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Submitted by -Mezzo- 944d ago | opinion piece

Keeping innovation in motion: why I like Kinect

Metro - I’m going start this article by making a statement. I’ll be sticking my neck out here, going against the status quo, so pitchforks and rotten tomatoes at the ready: I like Kinect.

There it is. I’ve said it. And not only do I like Kinect, but I enjoy my Wii and have been looking for an excuse to invest in PlayStation Move (Wonderbook in particular gets me feeling a bit gooey eyed). (Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Belking  +   944d ago
The new kinect is much better than the first. I can't wait to get that sucker in my house.
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Godlovesgamers  +   944d ago
"The new kinect is much better than the first. I can't wait to get that sucker in my house."

Because I love to be spied on! I can't wait for it to watch and listen to everything I say and do, as well as mine data about me then sell that data without my say-so.

Better yet, why don't you just pay me $150 to kick you in the privates, and then sell you on how much fun that was for you. It's about the same effect.

Time to wake up, kiddies.
Belking  +   943d ago
Hey buddy don't hate. Kinect is awesome technology. MS is including it with the package because it offers good value and things you can't do with ps eye. If ps eye was half as good sony would be pushing it too, but it's not. pS eye offers no value whatsoever and sony knows they can't compete with this camera technology.
Godlovesgamers  +   943d ago
Hate has nothing to do with it "buddy". Kinect is awesome technology, but like all technology, if it isn't useful, practical, and interesting then it's completely worthless, as is the Kinect in this case.

And even worse, if you had actually read the links I had posted in my previous comment, then you might realize that Kinect is a gateway to home spying, which...

1. Microsoft has already been caught doing


2. is why there's a bill in congress to keep that from happening with Kinect, specifically.

And for your info PSEYE isn't made to compete with Kinect and it's additional "functionality". I use pseye with move, Yoostar 2, and to video chat with friends and it does what it was designed to do quite well.
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fenixm  +   944d ago
I'm surprise those japanese haven't make some kind of adult kinect videgame. (only for japan)
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Dlacy13g  +   944d ago
I find it so funny that "motion controlled" has this air of being a dirty phrase in some gaming circles.
SpinalRemains138  +   944d ago
Its silly to most. An unnecessary gimmick which has already peaked and is over with.

This is why the Kinect being welded to the XO, is MS surest way to write their own death certificate for their new console.

Really. It was bad enough when it was an option. Taking precious development time away from real games. Now we are forced to have it and use it? Lol no thx.
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Mystogan  +   944d ago
You were never forced to use and will never be. It's there so developers can take advantage of it.
Kryptix  +   944d ago
True, why add this on the Xbox One when we didn't see much positive impact on the 360? Now that it's a mandatory add-on, it killed many sales and those buyers went to the PS4. That's why a few people say that the Xbox One is the PS4's best advertisement, they see it then they run to the other side. There were very few good games for the Kinect and most were for the casuals. I wonder how many games on the Xbox One will be worse because of it. And I know, the Kinect 2.0 is improved by a lot, well...the Playstation Move was more precise than the Wii's remote and where did it take Sony? Nowhere, the controller will always be the best way to play games. Till someday we can wear motion suits and virtual reality goggles. And with Oculus Rift, it isn't that far ahead.
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n4rc  +   944d ago
The Sony move failed because only 4% of ps3 owners had one.. I was one of them.. Lol

Move sports was tons of fun.. But developers aren't going to bother with a 4% adoption rate..

Same will happen this gen.. Ms is making it 100% so development will be very high..

Its the future of gaming.. Sony tried to innovate and it fell below expectations.. Now their focus is games only while ms is taking the "it does everything" banner..

Which is why the fanboys make me laugh.. Wasn't doing everything the reason ps3 was so much better but now Microsoft is idiotic and ignoring gamers for trying to so the same thing..

How odd.. Lol
Themba76  +   944d ago
kinect is useless trash for dancing usher fans who like to look like complete idiots waving there hands at the tv screen. (it also has a new spying feature). now before you ignore this comment and just say "oh this is just another sony fanboy talking" keep in mind that im actually an xbox fanboy for 12 years now never even owned or played a ps2 and ps3. and I wouldn't take a kinect if it was given to me for free. btw im a recent convert to sony's side now haven't been back since ps1 I think it's time for me to come back to where gamers belong. Have a ps4 preordered with bf4 and watchdogs. im tired of ms.
Mystogan  +   944d ago
A fool.
n4rc  +   944d ago
I dont believe a word you say..

Its a nice try to make your argument tho..
Themba76  +   944d ago
why would I waist my time lying about some video game stuff this is the truth i haven't played played a sony product since ps1 but hey i guess your allowed to beleive what you want my xbox collection is probably triple the size of yours any way and right now im trying to find a way to sell off my og xbox stuff on ebay because gamestop won't take og xbox games or systems. i need to play catch up on sony stuff because i missed out on all of god of war and uncharted series just to play some crappy halo games but oh well a lesson learned.
strickers  +   944d ago
I can't believe how many people on here are looking forward to Kinect . It's shite.

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