No Melee at EVO? It's Official. Nintendo Is Run By Monkey People.

This is a news story highlighting Nintendo of America's decision to prohibit Super Smash Bros. Melee from being streamed at this year's EVO.

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chadboban1985d ago

I'm just stuck at wondering WHY are they doing this. First it was the LPers thing (although from what I've been hearing no one has been getting claims on their videos for a while) and now this? It just doesn't make sense, the game is freaking 13 years old now it's not doing any damage if people steam it, all this does is needlessly damage your public image. You need to stop doing stuff like this Nintendo.

Also get rid of region locking.

chadboban1985d ago

Wrote this before they changed their minds. Also Nintendo please don't let stuff like this happen again.

Firan1984d ago

Whoever handles community stuff at Nintendo is way out of touch. At least they changed their minds afterwards but some damage is already done to their image yet again.

XisThatKid1984d ago

Yay the only reason I own a GC is still going to EVO.....

SeraphimBlade1984d ago

Didn't they reverse the decision right away? It even says so in the article. There has to be a rule against posting news that's no longer true.