U Can't Touch This - Spin the Bottle for the Wii U is Delayed

KnapNok's bizarre rendition of Spin the Bottle for the Wii U has been delayed until tentatively mid-August.

The game has been done for months now, but the company is waiting on a long quality assurance process with Nintendo. One of the problems is that they are doing so much weird stuff with the Wii Remotes, such as pushing buttons with your nose, passing them to each other over your heads and players blindfolded crawling around on the floor trying to find the controller.

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Jamiek1987d ago

Wooahhhh, that does sound like weird stuff for the remote. Crawling around blindfolded? I'm not sure if that is a smart thing to do hehe. On the other side, this could be fun. I do like silly games.

Pancit_Canton1987d ago

Looks more f***** up than NOBY NOBY BOY

RIP_Weazel1987d ago

(The Game!)

Gamers_United1987d ago

I though it was coming to the PS4 also ? looks like a awesome game

Nevers0ft1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Maybe I need to change my social circle or I have extremely shallow friends... but does anybody here have a group of friends who would willingly play this as a group? Maybe as a large mixed group of men and women but not in a normal social setting with your friends:

"Hey, do you want to Wii U play that game where we have to nuzzle-up to each other and pretend the remote is our schlong?"

"No offence dude, but that sounds a bit gay"

Even if the game is fun, I'd envisage only being able to play it once a year... On Christmas day.

mirroredsakura1986d ago

That's probably where the low price comes in handy. You buy it. You have it around. I don't suspect it's a reason to gather the folks over, but it is something that'll start to sound like hilarious fun once you're down half a bottle or so.