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Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard Review | Metal Arcade

Metal Arcade: Jason Bakker writes:

The Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard is a fantastic, ergonomic keyboard with a solid build quality and just enough visual flair to appeal to the gamer crowd.

The latest entry in its new gamer-centric “G” series line of peripherals, Logitech’s G510s Gaming Keyboard continues the company’s tradition of providing quality, functional hardware with a unique visual flair. Gamers tend to splurge on headsets, MMO mice and monitors, but it’s often forgotten that a reliable keyboard is an integral part of a gaming setup. After spending about a week and a half with the G510s, I’ve definitely become attached; this is an exceptional, ergonomic keyboard that is gorgeous to look at. (Logitech G510s, PC, Tech) -

BiggCMan  +   724d ago
THAT'S MY KEYBOARD! YEEHAW!! That just made my day for some reason (aside from GTA V of course). No idea why such an old thing is being reviewed in 2013 however, but I love this thing.

LED customization makes my friends jealous, the size of it fits perfectly with my gigantic hands, and the screen is just a kickass addition that shows my FPS, what game i'm playing, system performance etc..

It's a bit pricey, but I have been enjoying it like hell for nearly 2 years now. The only negative would have to be the piece that you attach to rest your hands on (I don't know what they're called). It's really flimsy and broke on me after a while.
Brawler  +   724d ago
Mine broke as well. So I emailed them got an RMA and the replaced the whole thing for free. Didnt even have to pay for shipping.
BiggCMan  +   724d ago
You wanna know something ridiculous. I just realized this is actually a different keyboard. If you look closely, it says G510s. I didn't even realize the letter S till after I finished typing.

And upon looking at the picture a bit closer, it is indeed a little bit different. I just have the regular G510 from a few years ago, didn't know they made a new one.
akiraburn  +   724d ago
@BiggCMan, I'm surprised to hear that you're enjoying it so much, as I had owned the original version of this keyboard (the regular G510) for quite a while, but almost immediately noticed problems with the spacebar, shift keys, and control. With all these keys, and even some of the others, it seemed as though I had to put a tremendous amount of pressure on them in order to get it to register and often times it would perform a double-hit when I would try to apply that extra pressure. After having owned a lot of different gaming keyboards, I knew this seemed off.

After swapping it out once several months in, I found that the problem was still persistent, and the thing that really irked me was finding that my little brother who bought the much cheaper G105 had far better keys on his keyboard that had no problems registering at all. Following that I did some research and found this interesting article displaying the surprising problems with the G510: http://www.axonnsays.com/20...

Now, I'm not positive, but I believe I had read that the G510S features the exact same components and design (the only difference being the colors used on the keyboard itself) and would be prone to these same problems. Ultimately, gaming was a huge pain and while I love most all Logitech hardware, this keyboard seemed to not be their best work. And what's worse is that I have two friends who have this keyboard who are experiencing the same problems described, unable to return it or exchange it for a better keyboard.

After I returned the keyboard for a second time, I went ahead and ordered the Logitech G710+, and the mechanical keys on this feel and function leagues better. The difference between the two is immeasurable. Now, maybe that's not a real fair comparison because I'm comparing a mechanical keyboard to a membrane one, but even if I was to compare the 510 to my older gaming keyboards (including ones like the Razer Lycosa, which also had its fair share of problems), the G510 just wasn't performing anywhere near as reliably.

Overall, Logitech makes some of my favorite hardware, but this just wasn't one of them. I loved the LED screen, the customizable colors, and more, but the sheer functionality of it was abysmal, especially for gaming. So now I also am running the G13 to replace those other missing features. Its not the cheapest fix for the problem, and it certainly takes up more USB ports, but the overall result seems to be much more stable. Anyway, that was just my experience.
MetalArcade  +   724d ago
This is actually a new model, you're probably thinking of the g510 without the s.
MetalArcade  +   724d ago
Yeah this is an updated model. I didn't use the palm rest as I already have a comfy gel one. Thanks for reading!

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