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How the Broken AAA Games Model Still Isn’t Ready for Next-Gen

Fans are continually looking for the latest and the greatest from their big budget games, causing the cost of development to increase to never before seen heights and even leading to the death of beloved studios. (Industry, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

TrendyGamers  +   821d ago
It's why we're seeing so many cross gen games.
Foolsjoker  +   821d ago
My money is on Destiny being the game that needs 10 million units sold. I don't think anyone else would consider trying to push that many units, and it needs to be something current gen and next-gen.
adorie  +   821d ago
It looks like a spiritual successor to Borderlands, Bungie style. Loved the first 3 Halo's. So I'm hoping some of that past experience shows up, in refined form with Destiny.
Godmars290  +   821d ago
Could just as well as be Titanfall. Know Destiny's the even more ambitious project but the other's being held as just as much of a game changer.

Still, broken game model is broken.
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BitbyDeath  +   821d ago
The game is Ryse, it has been in development for 7 years and changed directions multiple times since.
mav805  +   821d ago
Destiny was my guess as well.
Aclay  +   821d ago
I was thinking Watch Dogs was the game just based on how Ubisoft has several studios working on a single Assassin's Creed game that span hundreds and hundreds of people-- I wouldn't be surprised if Watch Dogs has been handled almost the same way.

Watch Dogs has been in development since 2009 (before Bungie released Halo Reach), and the game seems to be the next big thing from Ubi since the first Assassin's Creed, and probably have a ton invested in it.
Derekvinyard13  +   821d ago
I think it looks great but I'm not to sure about 10 million being sold, gonna need a lot of backing from halo fans which is good cause the fan base is still huge
dbjj12088  +   821d ago
I think we'll see more subscription model attempts, more DLC, more downloadable side-projects....

Games as we know them are dead.
Foolsjoker  +   821d ago
There is already a slew of F2P games hitting the PS4, so I could see that being a major shift in the console market - much like it was on the PC.
ftwrthtx  +   821d ago
Totally agree. The F2P model is the wave of the future.
doctorstrange  +   821d ago
Oh god
Timesplitter14  +   821d ago
Games as we know them will live on through indie games
Trago1337  +   821d ago
Budgets for AAA games are too damn high. If you budget and market your game accordingly with realistic expectations, you'll be fine.

Look at Dark Souls, that game had a smaller budget and loot at how well it sold.

Publishers need to stop blowing their loads.
Timesplitter14  +   821d ago
Especially for next gen since the install base will initially be very small
Derekvinyard13  +   821d ago
But what about games like GTA and fallout where it takes longer then the average release? I heard gta 4 and 5 cost about 100 million to make, I feel it's worth it sometimes with the crazy amount of work these developers do
jdaboss  +   821d ago
They have installed fan bases..
ZeekQuattro  +   821d ago
The 7th gen has seen the fall of many a studio some of which I grew up with and even more that are still around but haven't made a game in years. Its only going to get worse. Some companies didn't even survive the jump to the PS3/360 and I fear how many will fall when the PS4/One arrive. THQ was the canary in the coal mine. That wasn't some small developer with a handful of ips.
TheStorm  +   821d ago
I believe many will fall like they did in '83. The problem is these games really don't cost as much as some are making them out to be. Some games like GTA ya, they do cost more just because of the vast size of them. But so many of these games do not cost as much as they try to claim. In the film industry they call it "Hollywood Accounting" where in reality it should not/really does not cost as much as they say it does.

I remember with Black Ops they said "Ooo look we got Gary Oldman, and Sam Worthington in it. As well as David Goyer writing the script. And funny enough the game would have sold as much with out those things. Too many game devs are worrying about how to make the game with absurd production value, instead of actual gameplay. They don't seem to understand that games can be done cheaper, and it's the publishers that keep trying to shove a broken business model at it thinking that we are the problem rather then themselves.

I think it will be a good thing, and indie studios will take over again. Video games will come back stronger then ever if there truly is another crash. Which in some ways I hope there is. Because the industry has lost a lot of it's creativity in the past generation. They worry too much about sales rather then..."Is it fun?"
madpuppy  +   821d ago
I cannot believe it!!!! Someone on n4g that gets it!

I have been saying this for a while, the AAA developer studios and large publishers are trying to work with a broken business model. Blaming the gamer (consumer) for not emptying their collective pockets for a game that for some reason "needs" to sell 10 million to even be profitable (that is 600 million dollars gross just over a half billion dollars) and if you think that "production costs" on top of development costs eats up all the profit you are drinking WAY TOO MUCH DEVPUB flavored KoolAid.
mydyingparadiselost  +   821d ago
Maybe instead of spending more on game development the process itself needs to be made easier and cheaper. I'm sure some R & D could go a long way to streamlining the triple A process and allow smaller teams to do bigger things.
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   821d ago
Have you watched Mark Cerny's ” road to PS4” yet? Sony has made developing for PS4 much easier. It took 6-12 months to get a PS3 games infrastructure up and running, whereas the same can be done in 1-2 months on PS4.
JunioRS101  +   821d ago
Yeah, that's capitalism folks. The best succeed, and any less than that falls to the wayside.

