Xbox One Pre-Orders Sold Out at Best Buy

IGN: "Best Buy has exhausted its stock of Xbox One pre-orders and is no longer accepting online purchases for the new console."

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georgeenoob1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

N4G still has polls though! /s

No_Limit1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

I would like to see poll result for this news. Knowing it is N4G, it would probably be voted "Unlikely" even when fact stares them down their faces.

papashango1688d ago

N4G poll says 85% of gamers don't plan on reading this article.

PeaSFor1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

lol at the die hard XBONE fans trying to do a hug group to comfort themselves with their silly ass backward choices.

The_Con-Sept1688d ago

Best two comments in the history of comments! Just too bad it is only blockbuster when Wal-Mart also closed for PS4 pre orders. Looks like target is next.....

kenmid1688d ago

Wal-Mart preorders are not closed.

CrimsonStar1688d ago

lol yea people don't like positive Xbox news around here .

dantesparda1688d ago

Oh isnt this cute, they finally sold out somewhere, now the x1 fanboys can exaggarate this and feel good about themselves.

lgn151688d ago

"Recent poll shows PS4 cures cancer 85% of the time."

PeaSFor1688d ago


some peoples also seem to enjoy bending over and spreadind their butt cheeks to insert whatever MS will gave them...

The Real Peter Moore1688d ago


Wow, what anut job you are, so you're saying you have no problem with Americans sticking sh1t up your a$$, but you do with japanese doing it? And whats wrong with the japanese? What you dont like em? And trying to make sony out to be just as fvcked up as MS, just cuz MS showed their true colors. They are arrogant and greedy and stupid. Forcing a overrated spycam on you, charging you $100 more for a inferior product, then lying to millions of people about what the cloud can do. They are despicable, just like you, you nutty fvck

and ps you sound like a child molester

HateFanboys1688d ago


marked as offensive, get your head out the gutter you, whacko

PeaSFor1687d ago


wow, i didnt expected to be "educated" on molestation, you are ambiguously weird...

JohnnyBadfinger1687d ago

Lol haha wow guys settle down. I forgot I was on N4G... The site where not a single joke can be had against Sony and the only ones that are welcome are "wiiU wiiU wiiU ambulance" jokes and "spy box" jokes...

Grooming is the best way to describe what Sony are doing. I'm in no hurry to get either consoles from ms or sony. Both consoles and fanboys are too busy insulting each other, to support either is wrong.

@ the real Peter Moore
Justify your personal attack please.

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Pisque1688d ago

It's marketing... They didn't sold out this early. They just say it's sold out because the PS4 really sold out earlier.

georgeenoob1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )


Of course! It must be fake, any positive news for MS is fake, just like the cloud. /s

Pisque1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )


1) The console costs 499$, how could it sells out this early when the concurrent is at 399$?

2) It has bad press, bad marketing

3) No good games announced for the Xbox One to convince people that their console worths the 100$+ price tag compared to the PS4.

I highly doubt it sold out, sorry.

CerebralAssassin1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

The price is irrelevant. 400 or 500, if people want it they will buy it. Just because you dont think there will be good games on the xbox one doesnt mean there wont be.

Im getting the xbone and looking forward to it. The extra 100 for the system over the ps4 doesnt bother me. And if it did I probably shouldnt be spending 400 on the ps4 either.

They need time to put the finishing touches on the system and still have time to manufacture the systems. Shit cant be dont over night. Make sense for the system to not he available anymore. Im surprised reserves got as high as they did for both systems.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31688d ago

Pisque, your number 3 point , think you've confused with Sony.

n4rc1688d ago

Wow.. Just wow..

I can't even begin to dismantle this ridiculous comment..

But yes.. Massive unbiased retailers will lie just so you won't look like a dumbass.. Must be it

Or it can't sell out because its 100 more.. You do understand basic economics don't you?

