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The Last of Us Pulse Elite Preset Now Available

The Last of Us now has a Sony Pulse Elite Headset preset available for download for free using the Pulse Elite Manager. Now enjoy frightening clickers in full surround sound custom tailored by Naughty Dog to make it even more uncomfortable when playing in the dark! (PS3, The Last Of Us)

Brugal  +   368d ago
This news is music to my ears.
jbond1010  +   368d ago
Agreed. Awesome of ND to go the extra mile and make this for us.
ArchangelMike  +   368d ago
Awesome news, I'm absolutely loving TLoU on my Pulse Elite. Good Job ND, keep the updates coming. Greatest Game on PS3 by far.
strigoi814  +   368d ago
im just sad..my elite pulse headset happen to have crack below the silver round metal where they connect and flex..it was baby from day one but it just happen maybe i have a huge head to fit it well
jbond1010  +   368d ago
that stinks. but maybe some careful super gluing will keep it from getting worse?
RadioPlaystation  +   368d ago
Very happy about this. I enjoy using my Pulse Elite headset and having these special presets for games is pretty cool. I will be trying this out tomorrow to see how it sounds.
strigoi814  +   368d ago
I really love this headset but the structure of the headset itself make me think of getting another pair, and maybe if a news that there will be a new headset coming soon or ps4 support
jbond1010  +   368d ago
I imagine the ps3 headsets will work with PS4. They're pushing that new ear-bud headset that attaches directly to the new dualshock 4 controller, but the PS4 has the newest Bluetooth hardware so I'm making an assumption they'll connect.
RadioPlaystation  +   368d ago
The Pulse Elite headset works with the PS4. I am sure other PS3 headsets work as well.
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DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   368d ago
the ps4 will support them...buy away!
showtimefolks  +   368d ago
i need to get me one again, i may get the ones for GTA5 though.

will buy last of us again when single player dlc is released, will buy it new again just to show my support for ND.(also i am very hopeful we see TLOU on PS4 because for me atleast that would be epic and day one for sure)
Clover904  +   368d ago
Correct me if I'm wrong, but the first Pulse headset doesn't support these special presets, right?
Blank  +   368d ago
YES! Now I can play survivor with these presets I have been holding off my second playthrough for this update!
The_Devil_Hunter  +   368d ago
I thought I was the only one who was like this I have been holding it off for something special.I want the Last of Us to be my final platinum on my Playstation 3.
level 360  +   368d ago
It clearly states "Elite" meaning the new version.

Bought mine with The Last of Us game and have to say it puts a lot of high-end bass specific headphones to shame with Sony's BassImpact's tech.

I'm also pretty sure once new PS4 is released, Sony will put out an update on their PEM app.

Great of NaughtyDog to release a preset for their epic game.
Now that's commitment Thank You Very Much ND.
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RE_L_MAYER  +   368d ago
I dont get what preset means???
longcat  +   368d ago
The pulse headset has an app for the ps3 whereby you can get sound pre-sets for the game/game type you are playing.

you connect the headphones to the ps3 and launch the app to get developer-determined optimal sound settings for games. So far bioshock infinite and TLOU have used it.
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