23 things we can’t wait to experience on GTA V

Metro - Here are just a few of elements we’re most looking forward to experiencing come the September 17 release date.

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Agent_hitman1863d ago

This the best Sandbox game I've ever seen.

Hydrolex1863d ago

1 thing I want ! release this for PC ASAP

JunioRS1011863d ago

Have you ever seen Sandbox, the video game? It's about a playground. AAA quality.

1nsomniac1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

HAHA I couldn't agree more with them on all 23 things.

The game looks awesome but cant help but worry about how long Rockstar can keep this up for...

SpitFireAce851863d ago

Sky is the limit if you have the hardware to back it up.

Pillsbury11863d ago

Are you kidding me? Do you know how much GTA games sell?

1nsomniac1863d ago

yea but where do they keep getting the fresh ideas & inspiration from... It's gotta run out at some point.

karan71863d ago

23 things? more like 2300000 things, yup its massive

Wni01863d ago

It s always the best game for 2 hours then it gets so fucking repetitive

1nsomniac1863d ago

I played through & completed GTA4 twice. In fact I think I've done the same with all the GTA games apart from GTA 1 & Vice City which I played to death even after completing all the way up to when the sequels were released.

...In fact I take it back I never completed GTA 2 in fact I didn't play that much of GTA 2. That was the black sheep of the family.

1nsomniac1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

double post