PFFT1688d ago

Wasnt the Ps3 around 600 or so and it still was able to sell out in a few stores. So why cant the XBO sell out as well?? The Ps3 was over priced more so than the XBO had about 2 or so games that were worth playing and it had a shitty online service. If that system could sell out at that price then so can the XBO. The XBO will offer a better online service and it will also have a much better game line up at launch.

B-radical1688d ago

Ps4 fans are shaking there head at you @PISQUE

lawgone1688d ago

@Pisque...point #3 is your opinion so I won't even go there. But #1 and Really I can't even begin to describe the number of issues with those comments. Just wow.

joefrost001688d ago

Youre right it is fake
The numbers got calculated in the clouds every 24 hours and charged a fee every time the info was used on another site lol
Also this info was advertised on my xbox dashboard earlier lol

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Jessika_S1688d ago

Best Buy had limited stock so does GameStop, PS4 will sell more because they are shipping out more systems. I do believe they'll both be just fine despite what people say or think.

Dlacy13g1688d ago you happen to know how many shipments Sony is sending out? You also wouldn't happen to know how much MS is shipping out. That kind of specific data would be really useful since I haven't seen it posted anywhere online...or in any press statements so far. That's some crazy insider info you must have!

greenlantern28141688d ago

Still available at Amazon and game stop and quite a few other places.
As I have said before though xb1 and ps4 have both been sold out where I live for awhile. At best buy and game stop anyways idk about any where else

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

People took the piss out of the ps3 for being 600usd but now people will be spending 600usd+ on xbone its ok now? lol at the hypocrisy.

You can disagree all you like but if your getting a game, batteries, xbl gold and whatever else it WILL be 600+.

Allsystemgamer1688d ago

Over 700 after taxes.

Xbone + game + headset + batteries maybe extra controller n game.

LOGICWINS1688d ago

A headset isn't necessary to use the Xbox One. If we're going the route of factoring in unecessary things then the PS4 will cost roughly about the same...probably a little more.

PS4 + Camera + one game + an extra controller + extended warranty + one year PS Plus sub + tax

vikingland11688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

@LOGICWINS And if you want a second screen for PS4 then that's another 250$. I can just use my phone or tablet with Xbox One. But I have both preordered so I'm set.

cee7731688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )


xone + extra controller + 2 Battery packs(charge and play kit) or Regular batteries + live sub and extended warranty + headset + game + tax


you can use tablets and phones with ps4 as well.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

Over 700 after taxes.

Xbone + game + headset + batteries maybe extra controller n game.

yea look at my disagrees for stating a FACT xbox fans hammering that disagree button

PS4 + Camera + one game + an extra controller + extended warranty + one year PS Plus sub + tax

WRONG your adding in optional things most people wont get, a game and will be coming with my 400 pre order , i dont need a second controller for a while and i will have plus before release so the MAXIMUM i need to spend is 450. im not getting the camera or extended warranty as i trust the ps4 to be well built.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

The PS3 had a terrible online service, terrible multiplats and subpar exclusives which were few in their totality to begin with. Face it, people bought it as a cheap Blu-ray player. You know it, I know it but the dummies would say otherwise.

fourOeightshark1688d ago

@WrAiTh Sp3cTr3 I have never watched a Blu-ray movie on my PS3.

Hicken1688d ago

I wasn't gonna say anything at all in this article, at first. I was just gonna read the comments and go.

But then Wraith, one of the many trolls who's gotten a new lease on life since the bubble reset, had to go and spout absolute lies.

Don't really care about the prices of the consoles, or how much they cost once you add in all the other stuff. That largely depends on what you want to do with the console.

(As a side note @viking: neither your phone nor your tablet will be comparable in a gaming capacity to what the Vita will be able to do in tandem with the PS4. You speak as if there's no cost for your tablet or phone, but if you're assuming that people will have to come out of pocket for a Vita and are summarily adding its cost, the you must likewise do the same for a tablet for the XBOne. To do so for one and not the other is pure bias, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised.)

