Battlefield 4 optimized for AMD hardware

DICE is making sure that Battlefield 4 runs the best on AMD hardware, so get ready to upgrade your PC!...

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Trunkz Jr1830d ago

It's a promo deal, of course they have to advertise AMD as being better optimized.

Qrphe1833d ago

It begins, a whole generation of games optimized for AMD over nVidia. All going according to keikaku.

TABSF1832d ago

Can't see why you say that Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 pretty much runs every game ever made at max settings.

If people actually do their research and look at review websites Nvidia hold the crown over AMD in performance.

So AMD may have got a promotional deal with Dice but Battlefield 3 runs much better on Intel and Nvidia solutions. Battlefield 4 has the same system requirements as BF3.

awi59511832d ago

Yes but ive seen hi power AMD cards run like crap on a awful NIvida splash screen game. A game with no business doing anything to a high end amd card.

Donnieboi1833d ago

Another smack in the face of Nvidia.

Donnieboi1831d ago

Actually, yes it is.


Murad1830d ago

No it's not. You're clearly wrong in every way. Especially considering the highest GPU can still run BF4.

Goodfella781832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

I mentioned in a previous post that i built my gaming pc around amd and radeon hardware,a smart move me thinks:-}.....

alexmac1832d ago

It is if you will only be playing Battlefield!

Murad1830d ago

Try playing Saints Row 3, and you'll get a glimpse as to how bad AMD really is. Not saying everything about AMD is bad, but it's really irritating that they never update everything, or that they don't have things that are exclusively built for an AMD chip, aside from BF4 apparently.

impet251832d ago

Its marketing bullcrap bf3 was also a amd sponsored game yet it ran better on nvidia hardware amd just recntly caught up with nvidia performance wise for bf3 . What a load of bull.

alexmac1832d ago

It most likely is, and they are working with Nvidia too anyways.

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