Nintendo president talks about turning around lukewarm Wii U reception

Nintendo Global President Satoru Iwata is well aware that the Wii U faces an uphill battle in the coming months, especially with Sony and Microsoft launching brand new consoles to compete in the coming holiday season. Iwata sat down with shareholders at the 73rd Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in Kyoto to discuss Wii U’s current performance and how the company will compete, turn less-than-stellar sales around, and attract more third-party development in what has been a rather distant relationship.

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MEsoJD1748d ago

Nintendo needs to get rid of this guy. Bring in some new blood.

LOL_WUT1748d ago

@ MEsoJD Agreed

Check this video out Sessler sums up my thoughts on Iwata. Only then can we truly see some change coming from Nintendo ;)

JonahNL1748d ago

Yes, let's get rid of one of the most compassionate CEO's in the industry and replace him with a blood sucking money whore. Seems like a plan.

Agent_hitman1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

In my opinion, Nintendo should equip Wii U with a power CPU in the first place, not an underclocked 1.2Ghz one..

It's really hard to compete with next powerful hardwares like PS4 and X1 especially if your hardware is underpowered for next gen standards.. Not to mention Wii U has only 2GBs of RAM 1 for OS and the other 1 is for Games, meaning the RAM is insufficient for next gen games..

Ninty fans before you go crazy and push that disagree button, let me clarify that I love Nintedo, I'm also a fan like you guys. But looking at nintendo's future, I can't imagine whats in store for them since the 2 titans are here already, the PS4 and the X1... And take note it's more cheaper too $399 for PS4...

You might say that PS3 and the 360 are also underpowered but they have plenty of games, well, if you analyze the hardware of those aging hardwares, their CPU is powerful enough to keep up and render High res shaders. One example is the upcoming GTA V, it looks amazing for a current gen.. It's no suprise that most of the developers these days are focusing their optimization not only on the 512 RAM but also on the 3.2Ghz cpu.. Ninty doesn't have this CPU power...

But still I have high hopes for Nintendo, I hope that they unveil the Zelda Wii U the new one, not the Wii version. I'm sure that it will be the system seller if they release it.


'It's really hard to compete with next powerful hardwares'......

Last time I checked, the most powerful hardware has lost EVERY console war each generation!

starfox791748d ago

Clock for clock wiiu cpu destroys the jaguar cores sorry ps4 cpu is only more powerful due to number of cores,wiiu cpu has edram cache.

Lannister1748d ago

He like to talk this one, maybe he should act on it.

HexxedAvenger1748d ago

No more talk Nintendo... Time to show why your wiiU is a must have.
Okay... Go!

Grimhammer001748d ago

I'm sorry.....unless Ninny suddenly wakes up and realizes they are in 2013, I don't see a competitive console future.
New ips are great.....but when they going to create and online ecosystem comporable to LIVE or PSN?

Animavicion1748d ago

so what matters are the online services and not the games themselves. well, sure the OnLive knows how excellent choice is.


Miiverse beats LIVE & PSN hands down! Only thing missing is party chat, which is easily fixable.

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