GTA V trailer raises fresh censorship concerns for Aussie gamers

Ninemsn games writes: Gamers have waited long and hard to see Grand Theft Auto V in action, and the gameplay trailer released overnight should satisfying those Los Santos cravings before September 18.

The trailer has raised fresh concerns about game classification in the country, however, following the banning of Saints Row IV and State of Decay. Whereas Saints Row IV was refused classification for implying sexual violence and illicit drug use, State of Decay only infringed with its depiction of drugs.

The GTA V gameplay unveiling lifts the lid on a stunning open game world, where players are free to roam unchained, parachute from mountain tops, race through city streets ... and even visit a medical marijuana dispensary.

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Dan501622d ago

GTA V will be censored already before release most likely.

Anthotis1622d ago

Poor Aussies. I hope it's easy for them to bypass their repulsive censorship laws and order their games overseas.

Pisque1622d ago

They need a reform against censorship

RioKing1622d ago

LOL @ any disagrees. NO, lets just have them keep banning everything instead!! /s

Ninte1622d ago

Just import it from us :)

MajorLazer1622d ago

Sucks for Aussie gamers. Great thing the PS3 is region free ;)

LAWSON721622d ago

It is great that the PS4 will be region free also. Hopefully, they can get a fair price on an American or European copy

TongkatAli1622d ago

Yuuppppppp! Region free is amazing, glad you guys didn't get cut off from PS3 being region lock.

Dan501622d ago

PS3 was region free as well.

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