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Valve announces that the Dota 2 beta is over, then change their minds

At around midnight GMT, Valve announced the Dota 2 beta as over. However, the announcement has now been compeletely taken down, with all evidence removed.

Who knows what Valve are up to? The URL for the announcement could be found at www.dota2.com/betaisover, but it has since been removed. Regardless of whatever is happening behind the scenes, this can only point to the imminent full release of Valve’s popular MOBA. (Dota 2, PC)

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JsonHenry  +   602d ago
When playing the game the first screen says that the beta is over. It is still there I can vouch for that firsthand.
jimmywolf  +   602d ago
interesting well it good news for those wanting too try it
MooseyXTC  +   602d ago
You provided the wrong URL, whoever you are.

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