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Japanese gamers are "extremely receptive to always-online", claims Marvelous boss

Would Japan have gotten along fine with Xbox One's now-dropped DRM?

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Community1781d ago
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allformats1781d ago

He's not talking out of his mouth.

JunioRS1011781d ago

Wow, even Official Xbox Magazine kicks Microsoft in the nuts for their mistakes.

Guys can't catch a break.

... But they sure can catch a cold, cuz they ain't doin so hot.

Nolando1781d ago

Hm... IDK, I think if Microsoft wanted to create an always online console they needed to forgo disced based games altogether to get rid of the confusion of used games.

And if that were to happen they would need to be like steam and willing to make great deals for their customers so they have a reason they want to stay on the xbox platform. I can see the advantagfe to always online. but if its for the sole purpose of DRM with no give back to the consumer they yeah no one is gonna dig that.

as far as Japanese gamers being receptive about it i find that hard to believe...

Fireseed1781d ago

Microsoft not only would need to forego discs but also open their platform and allow other companies (i.e. Steam, Origin, Green Man Gaming, Gamersgate, etc..) to sell X1 games. While a lot of people would want you to beleive "THEY'D NEVER DO THAT, MICRO$OFT$ ARE TEH GREEDS!" They actually already do. With services like Netflix and Hulu direcly competing and in most cases being chosen over Xbox Video, I'd make the assumption that they'd allow the same for games if the appeal was there.

Nolando1781d ago

I agree, but it seems it would be harder to have mutiple game selling services on a console because wouldnt Microsoft want direct control over content as far as games are concerned?

idk, i guess we will see in the future someday.

Fireseed1781d ago

That's a fair point but at the same time they would be controlling what content shows up on Netflix and Hulu (I'm actually not sure if they do or not). But it would be great because then other store fronts can take the risk of promoting self published games and alleviate the indie situation the X1 is facing.

NegativeCreepWA1781d ago

If a company like EA wanted to use Origin on the the Xbox, I'm sure MS would give in and let them. MS gave into EA on the original Xbox, because EA refused to support Live unless they could use their own servers, which gave EA the ability too shut down servers two years after a game releases.

whoyouwit041781d ago

They probably are, like I said the Japanese imprace technology a lot faster then americans. which is why they are so far ahead of us in technology.

Redgehammer1781d ago

I have been connected to a network of some sort since 1982, and wouldn't want to imagine a past/future where I am disconnected. I happen to enjoy XBL, and since I get 4 gold memberships for 99$, it is an ultra-bargain to my family, and me. While I am not Japanese, I wouldn't mind an always connected world (I am always connected already). I believe that: barring some massive EMP like event, the world is moving inexorably toward an always online status quo. That might not be in my lifetime, but a digital future seems already decided.

Hicken1781d ago

This article- or the guy it's quoting- is STILL operating under the premise that just because people have lots of internet available that they won't mind being FORCED to use it for something or another.

People don't mind driving cars, but if they were suddenly forced to drive in order to travel anywhere, I don't think they'd like it much.

Internet is no different.

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