Remembering our favorite Playstation cheats

From PS4 Cheats: "While waiting patiently for the PS4 to be released nearer the end of this year we thought it would be nice to look back at previous Playstation systems and remember some of our favorite cheats. So here’s our list of memorable cheats for the PSX, PS2 and PS3."

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Wuket1985d ago

Glad at least DOOM was included in this list! NBA Jam was probably the game I "cheated" most at though!

PommyGit1985d ago

Definitely GTA: SA for me. Still cheating in it to this day!

frozen-assets1985d ago

Not a cheat per se, more of a glitch. Suikoden II, probably not a ton of people around these parts played it but one of my very favorite RPG's. There is a gate very early in the game that blocks off access to a much higher level area that opens later in the game. You can actually push the gate out of the way, opening up access to very easy level up's as well as gear/weapons.

Lovable1985d ago

I love using unlimited ammo and all guns in Resident Evil 3 nemesis.

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