Why Will the Second Assault DLC be a Timed Xbox Exclusive?

When DICE showed off Battlefield 4 at E3, they announced that one of the DLC packages will be called Second Assault. They also mentioned that it will be a timed exclusive on Xbox One. In other words, it will be available to Xbox One players before anybody else gets a chance to play it.

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BALLARD321685d ago

The title is quite misleading...
Weird that PS3 got DLC a week earlier on BF3 and Xbox is getting it earlier for BF4. Timed exclusive DLC is dumb any way you cut it.

adorie1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

Microsoft hasn't learned anything from last gen. Spending money on timed crap. I don't even like it when Sony does it.

I'm not that old, but old enough to remember when this stuff was crammed into games. Games were worth more back then to me, than they are now.

Pretend what? So damned what about advantages through timed crap?

Most of the stuff that's timed isn't even worth the extra money on top of the usual 60 bucks for a game.
I don't hate getting old content if it's even good enough to consider.

I don't play into the console wars, the most I was active and pushing against Xbox One was during E3 and some time after. But How I acted wasn't even directed towards the hardware. The hardware is made by Microsoft, so that's where my negative feedback was directed at because Microsoft's actions could have tricked down the industry and might have caused a change for the worst.

With that said, above, I commented because it's something I noticed Microsoft do last generation. They attempt to fluff up their console with timed tid-bits, as I call them and out the gate they're doing the same thing, all over again.

If you want parity in my stance, I think Sony doesn't need the Destiny DLC to differentiate their PS4 from the Xbone.

The hardware already speaks volumes.

georgeenoob1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

It still gives the One the advantage. Not as much as if it was exclusive forever, but still does. I love how you all like to pretend it doesn't make a difference. I personally would hate to get old content that was already available months ago.


I hope you know MS invested in 1 billion dollars in exclusives. Just cause they spend money on timed content doesn't mean it limits anything. Cause trust me, money is not an issue for MS.

EDIT: When I said pretend, I meant that when Sony fanboys argue they always include "timed exclusives" in their argument. As if it helps their side of the argument, when actually it's the opposite. It's a big aid for Xbox with timed exclusives, as long as their normal exclusives are strong as well, which without a doubt they are!

HammadTheBeast1685d ago


Name me one killer exclusive for the 360 in the past year or so.

2. PS4 has exclusive Destiny content locked down. Not timed, exclusive content overall.

Geezus1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

@hammadthebeast halo 4 was a killer excusive that came out in the past year or so...

Kryptix1685d ago

You really like protecting MS on everything, even if it benefits no one. Exclusive content is different than paying for timed map packs that eventually will be played on the other console. It's manipulating with people's skill to be patient, adding unecessary set backs and no advantage at all. Nothing that differentiates from the other, we're all going to end up playing the DLC no matter what. It's just the cheapest way to gain a few impatient gamers, nothing else. In 30 days after the DLC comes out, everyone's going to be even again. Am I right? Yea, stay quiet, all you do is post and not defend your blind comment.

georgeenoob1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )


Just cause it makes no difference to YOU doesn't mean it doesn't make a difference to the 20 million people that buy CoD and Battlefield every year. And like I said, you guys pretend this doesn't help Xbox in anyway, but OBVIOUSLY it does, no matter how you see it. You must pretend it doesn't cause it's not on your side of the argument.

da_2pacalypse1685d ago


Coming from one of the biggest halo fanboys you can probably find, Halo 4 was nowhere as good as any of the original trilogy games. 343 messed up the multiplayer, and spec ops was so half-a$$ed.

You want proof that I'm not the only person who thinks this? Halo 4 gets about 15,000 players at any given time. Halo 3 had about 100,000 players at any given time about 3 years after it was launched. That's how you know that this game doesn't rank up to it.

Let's face it, MS has $hit the bed when it's come to exclusive games. I think Gears 3 was the last exclusive that I truly enjoyed.

warewolfSS1685d ago

You must not have watched Sonys e3 conference, because half of their announcements were exclusive content on the playstation hardware.

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Kryptix1685d ago

The funny part is that timed exclusive DLC doesn't really much factor into deciding which version to buy. Pretty much Microsoft payed EA for nothing back. Everyone's going to buy it on their console of preference. And I never supported timed exclusives, not even when the PS3 got BF3 DLC one week early. I think it's meant to piss gamers off with very little patience. I hope next gen EA and Activision are the only and last ones to do this. I hate to see other games having timed exclusives, it can add some confusion when the gamers don't see the announced DLC in the store and they wonder why it's not on their console.

demonddel1685d ago

@Kryptix how the f u know the business between M$ and EA was you there these kids bugs the sht out of me when sony does it its great business practice but when M$ does it they pay for it

HammadTheBeast1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

Exactly, for PS3 I didn't even notice that it was a week early.


Well. That was stupid.
No but you're right. EA got to being the worlds worst company (exaggerated I know) by just giving away timed content for free. Cause MS is just such a good bud.

demonddel1685d ago

@hammad Man u sipping some syrup or something where do you see me saying anywhere about the business between M$ and EA man I swear these kids today

Kryptix1685d ago

lol I think you need to calm down, dude. Apparently if you disagree with someone, he's just a little kid to you. lol Didn't you read my comment? I said I don't support timed exclusives overall, it's meaningless and adds nothing to the game you buy. Especially with online games with timed DLCs, you're still going to have fun with it or without it. The reason MS is getting bagged for it is cause they started the idea of it when it's pointless and adds nothing. Just a test of patience for the other side.

Reverent1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

@demon, "these kids today"...

Considering your grammar and spelling skills, I hope to God you're not a fully grown adult.

By the way, your 1 agree was me. My bad.

demonddel1685d ago

again @Kryptix how do you know what dlc does for these companies M$ started it and Sony follow them so somethings working for them if they keep doin it and @Reverent Grammar u serious

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Geezus1685d ago

cuz microsoft has a partnership in place with EA... Duh!

PFFT1685d ago

lol guess MS and Sony decided to switch partners. Doesnt Activision have a thing for Sony this time around??

Geezus1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

yup assasins creed and destiny have some exclusive content stuff for the ps4 either way its pointless unless a whole game is granted exclusivity because of a partnership ala Titanfall and Garden Warfare.

C-Thunder1685d ago

Assassins creed isn't Activision and TitanFall isn't exclusive.

True_Samurai1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

^^^ TitanFall is Microsoft exclusive X1, X360, and Windows Software
Either way you try spin you can only play it with a Microsoft Brand
Disagree? Truth hurts I guess lol

PFFT1685d ago

Pretty much. Titanfall is an MS platform exclusive.

No_Limit1685d ago

Have you seen Titanfall on PS4??? Me neither.

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Geezus1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

c-thunder your right about Assasins lol brainfart ... but its a console exclusive so those that dont have gaming laptops or prefer playing on consoles will have to play it on a xbox just like planetside on the ps4

Maninja1685d ago

It's kinda dumb that they have timed exclusivity for only one dlc, because that would hardly affect anyone's choice of whiter to get it on Xbox or playstation

Hicken1685d ago

It was bragging rights for 360 fans, when it came to Call of Duty.

Mr_Nuts1685d ago

Because they thought the DRM thing was going to stick and had to lick Microsoft's ass someway in the order to fix the most out the new feature which would benefit a company like them more.

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