Controlling interest: next gen gamepads

Metro - With all the debates raging about DRM and whatnot I thought it’d be nice to write a feature about a more positive aspect of gaming. One which is even part of the next generation, so we’re not completely off the topic du jour.

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Edward751029d ago

Longer article then what I thought, but a good read.

Jaqen_Hghar1029d ago

Why didn't a writer talk about DS4 at all?

PSN_ZeroOnyx1029d ago

BC he is a fan of xbox, he stated he only bought a PS3 to play the last of us.

Agent_hitman1029d ago

Actually, I like the X1's new gamepad it looks comfortable to the hands of gamers..

EliteGameKnight1029d ago

I don't know how the X1 and PS4 controllers will feel, but the Wii U Pro Controller is extremely comfortable. Light but not to light, the buttons are well placed and easy to reach, and the rechargable batteries lasts for 80 hours. I just wish the vibration was alittle bit more powerful sometimes, and that there were analog triggers, but I enjoy using it.

Jakens1029d ago

I think both game pads will be awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.