Elder Scrolls Online "should feel like Skyrim", has feature parity on Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Make that "very familiar", in fact, whether you're playing on PC or console. "With a controller, it just feels like I'm playing Skyrim, though I'm in Morrowind or wherever," Hines told us at E3. "That was ultimately the goal, even without the Xbox One or PS4. The goal is that you're playing another Elder Scrolls game."

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zeal0us1982d ago

I rather it feel like Oblivion or Morrowind instead.

Menech1982d ago

I didn't play Oblivion much, but the gameplay in Marrowind was awful.

thekhurg1982d ago

Morrowind was incredible. Not sure what this "marrowind" game is though.

IcicleTrepan1982d ago

Ah yes, marrowwind, where you keep giving bones to dogs and then they wag their tails.

MizTv1982d ago

My question is can I please lvl up my jump?????

Nolando1982d ago

Very interested in this game. Just wish they would anounce the pay model. I am hoping for it to be like Guild wars and that you buy it and then no subscription.

Ragthorn1981d ago

I heard them say it will be subscription-based, google it, cuz not too sure on my answer.

pennywhyz1982d ago

If it has that same clunky fighting this game will fail

Anthotis1982d ago

It will most likely feel like all the other boring sword & sorcery MMOs.

TBH i'd rather it played like a generic MMO, instead of the ultra boring, uninspired and clunky combat featured in Skyrim.

dcj05241982d ago

They better tighten up the controls. Skyrim on ps3 felt sluggish.

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The story is too old to be commented.