But this:

"he PS3 had a terrible online service, terrible multiplats and subpar exclusives which were few in their totality to begin with."

This needs to be dealt with.

Of course, doing so in this atmosphere will be next to impossible, as I can't imagine that anyone will take anything I have to say seriously here.

In any case, the PS3's online is more than adequate. Good enough for MMOs like DC Universe. Good enough to allow for larger player-count battles than any games on any other consoles. Whether or not it lives up to your lofty- and likely rather vague but nonetheless skewed in XBL's favor- ideals is another story, though.

The multiplats were not terrible, except in the cases of Bayonetta- which was outsourced for some untold reason- and Skyrim- which wasn't exactly all that great on any platform, as far as bugs were concerned. Furthermore, multiplatform games have gotten to the point where they are better on PS3 than 360, or indistinguishable, and have been that way for a few years now.

Finally, the exclusives. I believe that the PS3 has more exclusives than 360. If not, certainly it has more CORE exclusives. As for subpar, I have no idea where you'd get that from. I assume it was just something you made up to continue the negativity, but PS3 exclusives has frequently been amongst the highest lauded games of each year, and of the generation. And while they may not all sell like Halo, the vast majority do well enough to see multiple sequels, or are otherwise deemed successful.

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Nolando1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

Doesnt PS4 need a PSN+ sub now to play MP or to have some nice extra features?, so when you buy a PS4 your still buying accessories and services most likely as well that will raise the price over 500 or even close to 600 dollars for the initial purchase of your console.

The only extra thing i saw on your list that you wont have to get with your PS4 purchase is batteries... BIG whoop, like it or not batteries arent the end of the world. a customer can just get a play and charge kit and be done with it if they dont want to worry about batteries.

Any Console is going to be a huge investment upfront.

EDIT: i guess batteries are a non issue if microsoft got rid of the battery pack as stated by another member below

Belking1688d ago

yep ps3 was 600 dollars with crappy launch games. At least xbox-one's value is better.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

yep ps3 was 600 dollars with crappy launch games. At least xbox-one's value is better.

Resistance and motorstorm werent crappy , typical troll.. yea great value in FORCED KINECT and batteries lol and what launch games? forza? meh no interest, ps4 is the better launch deal by far at the moment.

@HORNDOG A cable box that plays halo, forza, titanfal and all third party games at 60fps /1080p and has a bluraydrive?? That's a steal. Give me one of them cable boxes too. Beats just your ordinary gaming machine such as the ps4.

Its probably the reason why it will sell more. Good point troll

If you think every xbone game is 60fps 1080p then your gonna be in for a MASSIVE shock kid.

horndog1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

And the ps4 $500. What's your point?? At least its not 700 dollars like the ps3 was at launch. Yes 700 canadian bucks after tax and no games to play.

defyenz1688d ago

Learn how to spell before you start uploading your negative comments.Not everyone is a ps4

Sayai jin1688d ago

It's subjective. For my XB1 I will be paying $499 for the console, $59 for an extra controller, I will be using the kinect for voice or just by and adapter which is priced at $19, $59 a piece for 3 launch titles, and I already have XBL through next year so no charge...totals $735 to $754. FOr my PS4 I will be paying $399 for the console, $59 for a controller, $59 for 3 launch titles, and $50 for PS+, I just have the regular PSN now, but will be upgrading to play multiplayer on PS4 and I may get the PS Eye for $59...totaling $685 to $744. So this difference is negligible to me.

Actually you can times every by two because I will have 2 PS4's and XB1's in my household. I will be spending about $2200 to $2300 for these next gen systems....can't wait.

Hell, I paid $599 for a PS3, $59 for the extra contoller, then had to turn around and fork out another $118 for two controllers that actually had the rumble feature, because the original PS3 controller did not have the rumble feature, and I brought 3 launch titles at $59 a piece totaling $953 not including the PS4 or XB1 are over $200 cheaper.
to buy another controller just to get rumble features.

