What Could “When Worlds Collide” Be?

By now, most of you have seen the teaser image that was tweeted on the PlayStation Twitter account this morning. The image shows an eclipse with the words “When Worlds Collide” written above the eclipse. Everyone is now speculating as to what this image could mean, so Spider-Jew shares his ideas as to what it might be.

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aceitman1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

My guess is planet side 2 announcing ps4 pc cross play . The 2 worlds collide.

jbond10101690d ago

its possible. Whatever it is, I'm excited. Sony hasn't disappointed us yet so I'm sure it'll be awesome.

brave27heart1690d ago

Devs already said not going to happen.

BitbyDeath1690d ago

Wishful thinking but I want it to be a Santa Monica mashup of Warhawk meets Twisted Metal

jbond10101690d ago

That would be awesome. I'm on board for this. Get David Jaffe on it.

GrumpyOla1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

The message " WHEN THE EARTH STOPS THE JOURNEY BEGINS" uses the same font as God of War. But I'm not sure about the pattern on the 2 tiles on either side of the message. They don't seem Greek to me, maybe it's from the other world.

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GusHasGas1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Maybe Sony and Microsoft have settled their differences and their worlds are colliding in the way that they're making all of their exclusives cross-platform?

Lol nah

Pancit_Canton1690d ago

Uncharted 4: When Worlds Collide

jbond10101690d ago

Uncharted 4: Drake's Collision

Nathan Drake launches you into the newest mystery adventure as you try to re-trace Nathan's steps after he suffers a bout of amnesia from a drunken car crash by the ever-amusing Sully.

Available Soon.

strigoi8141690d ago

Sony still have talented studios that are silent on what they have on their sleeves

ArtificiallyYours1690d ago

Marathon remake coming to PS3?

Ok kidding, that'd be cool, but really I cannot wait to see what this all is.

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The story is too old to be commented.