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Submitted by -Mezzo- 871d ago | opinion piece

Controlling interest: next gen gamepads

Metro - With all the debates raging about DRM and whatnot I thought it’d be nice to write a feature about a more positive aspect of gaming. One which is even part of the next generation, so we’re not completely off the topic du jour. (PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

Edward75  +   871d ago
Longer article then what I thought, but a good read.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   871d ago
Why didn't a writer talk about DS4 at all?
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   871d ago
BC he is a fan of xbox, he stated he only bought a PS3 to play the last of us.
Agent_hitman  +   871d ago
Actually, I like the X1's new gamepad it looks comfortable to the hands of gamers..
EliteGameKnight  +   871d ago
I don't know how the X1 and PS4 controllers will feel, but the Wii U Pro Controller is extremely comfortable. Light but not to light, the buttons are well placed and easy to reach, and the rechargable batteries lasts for 80 hours. I just wish the vibration was alittle bit more powerful sometimes, and that there were analog triggers, but I enjoy using it.
Jakens  +   871d ago
I think both game pads will be awesome.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   871d ago
"The new Xbox pad is more of a refinement. The Xbox 360 version is often put forwards as the best pad ever and the supposed 40-odd improvements from improved build quality to reduced lag time should ensure the new one feels like a dream to use. But I’m also quite intrigued by the trigger-based force feedback feature."

It's amazing that no matter how much the industry states these very facts, that the 360 controller IS the best controller in gaming, the Sony crowd on this site STILL refuses to accept it.

The DS controllers is a DEAD configuration that has been long in need of reformatting. Offset analog sticks is where the best comfort is found and being more ergonomically correct. It also allows for a better feel and placement for triggers.

Why Sony is so stuck in in the past with there parallel analog sticks is beyond me. This is why the XB1 controllers will ONCE AGAIN be the best controller on the market leaving the outdated DS4 configuration out in the cold.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   871d ago
until Xbox sells more than Playstation a man will see Playstation as the standard along with its controllers. A man has thumbs in the same place on both hands so he likes his analog sticks in the same place.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   871d ago
If that is true, then why do 3rd party controller makers make offset analog sticks for PS consoles but don't bother with making parallel analog sticks for MS consoles?

I will tell you, because there is no business for parallel analog controllers, people don't buy them and thus are a waste of time and money.

PPL buy PS simply because of it's brand name, not it's controller.

Your analogy is sad and pathetic at best. Thumbs naturally point up in the same direction as a man's or women's or child's fingers do, it's called ergonomics. Offset analog sticks allow thumbs to comfortable point in their natural position and NOT be forced to point inward on an 90 degree angle. This causes strain on the thumb joints...and do you know what happens with constant strain on joints, especially finger joints?


So you keep playing with those DS controllers, and when your thumb hurt with aching pain because of constant strain on your thumbs being forced in an unnatural position for countless hours, i will be laughing at you and enjoying gaming with an ergonomically correct controller that is comfortable and non arthritis prone.

Is this your first gen gaming? Your comment would imply it.
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dcj0524  +   871d ago
The dual shock is made for japanese people sadly. But alot of journalist like the dualshock 4 more than the XBOX ONE Gamepad.
Chaostar  +   871d ago
No, what's amazing is how often that the difference between opinion and fact is defined in detail and yet people still try to assert their own opinion as fact.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   871d ago
What is amazing is people still think ergonomics is an opinion.

FACT - The 360/XB1 controller are MORE ergonomically correct then the DS controllers.

This is NOT opinion, it is FACT.


FACT - The 360/XB1/WiiU Pro controller are MORE comfortable to use over long periods of time BECAUSE they are ergonomically correct.

FACT - 3rd party controller makers mimic the 360 controller design for PS consoles while IGNORING to mimic the DS controller for MS consoles.

Those are FACTs Chaostar, NOT opinions.

Someone like yourself who likes to point out the differences between FACT and OPINION should know these as facts or else maybe you don't really know the differences between fact and opinion.
Chaostar  +   871d ago
I knew trying to reason with you would be pointless. Your ridiculous argument would only hold true if everyone in the world had exactly the same size hands.

Face facts though, even if the DS3 was perfect (which it is far from) you would claim the 360 pad was perfect +1.
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   871d ago
Xbox controllers have never felt right for me. And I wish xbox would allow Steam so I could go against some xbox players to show them their controller won't help them when I'm pwning them on my dual shock controller.
theWB27  +   871d ago
Have they never felt right because you don't like Xbox or just because they really truly never felt right?

I'm thinking, with that name and comment history, it's more because it's Xbox and nothing more than that.
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   871d ago
I do have friends and close family with 360. I have played 360 and honestly can't stand the controller. I've played 360 exclusives but none justify owning one. But I've used dual shock controllers for so long they just feel natural, I don't look at them ever while playing or doing anything on the console. And I hate the offset analogs on xbox BC it doesn't feel natural. But I would never call xbox controllers better BC I know I can stand toe to toe if not do better if xbox allowed steam for cross platform gaming but M$ already told valve it will never happen. But we all have our own preference.
giovonni  +   871d ago
to me both are easy to conform to, but the xbox360 is a better feel. As specially when pressing one analog stick down to make a character run while using the other to move them about. It's not a good feeling.
I never understood, why Sony never tried to introduce a new controller scheme... wait, they did but everyone complained about the design. I would like to see Sony retire the DS and introduce a new design.
elhebbo16  +   871d ago
Every one has there own opinions, but after years of using the DS the xbox controller just feels awkward. even if its considered the "best controller ever".
JunioRS101  +   871d ago
Man, I wish there was such a thing as the Xboxstation, where I could use an Xbone gamepad, on an Xbox with ps4 hardware, on Xbox Live Plus (xbox live with same quality value back in free games as ps+), with the benefits of kinect.

A man can dream. But a man can't have xboxstation.

... So a man pre ordered PS4 because a man values hardware ;)
Dno  +   871d ago
if any of you kids have both systems and actually played both systems you would know that both controllers are perfectly fine. Only a fanboy would say otherwise.

THe only problem is the xbox controllers D-pad is really bad. there is nothin bad on the ps3 controller to the point where its unuseable. mab R2 and L2 those suck but can still be used.
No_Limit  +   871d ago
My only complaint with the Xbox 360 controller is the D=Pad. Since it is now fixed, add in dead zone response time has greatly improved, infrared LED for better tracking from Kinect, WiFi Direct to the system itself for faster response time, rumble trigger adding anew element to gameplay, and you got the ultimate controller for every type of gaming imaginable.
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True_Samurai  +   871d ago
One thing I wonder how will you know which player has which Xbox controller? I don't see any led lights letting you know which one you are like the 360 or will it have small dots like the ds3 controller

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