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Elder Scrolls Online "should feel like Skyrim", has feature parity on Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Make that "very familiar", in fact, whether you're playing on PC or console. "With a controller, it just feels like I'm playing Skyrim, though I'm in Morrowind or wherever," Hines told us at E3. "That was ultimately the goal, even without the Xbox One or PS4. The goal is that you're playing another Elder Scrolls game." (PC, PS4, The Elder Scrolls Online, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Xbox One)

zeal0us  +   724d ago
I rather it feel like Oblivion or Morrowind instead.
Menech  +   723d ago
I didn't play Oblivion much, but the gameplay in Marrowind was awful.
thekhurg  +   723d ago
Morrowind was incredible. Not sure what this "marrowind" game is though.
IcicleTrepan  +   723d ago
Ah yes, marrowwind, where you keep giving bones to dogs and then they wag their tails.
MizTv  +   723d ago
My question is can I please lvl up my jump?????
ChubbyLover  +   723d ago
Very interested in this game. Just wish they would anounce the pay model. I am hoping for it to be like Guild wars and that you buy it and then no subscription.
Mystogan  +   723d ago
It better be.
Ragthorn  +   722d ago
I heard them say it will be subscription-based, google it, cuz not too sure on my answer.
pennywhyz  +   723d ago
If it has that same clunky fighting this game will fail
Anthotis  +   723d ago
It will most likely feel like all the other boring sword & sorcery MMOs.

TBH i'd rather it played like a generic MMO, instead of the ultra boring, uninspired and clunky combat featured in Skyrim.
dcj0524  +   723d ago
They better tighten up the controls. Skyrim on ps3 felt sluggish.
karl  +   723d ago
i just played an hour of skyrim
i cant play this game any more.. is too damn boring

its soo weird.. oblivion was among my favorite games..
MizTv  +   723d ago
I agree
Psychonaut  +   723d ago
I liked Skyrim when it came out, it did brick my Fat PS3 and well since then I've not touched Skyrim, infact I am very uneasy about Bethesda and their next video game. I really don't want my PS3 Slim or PS4 to get bricked.
Rowdius_Maximus  +   723d ago
I liked Skyrim and Morrowind, but for me Oblivion is by far my favorite game of all time, it should be more like Oblivion if they want it to truly be a great game, a suped up Oblivion-like experience
beebap  +   723d ago
I loved oblivion too I def want it to feel more like it.
cunnilumpkin  +   723d ago
"The caveat there is what do you mean by PC? Do you mean a high-end one you bought yesterday?"

the pc version will SMASH the ps4/xbox1 versions

this will happen with every multiplat if you have the pc for it, these console sites love trying to compare consoles with pcs and grabbing quotes to push their agendas

get this through your head

ps4 and xbox 1 are mid spec at BEST

a high end pc from 2011 will play multiplatform games WAY better than the ps4 or xbox1 ever will

and pc games that come out in the next year or two will destroy anything that ever comes out for ps4

its just the way it is

a $400 console cannot compete with a pc that has a $400 gpu alone in it

but just because that console has a cheap upfront cost, many other costs are hidden

psn + for 8 years=$400
games costing $15-$30 more than pc games
100 games over life of console=$1500 minimum

premium to play on ps4 for an inferior experience


take that and build a monster rig and it'll be way cheaper in the long run

I may buy a ps4, but years after its out, i'll only play single player as multiplayer peer to peer is absolute trash on console

I have never a good multiplayer game on console ever, takes forever to even get in a match, horrible lag/latency, awful graphics, terrible performance
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MysticStrummer  +   723d ago

Are PC gamers insecure before they become PC gamers or does it happen because of PC gaming?
cunnilumpkin  +   723d ago
no but console only gamers love lying to themselves that their over priced inferior performing machines are "cheaper" than the far superior pc experience, when in reality console gaming is much, MUCH more expensive, has no backwards compatibility (enjoy re-buying all your games again) , has no mods, runs poorly, most consoles will die in 3-4 years so you'll be buying two at least while you wait FOREVER for a new generation of over-priced plastic that gets more and more restrictive with each generation
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flipflopfacts  +   723d ago
cool story bro.
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MysticStrummer  +   723d ago
I'm really just laughing at the size of your post, no pun intended. It seems obvious that PCs will always have the lead in tech so it's funny to see someone get all worked up over it and mount a defense.

EDIT - The title obviously says parity in features, not graphics, so the defense post seems extreme.
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Mystogan  +   723d ago
I don't see anyone arguing, so what's going on here?

We all know PC gaming is cheaper then console gaming in the long run.

But PC don't get halo or uncharted. And we don't have to worry about the console not being compatible.
Monkeysmarts  +   723d ago
Why do you care if people play games on a console?
JunioRS101  +   723d ago
Well, for NEXT gen, it definitely needs to feel at least a little better than skyrim? lol skyrim was fun and all, but the combat? C'mon. The whole 'swing your sword through what seems like air but is really an enemy' system just doesn't cut it ha. YES, it was fun. But it was also ported to 360... You're telling me between ps4, xbone, and pc, there isn't room for code to enhance the combat?? That simply isn't true.

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