Jessika_S1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

@WrAiTh Sp3cTr3 spoken Like someone who never played PS3 though I love my Xbox 360, PS3 is killing them right now with better exclusive titles and who ever says that PS3 online is not good then you need to talk to your service provider cause I never had any serious problems and If I ever did same problems I had on my 360 their service is not perfect either. Only problem no CrossChat.

CrimsonStar1688d ago

lol you just couldn't stand the positive Xbox news could you lol .

Gamer > Fnboy

n4rc1688d ago

Xbox one offers waay more then the ps3 did..

You were paying the massive amount for the cell processor and bluray drive... Both were totally unproven at the time..

And they both just played games.. Pretty equally at that.. So yeah, price was a huge issue..

Now Xbox is $100 more but offers tons of features ps4 doesn't have..

For some.. Those features are well worth the hundred bucks.. For others its not, so get a ps4!

These consoles are not a one size fits all situation.. They are different products that compete in the same space.

Its not like comparing Nike and Reebok.. They aren't the same.. If one isn't for you, get the other ..

Stop saying drop kinect and I'll buy it.. No you won't.. And nobody wants you too if that's the condition..

We dont want it cut.. Ms doesn't want it cut.. Because they know they'd screw us and them over and you likely still won't buy it..

Your buying a ps4? Awesome.. Sincerely enjoy it.. All this bs and insults isn't going to change anyone's mind.. Except their opinion of your intelligence..

lawgone1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

Pope, I didn't disagree with you because of the prices you listed. I disagreed with you because of your own hypocrisy. You're mad at XBox One supporters not being mad at the price b/c during last gen they pointed out the price of the PS3 was high. You say that's hypocrisy. Fine. But isn't it also hypocrisy to leave out the fact that Sony fans defended the $599 PS3 yet have gone on and on about the XBox One being priced too high at $499? You're actually being a hypocrite by calling others hypocrites.

Dlacy13g1688d ago

These price nit picks are the worst arguments and always erupt early in a console generation. If you are buying at launch you can expect to shell out a chunk of change regardless of your system of choice.

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x8001688d ago

lol at the people that think xbox1 or ps4 sells out at Best Buy or any other shop because its all BS. Dont believe the hype.

Allsystemgamer1688d ago

Actually the sell outs are based on how many models that particular store is to recieve. Of they're only getting 50 they can only sell 50 preorders.

I was at best buy the other day talking with the guy about it. They are not allowed by policy to sell a preorder for something they won't have on release day.

Jessika_S1688d ago

Sony is Shipping more systems to retailer then Microsoft so it could be true if they only get 10 then they'll sale 10 if Sony sends 50 then they have to wait until they sale the 50 to claim that they are sold out. That's how it works.

lawgone1688d ago

What is your source that Sony is allotting more shipments to retailers than MS?

Pancit_Canton1688d ago

10 Xbone pre-ordered are better than ONE. :)

xActionBasturdx1688d ago

You do know MS ditched batteries right? And both xbox and playstation have paid subscriptions right?

Nolando1688d ago

did they ditch the battery pack i didnt know that...

Sayai jin1688d ago

I like the battery pack option. I never have to have my controllers plugged in...I just reach over and grab a fully charged one from the batter charger (rechargeable)'s like loading a clip in a gun....bam LOL

FITgamer1688d ago

They did not ditch the batteries. "Less-obtrusive battery compartment running AA batteries."

Nolando1688d ago

Oh well... Not the end of the world.

n4rc1688d ago

Yeah that's true.. Still runs on 2 aa's

But they are selling lithium ion batteries for it.. Those should last a good long time!

nukeitall1688d ago

User replaceable standard batteries are the best option. i paid $20 for my battery charging kit and been using it for the last 5-years!

I got 4 pairs of batteries for the controller, a bunch of other ones I rarely use. Anytime I battery is about to die, I "reload" and back in game.

That is instead of being attached to my console with a 6 ft cord playing like it is 1999!

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