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Inception1899d ago

Dood, where your prinny avatar dood? :D

McScroggz1899d ago

Whoops! I haven't bothered to get an avatar on here. But, my PSN Avatar is Laharl!

And I have the platinum for Disgaea 3 and 4!

Don't turn me into a Prinny Dood!

JaggedCarpet1900d ago

I thought we already knew the release dates? I've known about the October 8th NA release date for a while now.

Hanso1900d ago

day 1 for me
hopefully Disgaea 4 isnt too far away now dood

Inception1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

You mean Disgaea 5 dood?

Hanso1899d ago

oh i forgot to type Disgaea 4 "Vita" xD
But Disgaea 5 would be awesome too :)

Inception1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

'Access restricted' said the source link. Here other link to access:

Btw, Beyond 2 Souls & Disgaea D2 on the same month >.<

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