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EpicDome: Soul Sacrifice Review (Vita)

Myron de Vrede @EpicDome: "Soul Sacrifice, touted as being this ‘Monster Hunter’- clone destined to sway Japan to come and side with the PlayStation Vita, has been out for a couple of months, and… it’s not doing particularly hot at the charts. That’s not to say it’s not good! Far from it, actually, it’s just more fuel on the ‘Vita’s dead’ bandwagon, and with each passing month is does look like this cool little handheld is slowly slipping off the face of the gaming world. So let’s take a moment and review this intriguing exclusive, as it’s one of the few Vita-centric games this… year." (PS Vita, Soul Sacrifice) 8.9/10

dcj0524  +   437d ago
Moving 290, 000 units on a 4 million user base is good imo. But hey, the 3ds has more users than the ps3.
Myron-de-Vrede  +   437d ago
It's five milion at the moment, but you most certainly have a point! While I was preparing my review I was comparing it to Golden Abyss and AC saleswise, shouldn't have done that haha :D
jakmckratos  +   437d ago
I wasn't a fan of this game =(
dcj0524  +   437d ago
To each there own.
Protagonist  +   437d ago
@Myron de Vrede

Your dad is way 2 cool ;)) A sequel huh? did not know, great news!


It is 300.000 Global which is good for a new IP for the PS Vita and surele those numbers will grow ;)
Hicken  +   437d ago
But the Vita has no games, doesn't sell, and all that jazz.

Myron-de-Vrede  +   437d ago
Thanks! He's actually a lot tougher than me, considering he got to level 100 without knowing he could dodge... he just thought X was the sprint-button. :D

And Inafune is talking with Sony about a sequel, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed... it's a great IP :D

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