. Which is open beta, and all character data will transfer to the full game form that. :]

Unlike this phase, where your characters get deleted.

Tony-Red-Grave1776d ago

Your unlucky a friend of mine managed to get 8 codes. Sad thing is one his friends ended up using 2 of his 8 because they botched the registration process :/. Talk about bastards

camel_toad1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )


Ahh good to know, looking forward to it. *helpful bubble added*

Zichu1776d ago

I am so disappointed I didn't get into the PS3 Beta. I managed to get into an earlier Beta or Alpha for the PC, I can't remember and it was really enjoyable.

Even though I already have this for the PC, I will most likely get it for the PS3 as well. This will give me the option to pick which platform to play it and carry on from where I left off just in case a family member decides to go on my PC or PS3.

Tony-Red-Grave1776d ago

Is it just me or does FFVIV remind anyone else of SAO O_o

Firan1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

No? Except that it's an MMORPG.

Jurat1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

I have really enjoyed the Beta so far.

Playing on both platforms, but I'm genuinely blown away by how well the PS3 handles such a full-on RPG experience.

I play with Dualshock and wirelss mouse / keyboard combo on the couch. Works seamlessly.

Won't put too much effort into Phase3 though if they're wiping char data.

Kush5021775d ago

I've received a beta code but cant play because its a pc code and I play ps3 I'm just waiting till phase 4..... Can't wait!!!