First round of Elder Scrolls Online beta invites are out in the wild, Keep your eyes peeled

The first round of Beta invite for Elder Scrolls Online are going out as we speak so keep your eyes peeled but until you receive yours, feast on this beautiful invite

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Alexious1592d ago

I don't have a whole lot of faith in this game. I fear it'll be SWTOR 2.0.

Cernunnos1592d ago

I thought the same thing when they revealed it, but the later videoes has rekindled my faith in it. It looks much more like a multiplayer Skyrim, than a regular MMO. First person view, having to actually hit you mouse to strik, having to time blocks and dodging etc.

Mainsqueeze1592d ago

This is not the first wave of Beta invites either. They have been doing Beta invites for months now.

GentlemenRUs1592d ago

Its Bethesda, Never get your hopes up...

pompombrum1592d ago

It's not Bethesda though, that's the worrying part.