I'm glad I'm not a game developer, because I'm not the one losing money on these huge games.

While it's a sad reality, the truth is that it pushes game studios to create absolutely ludicrously beautiful games to stay relevant.

And while the business model means we have LESS games to play, it also means that we have QUALITY games to play.
MysticStrummer  +   821d ago
"Yeah, that's capitalism folks. The best succeed, and any less than that falls to the wayside."

I guess that depends on how you define "best". When VHS took over the market, it was not the best format. It was simply cheaper to produce. Windows remains dominant not because it's the best OS around, but because MS made deals along the way to have it installed on every PC. DVDs had better sound quality than CDs, and some artists argued against the music industry supporting CDs for that very reason, but CDs came out first and were adopted.
JunioRS101  +   821d ago
"Best" simply as in "most desirable", you have a good point, I could've been more specific.
jdaboss  +   821d ago
yea but the flipside is that Game studios will only go for the safe bets.. Innovation and games seen as risky generally dont get made.
JunioRS101  +   821d ago
ooo very true. Well at least they come with polish lol but you're right, innovative ideas allow any games to exist in the first place, and especially GOOD games, obviously
lgn15  +   821d ago
Well that's what DRM was going to fix. DRM could have added up to millions too billions of dollars in developers pockets but of course the average stupid consumer/fanboy had to ruin it.

Sometimes we gotta think about the industry and stop being selfish and thinking about ourselves. Yah we would have taken a hit (wow not being able to lend a game to a friend) but the industry would have been revitalized and who knows maybe one day it could have been like steam where games are 25-35 dollars.

And it would ultimately be better for the gamers, us, because a better gaming industry is better/more games for consumers in the end. All we had to do was make little lifestyle changes.

But consumers wanted to save game stop and the like who buy your used games for 10% of what their worth and sell them at 5 times that screwing everyone over. Guess what, game stop offers me 25 dollars for Final Fantasy 7 that is worth 150 on Ebay. Fuck you game stop.

And the most disgusting part is that secretly most of us saw the benefits of this model (Source: Steam) yet it was rejected because fanboys feel it is their duty to defend their console at all costs even if it means preventing the evolution of the gaming industry for the betterment of all of us.

Just the very fact that this was all destroyed because of hate and pride rather than actual concern for it's implications is depressing. Their is no such thing as a gamer today. Just destructive stuck up kids more interested in arguing about gaming than actually gaming. I hear more about the consoles than the actual games. WTF?

Please, just stop and think to yourself before you feel the need to be insecure over the internet: Does what your doing have any meaningful affect on anything at all. Does saying "Xbox/PS4 suck" achieve anything?

No. It just divides us as a community even more when at heart we are all just gamers and have no need for this senseless, hateful, nonsense.

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00  +   821d ago
You're a tool
DRM would not have fixed anything, Dev/Pubs have tried so hard on the PC market and it has done absolutely nothing.

Dev/Pubs need to have better management and stop over spending on there generic 5 hour games.
lgn15  +   821d ago
But I take it you cannot refute the fact the DRM would have saved pub/devs money from used games and traded/lended games.
00  +   821d ago
"refute the fact the DRM would have saved pub/devs money from used games and traded/lended games"

Who in there right mind would pay 60$ per game that loses ALL of it's value after the purchase?, and do you really think companies would lower the price when there is absolutely no competition because they control everything.

people would be buying less if any games because they can't trade/sell there games for the next one, if MS wanted to go digital there should have been no discs at all and it should have been on the PC because there is no point in having console that's a really bad PC.
grassyknoll  +   821d ago
Publishers love DRM has they can sell you a shit game with no consequences. The best DRM is making a good game. If your business isn't sustainable without f**king over the customer, then something is seriously wrong with it. (By the way, no one was gonna buy the Xbox One before anyway, it would have destroyed companies, not saved them)
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knifefight  +   821d ago
Yeah. It's sad when legitimate customers are being punished. It's happened so gradually and happens so often, some people don't even notice anymore.
madpuppy  +   821d ago
Hear this is John Maddens voice:

"Here's a guy that has been drinkin' WAY too MUCH DEVPUB flavored KoolAid!!"

Ign15, your such a tool, your so hell bent on the developers and publishers bending you over a chair, why don't you do your part to help those poor fellows out and grab two or three copies of their games each and destroy all but one to help them out.
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