GamerNode: Army of Two - Review

GamerNode's opinion of Army of Two:
GamePlay: There's much unrealized potential, but as a co-op game, it's a blast. It's a shame how good this could have played, though. The camera and cover need major reworking.

Graphics: Nothing really stands out, other than the often-messed-up camera. The models look good, the action is fast, and the environments are nicely done.

Sound: The voice acting is okay, but not great. I didn't care for some of the voices, but I've heard much, much worse.

Replay Value: Games are always fun with more people, but whether or not you'll want to play this again once you've beaten it depends on your level of tolerance for uninnovative shooting.

Final Word: If you're looking for a game to play and you've got a friend who can sit on your couch and play it, then grab it. If you don't have a friend to play it with you, leave it alone.

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